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Battle of Bephour[1]

Battle of Ryloth

Clone Wars[2]


c. 22 BBY[3]



Civilian casualties

Several Twi'lek villages bombed[4]

"The Twi'leks on that planet can't wait for long, Master. The longer the Techno Union keeps control of Ryloth, the more difficult it'll be to free them."
"I agree. We don't have much time."
―Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu — (audio)Listen (file info)

The Battle of Ryloth took place around 22 BBY on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth during the Clone Wars. Seeking to steal the treasures of fellow Separatist Council member Passel Argente while scoring another victory for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor commanded the invasion of the planet and the subjugation the Twi'lek people. Emir Tambor placed Captain Mar Tuuk in charge of the Confederate fleet blockadeing the planet and T-series tactical droid TX-20 in charge of the proton cannons in the city of Nabat, while he made headquarters for himself in the conquered capital of Lessu. After receiving pleas for assistance from Ryloth's senator, Orn Free Taa, the Jedi High Council dispatched Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, to eliminate the Separatist blockade and make way for Galactic Republic forces to land on and liberate Ryloth.

The two Jedi took a fleet of three Star Destroyers to Ryloth and engaged Captain Tuuk's blockade. Though they initially suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat, Skywalker and Tano regrouped and formed a new plan of attack, returning to the Ryloth system and defeating Tuuk's fleet. Republic troop transports—under the command of High Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu—were then able to move in; however, they were unable to land in Nabat because of fire from the Confederate proton cannons stationed there. General Kenobi, Clone Commander CC-2224, and the GAR unit Ghost Company landed in the city and destroyed the cannons, allowing Windu's transports to land.

En route to retake the capital of Lessu aboard AT-TE walkers, Windu, Clone Commander CC-6454 and Lightning Squadron were attacked by Separatist tanks. The Republic forces defeated the detachment but suffered losses, leading Windu to enlist the help of Twi'lek General Cham Syndulla of the freedom fighters. After Emir Tambor began a firebombing campaign of several villages in the area, Syndulla finally set aside his differences with Senator Taa and joined Windu and his forces. The Jedi and ARF troopers Razor and Stak were able to activate Lessu's plasma bridge, the only access to the city. In what became known as the Battle of Lessu, the combined forces of Lightning Squadron and freedom fighters entered the city and routed the Confederacy. Tambor's own tactical droid escaped with the Emir's shuttle and left him stranded, and Windu was able to capture the Techno Union foreman.

Following the liberation of Lessu, Skywalker and Tano were left in command of the operations against the remaining Confederate holdouts on the planet. The two Jedi led their 501st Legion clone troopers through the ruined city of Resdin, gradually clearing out the droid forces that were encamped there. During the conflict, Clone Captain CC-7567 and Clone Sergeant CS-2207 were captured by bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was on the run after stealing the Gravitic Core, a part of Separatist scientist Kul Teska's newly developed superweapon. The clones were eventually rescued by Skywalker and Tano, but while trying to escape from Resdin, the Jedi, clones, and bounty hunter were attacked by Teska. The Separatist agent retrieved the Gravitic Core, and Bane made his own escape off-planet.



"Droid, is the planet Ryloth one of our targeted worlds?"
"Yes, Emir. Based on resources, accessibility, political influence and overall strategic value, it is currently ranked as number seventy-nine."
"Mobilize our troops. We are moving it to number one."
―Wat Tambor and TA-175

Around 22 BBY[3] during the Clone Wars, Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor came to distrust fellow Separatist Council member and Corporate Alliance Magistrate Passel Argente. Tambor placed a spy droid close to the magistrate with hired assistance from droid dealer Gha Nachkt, using his agent to track Argente's movements across the galaxy.[12] Eventually, Argente arrived in the planet Ryloth's capital city, Lessu, to meet with Artruk, a broker hired to conceal Argente's treasures that had been pilfered from conquered worlds. Tambor witnessed the meeting, and seeking to claim the magistrate's treasures, he ordered that Ryloth be moved to top priority for a Separatist invasion.[13] Both Ryloth's strategic location on the Corellian Run and its spice trade–garnered wealth proved "irresistible" to the Confederacy.[14]

Twi'leks are taken captive in Nabat.

