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Second Battle of Thyferra

Battle of Restuss

Galactic Civil War




The city of Restuss on Rori, missions to other planets


Draw, Restuss destroyed, Star Core lost


Alliance to Restore the Republic

Galactic Empire


The Battle of Restuss was a major battle between Imperial and Rebel forces primarily on and around the Naboo moon of Rori. The battle involved aspects of both ground and space warfare and encompassed events occurring across several different planets. One noteworthy aspect of the battle was the Empire's acquisition of Crusader MK III armor from the Black Sun organization.



Some time during 1 ABY, the Galactic Empire used the city of Restuss as a site to develop energy cells which could be used in the construction of various superweapons. The devices, known as Star Cores, were small enough to fit in one's backpack yet powerful enough to fuel an entire Star Destroyer.

An emptied Restuss before the battle

A Rebel communications ship on approach to Naboo managed to pick up Imperial comm chatter in regards to the prototype Star Core on the moon of Rori. The Alliance sent covert operatives to the city of Restuss in an attempt to locate the research facility.

With a good lead to the Star Core's location, the Alliance constructed a temporary base of operations in the swamps outside of Restuss. Realizing that the Alliance's war effort could greatly benefit from the Star Core, they began preparations for a large scale assault on the Imperial-held city. Sensing the tension building, the local Imperial Moff ordered a civilian evacuation of Restuss and built up its interior defense grid.

The battle

The early stages of the battle involved both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance attempting to gain a foothold within the city by gaining control over the moon's resources. Both Rebel and Imperial forces attempted to disrupt the enemy's reinforcements en route to Restuss by controlling landing points in the area. As a result, the battle saw many isolated skirmishes in addition to the concentrated fighting nearer the heart of the city. As casualties built up, both the Alliance as well as the Empire began to request assistance from mercenaries. News of the event escalated to a scale that reached throughout the Chommell sector. It was even reported that the Empire and Alliance alike were in such desperate need of supplies, that freelancers as far as the Kessel system began smuggling supplies into Restuss.

One Imperial objective during the battle was to destroy a group of approximately thirty Rebel fighters making runs to and from the Corellian system. It was believed that this squadron was escorting smugglers from Corellia and providing the Rebel ground forces with vital supplies. The efforts to disrupt this fighter group proved to be more successful than anticipated. Due to the success, the Empire launched an ambitious attack on a Rebel cell in the Karthakk system.


Ground warfare

The Imperial base in its final stage

During the course of the battle, Imperial and Rebel forces began assembling on opposite sides of the city. Both sides were about to commence a large invasion of the city, to gain full control of Restuss. Soon enough, both factions were given the call to march into the city. The Imperial attacks consisted of a westward advance through the city, towards the Rebel base in the swamplands. The closer the Imperials pushed towards the Rebel base, the more resistance they encountered. The Imperial attack force found themselves in such desperate need of reinforcements, that they even began to reinstate old AT-TEs. These AT-TEs fought alongside their battle weary troops and more modern assault walkers. Even an Emperor's Hand, Aralina Silk, was dispatched by the Emperor to the battle. Before she was able to complete her mission, however, she was defeated by Rebel SpecForces. Her lightsaber, known as the "Jinzu Razor", was presumably lost to the Rebels during the fray.

In light of death of Aralina Silk, Admiral Grot, commander of one of the Star Destroyers in space, was given orders to provide Dark Troopers and Stormtroopers to reinforce the Imperial legions below. Unfortunately, Rebel spies intercepted the comm chat and ambushed the landing party. During the onslaught, Admiral Grot was somehow killed by the Rebel commandos. Despite the death of one of the Empire's high commanders, the battle raged on. Following the death of Admiral Grot, the Rebels sent Captain Vrinko, a Mon Calamari, to hold the front near the east gates of Restuss. The arrival of Captain Vrinko and Rebel reinforcements gave rise to bloody skirmishes throughout the city, one of which occurred near the eastern gates. Captain Vrinko was severely wounded in and engagement with an Imperial Stormtrooper platoon and was evacuated and treated with kolto medpacs.

Destroying the antenna array

At some point during the battle, the prototype Star Core was about to be evacuated from the city using an AT-AT walker. Due to the efforts of Rebel SpecForces, however, the walker was destroyed in an ambush. Because of the massive amounts of energy stored within the power cell, the destruction of the AT-AT caused a chain reaction which incinerated nearly the entire city. Following the destruction of the city, weary Rebel and Imperial salvage crews set up sensor arrays and antennae among the ruins in an attempt to communicate with the rest of their respective fleets. Imperials and Rebels still fought, despite such heavy losses. Both sides continued to make attempts at disrupting enemy communications by capturing or destroying their devices. Many soldiers and other operatives from both sides of the Galactic Civil War were called in from different planets to fight for their respective faction. Most of these mercenaries were deployed to destroy the enemy communication devices.

Behind the scenes

Canonically, it is unknown which faction ultimately succeeded in the battle. Indeed, one could say that due to the heavy losses on both sides, and loss of the Star Core prototype, neither faction won the battle. It should be noted that in Star Wars Galaxies, the precise phases of the battle were decided by the input from players of both faction on their respective Galaxies. In this way, it is possible for either faction to claim overall victory of the battle in the end.



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