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Skirmish on Orto Plutonia[1]

Battle of Orto Plutonia

Clone Wars[4]


c. 22 BBY[5]


Orto Plutonia[4]

  • Many Talz
  • Many Narglatch
"I have led our people since before you were born. I've seen a hundred planets rise and fall through force of arms. If it's not the Separatists out there, then it is an aggressive and malevolent enemy nonetheless, and I will not let whoever it is jeopardize the security of the people of Pantora."
―Chi Cho to Riyo Chuchi

The Battle of Orto Plutonia took place around 22 BBY between Galactic Republic forces and Talz on the planet of Orto Plutonia during the Clone Wars. The native Talz on the planet of Orto Plutonia had attacked Glid Station, a Republic Base, on the planet. High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker were dispatched to investigate the loss of contact with the base along with two Pantorans, the native species of the outer rim planet of Pantora, Senator Riyo Chuchi and Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly Chi Cho. The group found that Glid Base had been attacked and soon the Talz reemerged and confronted the group. Failing to discuss peace, Cho declared war against the Talz and claimed the planet to be under Pantoran rule.

Cho and Clone Captain CC-7567, nicknamed Rex, set off to counter the Talz near their colony home. En route to the colony on BARC speeders and Freeco bikes, the Republic force was overrun by the Talz who were on Narglatch mounts. Cho was injured by a Talz' spear while his attack group was fleeing the area. The Talz resumed their attack and followed the injured Chairman and Rex. As the Talz approached, the Republic group found themselves trapped near a cliff and barricaded themselves with their own speeders. Back near Glid Station, Chuchi and the Jedi contacted the Pantoran Assembly to discuss the matter. Calling Cho out of order, the assembly asked Chuchi to negotiate peace between the Pantoran and the Talz. Chuchi and the Jedi left the area on an Republic gunship to find Cho and Rex.

The Talz soon halted their attack near the barricaded Republic force when three LAATi ships approached the area. The Jedi regrouped with Rex and his men while Chuchi told the injured Cho that the Pantoran Assembly has called him out of order. After Cho died from his injury, Chuchi confronted Thi-Sen, leader of the Talz forces, and negotiated the resolution of the conflict. The Talz and the Pantorans negotiated peace, which was restored in Orto Plutonia.



"Our moon of Pantora is the only civilization in this system. I'm the one who asked the senate to protect this planet. This wasteland belongs to us."
―Chi Cho to Riyo Chuchi
The Talz withdraw after eliminating Republic clone troopers

Stationed in Glid Station, a Republic station in Orto Plutonia, clone cold assault troopers were under attack by the native Talz, and were killed by the beasts. A near-by Confederate base became abandoned after the Talz attacked it.[8] After losing contact with Glid Station, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker were dispatched by the Jedi High Council to the Pantoran world of Orto Plutonia to investigate. Unknowingly to the group, native Talz have secretly attacked the Republic base and Clone troopers stationed there prior to Kenobi and Skywalker's arrival. The Jedi grouped with Riyo Chuchi, a Senator representing the planet of Pantora, and Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly Chi Cho. Cho indicated to Chuchi and the Jedi that the moon of Orto Plutonia belongs to the Pantorans and he will remove any threat that stood in the way.[4]

Though Chuchi respected the Chairman's opinion, she believed that peace was the only resolution and if the Separatists are on the planet there should be no attack. Upon entering the base, Kenobi and Clone Captain CC-7567—nicknamed Rex—witnessed spears erecting out of the bodies of Clone troopers. Cho concluded that only savages did such a thing but Chuchi responded to Cho by stating war was not a answer due to a attack. Enraged, Cho told Chuchi that he once was an diplomatic warrior, and ended the corruption of Pantoran conflicts.[4]

C-3PO translates Cho's threat to Thi-Sen

Rex and his men regrouped with the Jedi outside the base. The Talz who were responsible for the attack were found by Skywalker and Kenobi outside the base. Kenobi stated to Rex to not provoke the Talz, as they were easily offended by threats such as blasters. Thi-Sen, chieftain of the Talz on Orto Plutonia, approached Kenobi and Skywalker and began to negotiate with the outlanders. Skywalker drew a simple friendship drawing on a stone and showed Thi-Sen and the other Talz leaders of the colony. The Jedi later returned to the Talz with the rest of their group. Protocol droid, C-3PO translated the words of Kenobi to Thi-Sen, however Cho and Chuchi entered the discussion between the Talz and the Republic. Though Chuchi wanted peace, Cho demanded the extermination of the Talz on Orto Plutonia by lethal force. C-3PO was forced to give Thi-Sen what Cho thought of them. Kenobi restated to Cho that the Talz are easily offended, though it was to late. Thi-Sen had given Cho another chance to reconsider his thoughts, though he chose war over peace. Thi-Sen and his Talz followers left the scene, while Cho prepared for war against the Talz.[4]

The battle

Chairman Cho's attack

Chi Cho: "Troopers, mount up and follow me."
Rex: "What's up General?"
Anakin: "Your going have to stay with the chairman until we can work things out. Protect him at all costs."
—Chi Cho to Rex and Anakin Skywalker

Soon after war was declared, Cho was determined to kill the Talz at all costs. Along with his two Pantoran guards, the chairman forced all the clone troopers to organize and follow him. Rex questioned Cho's actions to Skywalker, who advised Rex to only protect and defend the chairman and to not attack any Talz. Both Kenobi and Skywalker remained with Senator Chuchi as Cho led the Republic forces into the inevitable battle.[4]

Cho leading the Republic forces.