Tambor seized control of Ryloth, placing a blockade over the planet under the command of Neimoidian Captain Mar Tuuk.[2] On the surface below, the planet's native Twi'leks were forced from their homes[6] and starved.[2] The Confederate army, seeking to send a message to Ryloth's governments,[15] ravaged the city of Resdin, reducing it to little more than rubble. The message was understood by the nearby Lessu, which surrendered to the Separatists without any resistance.[1] Tambor placed T-series tactical droids in command of Ryloth's defenses[6] while he took up residence in Lessu.[4]

In the city of Nabat, TX-20, the tactical droid in charge of the town,[7] had the village's Twi'lek prisoners placed near the Separatist proton cannons, using the hostages as "living shields" to prevent any liberating forces from attacking the guns. The droid also planned to use large gutkurr beasts to defend the Confederate detachment, starving the creatures in cages so as to make them more vicious when released.[6] However, the Twi'lek child Numa was able to avoid capture by the Separatists,[16] hiding in the empty town and the tunnels beneath it.[6]

Shortly after the invasion, the Jedi High Council received a plea from the Galactic Senate for assistance.[2] Ryloth's senator, Orn Free Taa, requested that his planet be freed from the Confederate oppression,[4] and the Jedi Council devised a plan to invade and liberate Ryloth. Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, would breach the Confederate blockade surrounding the planet. This would allow Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi to land with the invasion force,[2] consisting of several units of clone troopers from the Grand Army of the Republic.[4][6]

The battle


The Twi'lek resistance

"Isn't this the spot where they were…massacred?"
"Looks like it was quite a fight."
―Troopers Stak and Razor, upon seeing the remains of Cazne — (audio)Listen (file info)
The aftermath of the Twi'leks' confrontation

Following Tambor's subjugation of the planet, Twi'lek Cham Syndulla organized and led the Twi'lek freedom fighters, a resistance movement focused on liberating Ryloth from the invaders. His forces were the first to combat the Confederate droids, and the resistance suffered heavily in the confrontation on the Cazne flatlands. The region was severely scarred and cratered in the conflict, and many Confederate ships and transports were destroyed. However, Syndulla's forces were forced to go into hiding as the droids continued to hunt them down. The freedom fighters created hideouts within the shells of downed Confederate C-9979 landing crafts and destroyed Multi-Troop Transports. These bases not only housed soldiers, but refugees as well, providing a safe haven for any Twi'lek who managed to escape capture.[4][17] During their time in hiding, the Twi'lek refugees were entertained by minstrel Gobi Glie's composition, the "Ballad of Cham Syndulla," which recounted the heroism of General Syndulla and his fight against the droid invaders.[17]

The Republic assault

Breaking the blockade

"Our blockade is impenetrable. When the Republic attacks, they will get quite a surprise."
―Mar Tuuk to Wat Tambor — (audio)Listen (file info)
The Resolute, Defender, and Redeemer are heavily damaged in their first attempt at breaking the blockade.

The first wave of the Republic assault was led by General Skywalker, Commander Tano, and Admiral Wullf Yularen. Their task force of three Venator-class Star Destroyers was charged with breaking Captain Tuuk's blockade in orbit of Ryloth. Upon emergence from hyperspace, the Resolute, Defender, and Redeemer engaged Tuuk's forces, comprised of a Lucrehulk-class droid control ship flanked by two Munificent-class frigates. Tano, in her first command position, took Blue Squadron into battle against advancing Vulture droids. With the droid fighters occupied, Tano hoped to be able to make a successful attack run on the blockade. However, Captain Tuuk had planned for an attack and ordered his reinforcements to join the battle. Four additional Munificent-class frigates arrived out of hyperspace and engaged the attacking Republic fleet, prompting Admiral Yularen and General Skywalker to order Tano back to the cruisers for a retreat. Tano, confident in her ability to break the blockade, disobeyed the order and continued toward the enemy, losing many of her pilots along the way.[2]

When Vulture droids began to break Republic lines, Tano acquiesced and attempted to return to the Resolute, but the cruiser was already suffering under repeated impacts from Vulture droids on suicide runs. A single droid fighter slammed into the bridge where General Skywalker and Admiral Yularen stood. Tano had lost the majority of her squadron by the time she returned, with only two of the original ten fighters in her squadron surviving the battle.[9] Admiral Yularen was critically injured, the Redeemer was destroyed under increasing fire, and both the Resolute and the Defender were forced to retreat in flames. Captain Tuuk had successfully repelled the Republic offensive, and began preparations for Skywalker's inevitable return. The Republic fleet regrouped outside of the combat zone in order to take an accounting of the fallen and tend to the wounded. After consoling a severely dejected Tano, Skywalker conferred with Generals Windu and Kenobi. He delivered the report of their failure, and was given one planetary rotation to breach the blockade, despite only half his original forces remaining.[2]

