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Battle of the Jedi Praxeum


Battle of Yag'Dhul

Battle of Sernpidal

Yuuzhan Vong War


26 ABY




Yuuzhan Vong defeat


New Republic rogue forces

Yuuzhan Vong


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"There's more to this universe than Jaina Solo, believe it or not. I'm sorry you feel used, and I wish I hadn't had to lie to you. But I did have to. You wouldn't have helped me otherwise."
"And I'll never help you again. You can count on it. If you were dying of thirst on Tatooine, I wouldn't even spit on you."
Kyp Durron and Jaina Solo

The Battle of Sernpidal took place in 26 ABY during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Kyp Durron had scouted out a worldship being built in the shipwomb of Sernpidal, and decided to destroy it. He showed holograms of it to Jaina Solo, telling her it was a "gravitic superweapon" and asking her to approach her contacts in the New Republic Defense Force.

Gavin Darklighter, Wedge Antilles, and Traest Kre'fey were approached and grudgingly agreed that the weapon had to be destroyed, despite their dislike of Durron. Knowing that it would take too long and be too unsafe to approach the New Republic Senate over this, the officers agreed to undertake it as an unofficial, below-the-scanner operation using only the forces available to them. Durron agreed to place his Kyp's Dozen squadron under Antilles' and Krefey's joint leadership, and Darklighter volunteered Rogue Squadron.

Kre'fey secured a decrepit Immobilizer 418 cruiser, and they used it as a distraction to enter the Julevian system. There, they encountered stiff resistance but were able to destroy the weapon. Only after the worldship was destroyed did Jaina Solo first realize there was no gravitic weapon; Durron had tricked them due to not knowing whether they would support him otherwise. Although she, Antilles, and Darklighter were angered, many of the other soldiers supported his actions.



Yuuzhan Vong War
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