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Battle of Prifddinas
Elven Civil War
1930 of the Fourth Age
Prifddinas and Northern Isafdar
Decisive Iorwerth Clan Victory
Iorwerth Clan Seven of the eight Elven Clans
Lord Iorwerth King Baxtorian
  • Elven Assembly of Elders
*Unknown number of elven soldiers *Unknown number of elven soldiers
  • Unknown amount of siege weaponry
*Unknown *Catastrophic; near complete massacre of all non-Iorwerth citizens and Cadern soldiers
Previous battle
Next battle
Isafdar Conflicts

The Battle of Prifddinas was a major conflict of the late Fourth Age. Occurring in the year 1930, it was primarily fought between the Iorwerth Clan and the other seven elven clans. The battle was won decisively by Lord Iorwerth, and eventually resulted in the disintegration of the Eastern Elven Kingdom.

The conflict broke out chiefly because the Clans of the Elves had begun to branch out across the mountain range of Arandar and into what is now known as Kandarin, and the Elven King Baxtorian and his forces settled at the foot of the Baxtorian Falls, which are now named after him. This left the Elven capital of Prifddinas virtually undefended and allowed Iowerth to attack and take capture of the city.

Baxtorian's forces and the forces of the other clans rushed back to Isafdar to liberate the city, but their forces were almost annihilated. Those that did not die fled into the forests, leading to the Isafdar Conflicts. Even today Prifddinas is closed to elves and humans alike, with Lord Iorwerth denying all enterance by the main crystal gate. In recent times the elves are trying to re-take Prifddinas, and Jagex stated in a recent Q and A, Prifddinas will be opened to the public, not in the next elf-quest, but in the one after it. So it can be assumed the player takes a part in reclaiming or attempting to reclaim Prifddinas.


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