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Battle of the Second Konschtat
Conflict Bastok-San d'Orian War
Date 130 AP
(towards the end of the Age of Power)
Place Konschtat Highlands
Result Bastokan victory
Kingdom of San d'Oria Republic of Bastok
General Bague General Bavor
30,000 Royal Knights
50,000 Pikemen
10,000 cavalry
15,000 Musketeers
40,000 soldiers
60,000 10,000
Battle before Battle after
Gustaberg Incursion Battle of La Theine

The Battle of the Second Konschtat is a fictional conflict in Final Fantasy XI.

The battle marked the end of the San d'Orian Age of Expansion. It was a fierce battle between the Kingdom at the height of its power and the then small but prosperous Republic of Bastok.

Before the Fall

130 years before the battle, the Kingdom of San d'Oria had recently emerged victorious from a war with the Federation of Windurst. This ushered in the end of The Age of Magic and the start of The Age of Power. Following the victory, the San d'Orian Army conquered land after land from the beastmen Armies of Vana D'iel. After 110 years of conquering Beastmen territories, the Kingdom set its sights on the emerging power of Bastok. At first, the San d'Orians held the upper hand, winning the battles of The Battle of Valkurm and the Battle of the First Konschtat. For 23 years, the San d'Orians pillaged and burned the Bastokan Villages in the area. Thankfully, the Quadav beastmen launched a surprise attack on the San d'Orian Army in 112 A.P, keeping the San d'Orian Army at bay for 11 years. Using this chance, the Bastokans began to work on a secret weapon. By 123 A.P.,The Bastokans had discovered the use of Firearms. Keeping this weapon secret, they perfected it into a deadly killing machine. They were first used in 124 A.P. during The Gustaburg Incursion, when the San d'Orians tried to launch a Campaign to destroy the city itself. The Battle lasted 3 months, and thanks to Bastoks Superior weaponry, the battle ended in a stalemate. For 6 more years, the Bastokans slowly regained ground, until they had Gained the entrance to Konschtat. The President of Bastok at the time, President Vlak, decided to send the Hero of the Gustaberg Incursion, General Bavor of the Mithril Musketeers and his men to capture the territory, which was then lightly defended. However, San d'Orian spies reported this movement, and the King of San d'Oria, King Trion II, Sent General Bague of the Royal Knights and his army to counter the attack.

"That Bloody Day at the foot of Dem"

The Bastokan Army had penetrated deep into San d'Orian Held Territory, reaching the foot of the Crag of Dem. Upon their arrival, a hail of arrows whizzed through the air. The San d'Orians had hidden around the Bastokans and had launched a surprise attack. The battle was so ferocious that the Bastokans were forced to fall back to hide in the Crag. This was General Bague's biggest mistake. By letting the Bastokans gain the protection of hiding in the Crag, the General had laid his army out in the open. This allowed the Mithril Musketeers to fire at the San d'Orians using muskets while the San d'Orians wouldn't be able to effectively respond. After losing 40,000 men, General Bague decided to storm the Crag. In the ensuing battle, the Royal Knights slew over 7,000 Bastokans, inflicting the most damage on the Bastokan forces that day. However, the Bastokans, armed with heavy armor, swords, muskets, and the use of well-trained Galka Beserkers, cut down 20,000 more San d'Orians. General Bague was slain in the fighting, and the San d'Orians were forced to retreat from the Konschtat Highlands.

The Aftermath

Following the devastating defeat at Konschtat, the San d'Orian Kingdom erupted into turmoil. Different groups blamed others for the defeat, and the Army was severely weakened. The San d'Orians had only 15,000 Royal Knights guarding the area of La Theine Plateau. The Bastokans later sent an army to conquer the rocky area, and did so at The Battle of La Theine in the year 132 A.P., just two years after Konschtat. Five years later, in 137 A.P. at the Treaty of Selbina, both the sides ended the conflict. Thus ended the Age of Power and began The Age of Technology.


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