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"The Ancients have granted us the power to doom your race. Let the deconstruction of our gifts begin, the majesty of our new fleet will be unparalleled!"
—The Arbiter to Anders.

The Battle of the Apex was a sub-battle of the Battle of the Flood-controlled Shield World, fought between the UNSC and the Covenant, with Forerunner and Flood forces intervening in certain parts of the battle. It took place on and around the Forerunner Apex Installation inside the Flood-Controlled Shield World during the Human-Covenant War in February, 2531.[1]



The Covenant had abducted professor Ellen Anders, in order to use her to activate the Forerunner ships stored within the Apex installation inside the Flood-controlled Shield World. The UNSC ship, Spirit of Fire gave chase to the Covenant and arrived at the Shield World, and its Marines successfully fought off the Flood on the outer surface.

On the Apex, the Arbiter and the Prophet of Regret were observing Anders, who was held in a containment field. Upon hearing that a human ship, the Spirit of Fire, had arrived in-system, and that it was closing on the entrance to the Shield World, the Arbiter ordered the Hierarch to be evacuated to High Charity, and the Covenant forces to intercept and destroy the human ship.[2]

Eventually the Spirit of Fire arrived at the Shield World's inner Dyson Sphere, where it was engaged by a Covenant Destroyer. After a brief battle, the Spirit somehow managed to escape out of the Destroyer's reach, while still inside the Shield World. During the battle, Serina detected Anders' signal and Marines led by Sgt. Forge were sent to the its location.[3]

Meanwhile, the Arbiter returned to the Apex, and used Anders to activate the Forerunner ships. As the Arbiter and the other Sangheili watched the ships' activation in religious fervor, Anders used the restraint device, which was also a teleportation pad, to escape to the surface of the Shield World. Coincidentally, she ended up right where Sgt. Forge and his Marines had just arrived. She was narrowly saved from three flood infection forms by Sgt. Forge. Anders was then evacuated back to the Spirit, while Sgt. Forge and the Spartan Red Team proceeded to lock the area down, for a safe place to the Spirit to put down.[4]

The Battle


Opening actions

The Spirit of Fire's Shaw-Fujikawa drive being transported down from the ship.

The UNSC forces took control of the area by capturing four Covenant bases, using means such as ODSTs, Spartans, air support, and Vultures. Meanwhile on the Spirit of Fire, Anders devised a plan to stop the Covenant from using the Forerunner Ships. The UNSC Forces would have to sacrifice the Spirit's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine to create an explosion so powerful it would collapse the miniature artificial star inside the Shield World, completely obliterating the installation. To accomplish this, they would need to assault the Apex site and use an elevator on the main platform, to take the Slipsace Drive right into the star.[5]

UNSC Offensive

When the area was locked down, the Spirit put down close to the surface, to deliver Slipspace Drive to the ground. It was attached to two Pelicans, which were to be used to transport it to the Apex main platform. On their way however, they were shot down, just under a a towering hill comprised of a series of ramps, on top of which there was a teleporter which led to the Apex's control center.

The mission was changed into a ground operation, with the intent of using an Elephant to tow the Reactor to the teleporter on the top of the hill, which was full of Covenant and Flood forces. The UNSC established a Station on the bottom of the hill, and gradually made their way to the top, from where Forge, the Red Team and a Lieutenant teleported to the Apex platform with the Reactor.[5]


The Red Team prepares to repel the attackers.

Upon arriving at the Apex site's control center, the Lieutenant, Forge and the Red Team proceeded with the mission. The Lieutenant went to open the door of the elevator, Forge started to unload the reactor from its transport, while the Red Team guarded them. However, just as the Lieutenant had opened the door, The Arbiter, who had previously been cloaked, appeared and killed the Lieutenant. Simultaneously, multiple Elite Honor Guards started emerging from the other end of the platform, charging straight towards the Spartans. Forge decided to take on the Arbiter himself, while the Red Team would hold off the Elites.

After a brief skirmish, the Arbiter, who had the upper hand, was wounded by Forge when he stuck a Combat Knife into his upper neck. Forge then killed the Arbiter when he took his Energy Sword and stabbed him in the torso with it. Meanwhile, the Spartans engaged the Honor Guards in frantic and acrobatic close combat, dispatching them with ease.

After the duel, the Arbiter's body was pushed off the platform, and the Reactor was loaded onto the elevator. It had already started overheating, possibly due to damage it had sustained during the fight, and couldn't be detonated remotely anymore, and it would need someone to overload it manually. Spartan-092 offered to activate the reactor, sacrificing himself. Forge declined, saying that the UNSC would need every last SPARTAN left in the fight. Jerome agreed, commenting on the honor of serving with Forge. Forge began his ascent to the star, while the Red Team reported back to the Spirit of Fire.[6]


As Forge ascended toward the center of the Shield World, Serina found out that the only available escape portal was locked down. Massive amounts of ground forces were sent to open the portal, and a large final ground battle ensued between the Flood, the Covenant and the UNSC forces. Finally, the portal was opened, and the remaining UNSC troops were evacuated back to the Spirit, minus Forge, who detonated the Slipspace Drive in the sun, causing its gradual collapse. The Spirit of Fire was caught in its gravity well, but managed to slingshot around the star and escape to safe distance as the collapsing star tore the Shield World apart, and finally went Supernova, completely obliterating the installation.[7]



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