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Battle of Eclipse


First Battle of Coruscant

Battle of the Black Bantha

Yuuzhan Vong War (Battle Plan Coruscant)


27 ABY


Black Bantha Nebula


New Republic victory


Yuuzhan Vong

New Republic


Warmaster Tsavong Lah

  • 50% of the fleet
  • Fleet scattered
  • Yammosk

25% of the fleet

The Battle of the Black Bantha took place in 27 ABY during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Following the Yuuzhan Vong capture of Reecee, Han and Leia Organa Solo scouted the Black Bantha, a dangerous nebula that was immune to sensors and located on the hyperroute between Reecee and Coruscant. There, they discovered that the Yuuzhan Vong Reecee fleet had moved there, and was being joined by hundreds of other Yuuzhan Vong ships from across the galaxy, in preparation for an attack on Coruscant. They sent word to New Republic Fleet Command, and Supreme Commander Sien Sovv hurriedly assembled a 900-ship fleet to attack. However, the Vong fleet outnubmered it by hundreds and was aided by superior coordination.

The crew of the Millennium Falcon discovered that a large amount of the Vong fleet had not yet refuelled or restocked, and was in effect acting as a harmless decoy. This allowed Sovv to ignore that portion and concentrate on the main threats. Although one quarter of the New Republic fleet ended up being destroyed, in the end the Vong ships were destroyed or scattered. Additionally, a Jedi force under Luke Skywalker managed to capture the fleet's yammosk for the Yammosk Action.


Yuuzhan Vong War
(25 ABY29 ABY)
Galactic timeline

Previous: Galactic Civil War
(2 BBY19 ABY)

Concurrent: Ssi-ruuvi invasions
(1 BBY28 ABY)

Next: Dark Nest Crisis
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