In an attempt to both bolster Tano's confidence and complete his mandate, Skywalker devised a plan to ram the heavily damaged Defender into the blockade's lead ship. Skywalker evacuated the Defender, moving all crew and supplies to the Resolute, and he and astromech droid R2-D2 took control of the Defender, while command of the remaining fleet was given to Tano. Skywalker piloted the Defender back to the Ryloth system and offered himself, the ship, and its crew to Captain Tuuk, in exchange for the passage of food and medical supplies to the Twi'lek people. Tuuk accepted, eager for the glory that would come with capturing the famed General Skywalker. Only after a complete scan of the Defender, however, did Tuuk realize that there was only one life form aboard. Tuuk ordered the ship destroyed; however, the cruiser could not be stopped, even by the combined firepower of all the ships in the blockade. The Defender smashed directly into the central sphere of the control ship, shortly after Skywalker and R2-D2 fled in an escape pod. Tuuk escaped the ship before its destruction, leaving the OOM command battle droids in charge of the remainder of the fleet.[2]

The Resolute utilizes the Marg Sabl maneuver against the Separatist fleet.

Meanwhile, Tano was to command the Resolute and engage the remaining Confederate fleet of six Munificent-class frigates. After conferring with Clone Captain CC-7567, nicknamed "Rex," a navigation officer, and Admiral Yularen, Tano planned to angle the bottom hull of the Resolute toward the blockade, thereby protecting the bridge and main hangar. This classic Marg Sabl maneuver would draw the frigates in, allowing them to be outflanked by the Resolute's bombers. The Resolute came out of hyperspace and began to move into position. The confused Confederate forces closed in, and Tano proceeded to lead a squadron of BTL-B Y-wing fighters and V-19 Torrent fighters against the Munificent-class frigates. The Republic fighters managed to eliminate the Confederate blockade shortly before the arrival of Windu's and Kenobi's invasion force, comprised of three Acclamator-class assault ships. While Generals Windu and Kenobi prepared to land, Skywalker's escape pod was retrieved by a Nu-class attack shuttle,[2] and he and Tano stayed to secure the space around Ryloth.[4]

Landing on the planet

"We can't risk landing the larger transports until you take out those guns!"
"Pull back. We'll take care of it."
―Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi — (audio)Listen (file info)
Acclamator-class transports are damaged over Ryloth.

As the Republic's ground forces descended upon the planet, tactical droid commander TX-20 opened fire on their transports with proton cannons placed in the city of Nabat. One transport took heavy damage and began to fall from the sky, prompting General Windu to task Kenobi with capturing the city and destroying the cannons. While Windu pulled out of the area to avoid further damage, General Kenobi landed in Nabat with Ghost Company aboard the Crumb Bomber and other LAAT/i gunships. Although their mission was to retake the city, Ghost Company was forced to limit themselves to blasters and EMP grenades, so as not to destroy the Twi'leks' homes. After utilizing the EMP grenades and taking out the droids manning double-barrel blaster cannons in a bunker on the outskirts of the city, Kenobi and his clone forces entered the village and set up a temporary camp. Commander CC-2224—nicknamed "Cody"—went to scout ahead with clone troopers Wooley, Waxer, and Boil.[6]

After discovering that the Twi'leks were being held hostage, Cody and Wooley returned and reported their findings to Kenobi and Windu. However, a recon droid sent by TX-20 was spying on them, and overheard their conference. Soon after, the tactical droid ordered the captured and starved gutkurrs released to destroy the Republic forces. Waxer and Boil, who had meanwhile stumbled across the young Twi'lek girl Numa, were the first to encounter the creatures, and managed to escape into a secret underground passage in Numa's home. Kenobi and Ghost Company ran into the creatures, but Kenobi managed to lure the gutkurrs into an alley with the Force, and the beasts were trapped after CC-2224 and his men blasted the bridge above the entrance. Waxer and Boil emerged from the tunnels with Numa, who was able to lead Kenobi to the prisoners. Cody and his men went to create a diversion, while Kenobi headed through the tunnels with Waxer and Boil.[6]

