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Fourth Battle of Onderon


Third Battle of Empress Teta

Battle of Yavin IV

Great Sith War: Krath Holy Crusade (Old Sith Wars)


3,996 BBY


Yavin 4


Jedi victory


Galactic Republic

Brotherhood of the Sith

  • Unknown
"Exar Kun, your dream of a Sith Golden Age is but a nightmare...from which we must now awaken."

The Battle of Yavin IV was one of the final conflicts of the Great Sith War. Exar Kun's program of systematic galactic conquest had claimed the lives of millions, over the years that the Great Sith War burned. With the final destruction of the great Jedi training headquarters at Ossus, it appeared that an era of self-assured complacency for the Order was now officially at an end. The need for a swift, final resolution had become all the more urgent.

The Galactic Republic was dealt an unforeseen lucky break, however, when former Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma turned away from the darkness after slaying his own brother, imprisoned beneath a Wall Of Light. Ulic psychologically faced up to the consequences of his actions, realizing the need to undo the damage already wrought by his hand. Revealing the location of Exar Kun's main headquarters—the fourth moon of the planet Yavin—the Jedi leaders under Jedi Master Thon and Nomi Sunrider quickly organized a massive strike force to take the war back to Kun, once and for all.

Thousands upon thousands of Jedi Knights from across the galaxy answered the summons, converging upon the jungle moon in a multitude of battlecraft which blotted out the sky. Looking heavenward, Kun instantly recognized Qel-Droma's betrayal, and vowed to continue the fight against the light by surviving. Calling forth the combined might of the entire Massassi race to the Sith temples in the jungles for one final ceremony, Kun drained the Massassi of their life-essence, using the energy in a Sith ritual resulting in Kun's spirit shedding the chains of his mortal body, free to ravage the cosmos forever.

As the combined might of tens of thousands of Jedi created an incredible wall of Light Side energy aimed at cleansing Exar Kun's corrupt presence from the galaxy, the wall unexpectedly collided and reacted with the colossal wave of dark side energy rising from Yavin—causing a chain reaction on the planet below, creating a massive firestorm unlike any ever seen before in history, utterly devouring all traces of Kun and the Massassi.

With the holocaust proving to be unquenchable, the Jedi forces reluctantly departed from Yavin space, as the fires continued to rage out of control. Nomi, Ulic, Thon, and the rest of the Jedi were stunned at what they witnessed and asked themselves what the final cost of their actions would ultimately prove to be.


Two years later, Qel-Droma himself would finally comprehend the cost—his newly-christened ship, Cay's Dream, landed on Yavin 4, finding a devastated world and ecosystem, with no lifesigns anywhere to be found. Or Exar Kun, for that matter. He left. In the darkness of the Massassi temple, the spirit of Exar Kun screamed futile pleas for deliverance from the darkness, damned to the hell he had made for himself, but Ulic, blind to the Force, could not hear him.


  • Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War (First appearance)
  • Tales of the Jedi: Redemption (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Mentioned only)
  • The Night Beast (Appears in hologram) (Retcon)



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