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Destruction of Byss


Fifth Battle of Coruscant

Battle of Yinchorr

Galactic Civil War (Imperial Civil War)


11 ABY




Jax victory


Emperor's Royal Guard

Carnor Jax


Ved Kennede†


Emperor's Royal Guards



All save Kir Kanos

Numerous troopers

The Battle of Yinchorr was one of the events of the Imperial Civil War.



Following the final death of Palpatine at Onderon in 11 ABY, many of his Royal Guardsmen also perished in the destruction of Byss and the Eclipse II. Those who survived made their way to the Imperial Royal Guard Academy on Yinchorr. There, they grieved for the loss of their master.

Ten days after Palpatine's death, a wounded straggler made his way to the Academy. One of the two Guards Palpatine had taken to Onderon, he had been wounded and believed killed by Rayf Ysanna, but had in fact lived.

By spying upon the New Republic interrogation of the Emperor's physician the lone Guardsmen learned that Palpatine's clones had failed to deliberate poisoning—and that such poisoning had been done on the orders of Carnor Jax, one of the Royal Guard who had not returned to Yinchorr with his comrades.

The battle

Ved Kennede's death during the battle.

The assembled Guardsmen made a promise to not rest until the traitor had been killed and Palpatine avenged. At that moment, scores of stormtroopers dispatched by Jax stormed the Academy, and the Guardsmen engaged in a fierce battle.

Outnumbered more than 10-1, they were slowly overrun, until only two were left, Kir Kanos and Kile Hannad. Deciding that one of them should sacrifice his life so the other could live to fulfill the oath, they flipped a coin. Kanos lost, and escaped from Yinchorr to Phaeda as Hannad enjoyed a warrior's death.

The aftermath

Jax later learned from an analysis of the dead that Kanos had escaped, and ordered his forces under General Redd Wessel to continue the search for the last man who knew the secret of how Jax had assumed the Imperial throne.


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