After the droids were distracted by Ghost Company, Kenobi and the two clones managed to free the Twi'lek hostages, and the freed prisoners escaped into the tunnels. Kenobi took control of one of the proton cannons, and with the help of Waxer and Boil, he managed to take out the rest of the cannons. However, a shot from TX-20's tank blasted the three aside, and Numa ran over to the clones; after they had recovered, she ran over to Obi-Wan. As the tactical droid aimed his cannon at Kenobi and the young Twi'lek, the former Twi'lek hostages attacked the droid and destroyed him. With the cannons no longer harassing them, the transports were able to land. After Waxer and Boil said goodbye to Numa, Windu's forces headed to the capital city of Lessu to retake it and free the planet,[6] while Kenobi headed south to secure the southern hemisphere of the planet.[4]

The road to the capital

"How many men did we lose?"
"Thirty-two, I think, including command crews of three walkers. The good news is General Kenobi's broken their lines. We have a clear path straight to the capital now."
"This battle was costly. We're going to need help to take the city."
―Mace Windu and Ponds
Republic AT-TEs forge ahead along the cliff.

Whilst attempting to liberate the capital, General Windu, Commander CC-6454, nicknamed "Ponds," and Lightning Squadron took a cliffside path to the city aboard AT-TE walkers. On their journey, they were ambushed by Confederate AATs from a nearby hill, and the tanks disabled the two front walkers. Once this was done, the droid commander sought to disable the rear walkers as well, in order to trap the Republic forces on the cliffside and make it easier to eliminate them. However, Windu evacuated the disabled lead walker and used the Force to push it over the cliff, allowing Lightning Squadron to move forward and use their AT-RT walkers to attack the Confederate forces. Leading the assault, Windu was successful in the attack, and the Republic forces continued toward the capital.[4] However, Windu had lost thirty-two men and three AT-TE walker command crews; he would need further help if he was going to complete his mission.[10] During a conference with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Senator Orn Free Taa, Grand Master Yoda, General Skywalker, and Admiral Yularen, Skywalker reported that the space around Ryloth was secure. Kenobi had taken control of the southern hemisphere, leaving it up to Windu to take the capital.[4]

Windu sought to acquire aid from the local resistance force led by Cham Syndulla. Despite the objections of Senator Taa on the Republic's political relations with Syndulla, Windu believed it to be the only way to take the city, as Republic reinforcements were unavailable.[4] Windu took two Advanced Recon Force troopers, Razor and Stak, to Cazne to find the freedom fighters.[10] Noting a Twi'lek graveyard and a squad of droids, Windu and the troopers hid in the shadows of an inactive C-9979 landing craft. The Confederate battle droid patrol was ambushed by the freedom fighters, and Windu finally met Syndulla, who expressed his misgivings about helping the Republic. Meanwhile, Confederacy Head of State Count Dooku was not pleased by Tambor's failure in maintaining Ryloth. Dooku urged the Techno Union Foreman to retreat after stealing whatever treasures remained on Ryloth. He also ordered everything to be destroyed—all villages, and even the capital—with the idea of showing the galaxy the "cost" of a Republic victory.[4]

Tambor's tactical droid, TA-175, intended to obey Dooku's orders, but Tambor was not yet ready to leave. The Emir stayed behind and awaited his treasure-bearing convoys to return, unwilling to leave until every last treasure was his. As the Republic forces came closer to the city, the Confederacy armed Hyena-class bombers to destroy the nearby Twi'lek villages. Among the Twi'lek resistance, Windu was given a tour of their base, and asked Syndulla to help free Ryloth. Syndulla was reluctant, believing that the occupation of the Republic's clone army, following the Confederacy's defeat, would not make Ryloth free. Furthermore, Syndulla was a political rival to Senator Taa, and did not trust him. However, a Confederate bombing of a Twi'lek village witnessed by Commander Ponds and the rest of Windu's forces reminded Syndulla of the death and devastation being wrought on his world, and he agreed to speak with Senator Taa. With the help of Master Windu, Syndulla and Senator Taa reached an agreement: Taa would not let an armed occupation befall Ryloth, while Syndulla promised not to seek political power. Syndulla then took his fighters to join with the clone army.[4]

Liberation of Lessu

"I'll hold them off! Get that bridge back up!"
―Mace Windu, to Razor and Stak — (audio)Listen (file info)