Riding in BARC speeders and Freeco bikes, the clones surrounded the perimeter around the chairman for defense as they were approaching the Talz colony. Cho ordered them to fire once they were in range, however Rex told Cho that the clones were only there to protect him. Though Cho cared less of the clones, and soon Cho along with his two Pantoran guards fired upon the Talz that stood on top of an icy cliff. The Talz countered the attack Republic group by throwing spears at them. Cho and his guards were surrounded by the Talz and the Clones only fired if the chairman was in danger. The Republic soon lost the majority of their Freeco bikes while Talz decimated their attack with their spears. A spear killed one of Cho's guards, which caused Cho to feel defenseless and soon his other guard fell. Rex ordered them to retreat, but Cho insisted that the Talz are savages and they cannot leave. Another spear was thrown by the Talz and struck the chairman in the back, injuring him. Rex and his men gathered the injured chairman and fled the scene in their remaining speeders. The Talz reacted and began to pursue the fleeing Republic forces on their Narglatch mounts.[4]

Seeking peace

"The assembly has decided that the actions of Chairman Cho are out of order. Senator Chuchi, you are authorized to negotiate the peaceful settlement of the sovereignty planet of Pantora and the Talz."
―Pantoran Assembly member to Chuchi

Kenobi and Skywalker approached Senator Chuchi in a Republic gunship, while she was calling the Pantoran Assembly to discuss the matter of Cho's actions. A Pantoran Assembly member told Chuchi that the assembly called Chairman Cho out of order and his actions were most unnecessary. Chuchi had to end the battle and the concurrent grudge the Talz had with the Pantoran due to Cho's actions. Though, Chuchi demanded that Kenobi should help her in this matter and tell the Talz colony leader, Thi-Sen, that the Pantorans are friends with them. However, Kenobi insisted that only Chuchi could end the conflict by confronting the Talz leader herself and restore peace.[4]

Rex firing on the approaching Talz

Meanwhile, Rex and the remaining clone troopers approached a cliff which forced Rex to park his BARC speeder near the fall. The injured chairman was placed on the snowy ground while Rex directed his forces around the BARC speeder barrage. The Talz on their Narglatch mounts were near in range of the Clone trooper group and spears from the Talz were constantly being thrown. With little help left and no place to flee, Rex gave all his blaster fire to the incoming Talz and was slightly injured on his left shoulder due to oncoming spears.[4]

However, The Talz soon halted their raging line when three Republic gunships approached the area. Kenobi and Skywalker rejoined Rex, who was lightly injured on his shoulder. Chuchi saw the injured Chairman trying to stand on his feet and soon confronted the injured man. Dying and breathless, Cho told Chuchi that she must avenge him and destroy the Talz. However, she told the dying Chairman that she could not since the Pantoran Assembly has called Cho out of order and declared there was to be peace between the Pantorans and the Talz. The defeated Cho resisted the choice to have peace between the Talz and the Pantorans and soon died due to his injury. C-3PO walked with Chuchi to Thi-Sen and the Talz on their Narglatch mounts. By claiming that Cho was out of order and that the Republic was on the Talz's side, there should be peace between the Talz and the Pantorans. Chuchi drew out a spear and slammed it into the snowy ground as a symbol of freedom and peace. Thi-Sen soon drew out a spear and crossed it with Chuchi's on the ground. After the Talz and the Pantorans negotiated peace, Orto Plutonia was the Talz' new home.[4]


Kenobi: "Well done, Senator."
Skywalker: "Yes, most impressive."
Chuchi: "Thank you, Master Jedi."
Kenobi: "Now that you have created peace between your people and the Talz, remember one crucial thing. Make it last senator, make it last."
—Kenobi and Skywalker to Chuchi

Though the battle was part of the Clone Wars and that the Separatists did not engage the Republic, the Battle of Orto Plutonia was crucial for the Republic to establish friends and allies. After the battle, the Talz became friends with the Pantorans and the moon of Pantora was their new home. Cho was to be replaced with a new chairman by the Pantoran Assembly. Senator Chuchi returned back to the galactic capital on Coruscant with Kenobi and Skywalker.[4]

Behind the scenes

The Battle of Orto Plutonia was featured in Episode 15 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, "Trespass."[4] In addition to featuring the Talz species, the episode introduced two new characters to the series, Pantoran Chairman Chi Cho and Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi.[4] The battle introduced the CK-6 swoop, also known as "Freeco Swoops".[7]


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Trespass" (First appearance)


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