There was still the problem of entering the capital, as a plasma bridge was the only form of access, and its controls were inside the city itself. Furthermore, Tambor had ordered the civilians out of the city, employing the use of a "living shield"[4] as tactical droid TX-20 had done earlier.[6] As long-range fire would be impossible without taking innocent lives, Windu, Syndulla and their forces were forced to activate the bridge. Noticing several MTTs hauling the last of Tambor's treasures to him, Windu planned to infiltrate the convoys with troopers Stak and Razor. They would only have a few seconds before being detected by the battle droids, and would need those few seconds to get across to the other side, as the bridge would be deactivated once they were detected. Windu and the troopers would reactivate the bridge and allow the Republic forces to cross and take the city.[4]

Lightning Squadron and freedom fighters run headlong across the bridge.

Windu and the troopers attacked one of the two MTTs and stowed away aboard. Halfway across the bridge, they were detected by the battle droids with scanners. The three attacked the droid guards, at which point Syndulla and Ponds commenced the attack to gain time and allow the three to cross. However, the Confederacy managed to deactivate the bridge before Windu and the two clones reached the other side. Windu Force-pushed the two ARF troopers across to the other side, while he himself used a hijacked STAP to get across. Windu engaged the droid forces alone, and the two troopers fought for the bridge's controls and reactivated the bridge. Syndulla led the charge across, and Windu proceeded to capture Tambor. Battle droids and BX-series droid commandos attacked Stak and Razor in the control room, but the two managed to fend them off.[4]

Tambor prepared to escape in his shuttle, but discovered that TA-175, unwilling to disobey Dooku, had already left without him. Aboard the shuttle, the tactical droid reported Tambor's refusal to leave to Dooku. The Count stated that it was "unfortunate," but ordered the bombers to destroy the capital, even at the risk of Tambor's life. As Windu held Tambor at lightsaber point, the bombers headed toward the city and prepared to launch their explosives. However, the timely intervention of General Skywalker and Commander Tano in their fighters prevented the city from being destroyed. Tambor surrendered to Windu and Syndulla, and Ryloth's capital was free. Shortly after the conclusion of the battle in Lessu, the Twi'lek people and clone forces held a parade in honor of their victory. Senator Taa, Generals Syndulla and Windu, and Commander Ponds watched the procession.[4]

The Confederacy's final stand

Battle through Resdin

"The Separatist fleet may have left the system, but the Droid Army still has a strong presence in Resdin. We're the first Republic force to make contact with them."
"But the battle is over! They lost! Why don't they just give up?"
"It's not in their programming to surrender. They'll fight to the last droid if it means taking a few more of us with them."
―Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano
Tano watches as Republic forces move into Resdin.

Following the recapture of Lessu, Generals Kenobi and Windu pulled out of Ryloth, leaving Skywalker and Tano in command of the Republic forces on the planet. Along with the 501st Legion, the two Jedi were tasked with clearing out the remaining Confederate holdouts, which[1]—despite the capture of Wat Tambor[4] and their defeat in the battle[15]—were continuing to resist surrendering to the Republic.[1] The fighting soon began to escalate once more, prompting the Republic to send in reinforcements under the command of Jedi Master Tanis and Commander Flybane.[5] During one of the battles against the Confederacy, Skywalker, Tano, and Captain Rex led an assault on the droid forces in the wastes close to the city of Resdin. The Jedi themselves infiltrated the Confederate lines, attacking the battle droids and eventually defeating a large tri-droid, the last of the droids in the general vicinity. The 501st was then transported to the ruined Resdin, which had been kept under Separatist occupation throughout the Republic's initial invasion and where pockets of droid resistance were still based out of. Encountering B1, B2, and sabotage droids along the way, Skywalker and Tano battled their way to the three generators that powered the plasma bridges in the outer sectors and reactivated them. With the bridges enabled, the troop reinforcements and AT-TE walkers were able to move into Resdin.[1]

Entering Resdin, Clone Sergeant CS-1004, nicknamed "Kano," and his squad of troopers found battle droid Outpost Two. Receiving clearance from Skywalker to handle the Separatists on its own, the group fought its way through a multitude of battle droids to neutralize the outpost. After eliminating the droids stationed in a large courtyard, Kano and his men intercepted a battle droid conversation and discovered that there were a string of outposts in the area. Before they could move on from the courtyard, the squad was pinned down by droid reinforcements that were pouring out of the surrounding buildings. Receiving a distress call from the clones, Tano and Skywalker set out to rescue them. During their trek to the courtyard, the two Jedi hijacked a pair of STAP speeders and traveled through a canyon while pursued by droid forces. After defeating their attackers, the two disembarked their STAPs and entered the courtyard, repelling the droids that were assaulting Sergeant Kano's squad.[1]

Joining forces with the Jedi, the clone squad left the courtyard in search of the droid outposts. After eliminating a number of them, the Jedi and clones came upon a tower which was being used as a Confederate command post. While crossing a bridge to reach the tower, the Republic force was attacked by Vulture droid starfighters. During one of the droid's attack runs, Sergeant Kano and his men were separated from the Jedi. Despite Tano's wish to rescue the troopers, Skywalker reminded her of their mission, and the two continued on toward the tower. Defeating several waves of droids, the two eventually succeeded in destroying the tower and returned to aid the clones. After calling for a medical evacuation transport, the clone squad was ferried out of Resdin in a Republic gunship.[1]

A new threat

"For a common thief, you keep strange company, Bane. Hand over the crate."
"It's not his to hand over."
"You don't even know what it is. Jedi."
"I know I'm keeping it if it's that important to scum like Bane and his friends."
―Kul Teska and Anakin Skywalker
Bane explains his demands to his hostages, Rex and Boomer.

Meanwhile, the bounty hunter Cad Bane had come to Ryloth following his hijacking of the core of a newly-developed gravity weapon built by the Separatist scientist Kul Teska. Teska himself mounted an assault on the space station Juma 9 to use the station's scanners to search for the Core, which he tracked to Ryloth. The Skakoan scientist requested the remaining droid forces on Ryloth from Count Dooku to distract the Republic while he himself retrieved the weapon core. Back in Resdin, Captain Rex and ARF Sergeant CS-2207, nicknamed "Boomer," went on a night patrol of the city's narrow streets using AT-RT walkers. The two were ambushed repeatedly, surviving encounters with battle droids, droidekas, and crab droids. The clones eventually came upon a bend in a canyon and saw a dark figure run out from behind a building—Cad Bane. Upon investigation of the figure, Rex and Boomer came under attack and sent a distress call to General Skywalker and Commander Tano.[1]

The two Jedi rushed to the clone's last known location, jumping from pipes, scaffolding, and rubble to traverse a deep canyon. At the mouth of the canyon, the two were attacked by several IG-100 MagnaGuards. After defeating all of the droids, Skywalker and Tano continued onward to search for Rex and Boomer. The two clones had been rendered unconscious, cuffed in explosive-wired binders, and taken to an underground hangar by Bane. When Rex and Boomer woke up, the bounty hunter explained his terms to them and forced them to help him fight the approaching battle droids. Unable to refuse his demands, the clones complied, and Bane unlinked their binders. The troopers retrieved their weapons and defended Bane, gradually pushing back the droid forces that were pouring into the hangar. After closing all the hatches and entrances and halting the droids' advance, Rex and Boomer were assaulted by a Vulture droid that had crashed through the hangar door. Bane provided Rex with heavy artillery weaponry, which the clone captain used to make short work of the starfighter droid. The group continued the fight against Separatist reinforcements of B1, B2, and sabotage droids.[1]

Outside of the hangar, Skywalker and Tano were still searching for Rex and Boomer. After fighting through numerous battle droids on a cliffside path, the two heard the sounds of battle coming from within a tunnel. Following the sounds into the hangar, they found Bane, Rex, and Boomer battling waves of droids. Grudgingly deciding to assist the bounty hunter for the sake of the clones, Skywalker and Tano joined the fight. After Skywalker destroyed a tri-droid and ended the Confederacy's advance, Bane opened fire on the Jedi and clones. However, his blaster fire was deflected by Skywalker, causing the bounty hunter to lose his balance and fall from his perch atop a platform. Skywalker then severed the clone's binders, neutralizing Bane's bargaining chips. The two clones took the bounty hunter's blasters from him. With the hangar about to collapse at any second, Bane offered his Telgorn dropship, The Sleight of Hand, as an escape craft, and the Jedi took him up on his offer. No longer in possession of his weapons, the bounty hunter reluctantly agreed to carry the stolen cargo to his ship so that the Jedi could take it to the Republic for investigation.[1]

Rex and Boomer went ahead of the Jedi and Bane to scout out an elevated position from which to provide covering fire and clear out any droids in the area. As the two clones left the hangar, they travelled alongside a path that overlooked Ryloth's wastes. After destroying another tri-droid roaming the wastes, the clones were assaulted by waves of battle droids coming down from a nearby hill. Leaving the hill, Rex and Boomer encountered a pair of tri-droids emerging from within a tunnel. Using rocket launchers, the clones destroyed the massive droids and continued on. Meanwhile, Skywalker and Tano began their trek to The Sleight of Hand with Bane and the Core in tow. The two Jedi protected the bounty hunter from attacking B2, B2, destroyer, and chameleon droids while he struggled to haul the Gravitic Core to his ship, periodically taking cover behind crates to rest. While making their way toward the ship, the Jedi's path was blocked by starship rubble. After Rex fired a rocket at it, Skywalker, Tano, and Bane climbed up the debris. When faced with a gap over a deep canyon that separated them from The Sleight of Hand, Skywalker and Tano leaped across and used the Force the lower the wing of a downed fighter, allowing Bane to follow.[1]

Skywalker and Tano face off against Teska.

Taking a cliffside path, the three moved beyond the clones' range and were forced to cope without the troopers' covering fire. Skywalker and Tano jumped to the ground and eliminated a thicket of B1, DSD1, sabotage, and destroyer droids. After the Jedi had disabled a squad of LM-432 crab droids, the three crossed a chasm by stepping over a destroyed tank droid to the adjacent ridge. Arriving at The Sleight of Hand, Bane retrieved a hidden pistol and prepared to kill the Jedi and take the weapon for himself. However, a nearby pile of rubble exploded. Although the two Jedi were occupied with levitating the debris, the hunter's firing hand was hit by a piece of wreckage before he could take advantage of the Jedi's distraction. Kul Teska himself blasted out of the wreckage and confronted the group. When the Skakoan attempted to seize the Core with a grappling hook, Skywalker used the Force to throw it into Bane's ship.[1]

Tano pinned Bane beneath a metal slab, preventing him from running off with his ship. An enraged Teska engaged the Jedi, charging at them using the enhanced abilities of his modified pressure suit and firing volleys of missiles from launchers mounted on his back. After Skywalker repeatedly used the Force to redirect his missles back at him, Teska encased the two Jedi within an energy bubble, incapacitating them. However, before Teska could escape in Bane's ship, Rex and Boomer arrived and confronted Teska until the Skakoan was eventually forced to issue and ultimatum: either save their Jedi commanders or kill Teska. As the engergy bubble began to close in on Skywalker and Tano, the clones decided to chose to rescue the Jedi. While the clones deactivated the bubble, Teska boarded The Sleight of Hand and escaped with his weapon. Cad Bane also escaped, fleeing Ryloth and the Republic forces.[1]


"I thank you, Master Jedi. Today, all of Ryloth thanks you."
"You've earned your freedom, General. All of you."
―Cham Syndulla and Mace Windu
A parade was held on Ryloth following the recapture of Lessu.

The battle on Ryloth came to a conclusion following the conflict with Teska. Now armed with the knowledge of the Confederacy's new superweapon, Skywalker and Tano contacted Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Generals Windu, Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto on Juma 9. The group was joined by the Jedi Aayla Secura and Luminara Unduli, who had encountered Separatist forces on the world of Alzoc III, where Bane had stolen the Core from Teska. During the holographic transmission, the Jedi received a distress signal from Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, who was investigating Confederate activity on Behpour, a planet in the Naboo system. Amidala reported that she had been spotted before her connection was severed. The Jedi prepared to lay siege to Teska's facility on Behpour, from which the Skakoan had harnessed his gravitic beam to collapse the Naboo sun, with the objective of rescuing the senator and destroying the Confederate superweapon.[1]

With a common enemy, Taa and Syndulla had managed to reach a resolution to their long political debate that had lasted for years prior to the Clone Wars. In addition, Separatist Council member Wat Tambor had been arrested, and Ryloth was no longer under Confederate rule.[4] However, Captain Mar Tuuk had escaped,[2] as well as TA-175 and the shuttle containing most of the Confederacy's stolen treasures.[4]

Behind the scenes

"In 'Storm Over Ryloth,' we had the opportunity with this large-scale invasion to give the Jedi different tasks in accomplishing the recapture of Ryloth."
―Series Director Dave Filoni

The Battle of Ryloth was one of the first major battles to be featured in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, as it was spread out over the span of three episodes: "Storm Over Ryloth,"[18] "Innocents of Ryloth"[19] and "Liberty on Ryloth."[20] This allowed an array of characters to be featured, expanded upon, and introduced into both the television series and Star Wars canon. "Storm Over Ryloth" introduced the battle and the Jedi's "different tasks," while "Innocents of Ryloth" portrayed the Republic's landing on Ryloth with inspiration from the real-life Normandy "D-day" Landings of World War II, and "Liberty on Ryloth" served as the television series' conclusion of the storyline. The capture and subjugation of the Twi'leks in itself was used to portray the "greater stakes of war" in the series.[21] The events during the Battle of Ryloth were later expanded upon by the 2009 video game Republic Heroes, which took place immediately after "Liberty on Ryloth" and documented the involvement of both Cad Bane and Kul Teska in the battle.

Concept art of the Battle of Lessu

The Clone Wars web comic The Ballad of Cham Syndulla, leading into the episode "Liberty on Ryloth," was the only one of the comics leading into the three episodes that featured the actual battle. However, Covetous—leading into "Storm Over Ryloth"—portrayed the events directly before the battle, and Curfew took place shortly before the droid invasion of the city of Nabat, and led into "Innocents of Ryloth."

The script of "Storm Over Ryloth" originally called for Anakin Skywalker to be fighting alongside his Padawan against the Separatist blockade. However, this was later adjusted by a request from George Lucas to build off of Ahsoka Tano's inexperience that led her through her struggles and lessons learned during the episode. Confederate Captain Mar Tuuk was also a character whose participation in the battle was slightly adjusted; he was originally to die aboard his Droid Control Ship when the Defender crashed into it but was saved from death when he proved interesting to Lucas.[14]

Republic Heroes Nintendo DS inconsistencies

The Nintendo DS edition of Republic Heroes presented numerous alternate storylines that conflicted with the television series. In the game, trooper Waxer teams up with Ahsoka Tano to destroy the proton cannons in a settlement on the planet. The two advance through the streets of one of Ryloth's settlements, fighting B1 and B2 battle droids along the way and working together to activate switches and open doors. Just near the plaza where the proton cannons are located, Waxer and Tano are temporarily stopped by a shielded turret, but manage to deactivate its shield by overloading the nearby power generators. After destroying the turret, Waxer and Tano find out that the entrance to the plaza is sealed. They contact General Kenobi—who, along with Commander Cody, is advancing from the other side of the town—and request his assistance. Kenobi soon arrives, helps Tano to open the gates, and the two Jedi successfully destroy the cannons.

Cad Bane later contacts the Republic from a Separatist prison on Ryloth where he is being held and offers to sell information about a secret Confederate facility, but insists on only dealing with Senator Amidala. The Jedi believe the bounty hunter's information to be critical in uncovering a large Separatist plot and decide to rescue Bane, sending Jedi Master Kit Fisto as Amidala's escort. The two infiltrate the prison and rescue the bounty hunter, but Fisto gets separated from the senator in the process. Bane promises to reveal the information if Amidala takes him to his ship, the Xanadu Blood, and they fight through battle droids before eventually reaching the craft. Sticking to his word, Bane tells the senator of Juma 9—which, in this case, is a strategic Confederate outpost, while in the other editions of the game, it is an active Republic mining facility. It is protected by a defense perimeter, which can only be bypassed with recent Separatist clearance codes.

Fisto remembers that while he has been in the Vassek system, his scanners picked up an energy reading from Confederate General Grievous' lair. The Jedi believe that such a power source may indicate the presence of a Separatist archive containing the codes. Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and Clone Commander CC-1004 are sent to retrieve the data, and the pair successfully complete their task. Back on Ryloth, the Separatist plan to retreat but intend to destroy the city in which they are based with their bombers. Unable to contact the Republic fleet for assistance because of the Confederacy's tower-mounted jamming device, Windu infiltrates the city via a bridge to eliminate the jammer. Though Kul Teska tries to stop him, Windu reaches the top of the tower and defeats the Skakoan. Two bonus levels can also be unlocked that involve Cody and Waxer racing through the proton cannon–housing settlement. Because of this story's extremely conflicting plot that would otherwise require too much speculation to integrate into the canonical battle storyline, this article assumes that the Nintendo DS edition of Republic Heroes is non-canonical.


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