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Battle of Ord Sedra

Yuuzhan Vong War


28 ABY


Ord Sedra


Victory for the New Republic/Imperial Remnant

"Buh-bye, now"
―Kyle Katarn

The Battle of Ord Sedra was a battle during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the defeat of a slave-raiding group by Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, New Republic Intelligence agent Jan Ors, and Lieutenant Pallin of the Imperial Army.



The Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigade conquered Ord Sedra, a backwater world in the Imperial Remnant, and took the planet's population as slaves. Ors, Pallin, and Katarn led a force of stormtroopers to stop a convoy of Brigade slave traders led by a Yuuzhan Vong warlord.

The battle

While Pallin and his stormtroopers engaged the alien invaders, Jan and Kyle went to the nearby village to gear up. Kyle received a distress signal from the Lieutenant - his forces were being destroyed. Jan immediately rushed to the scene and was taken captive by the Vong warlord.

Kyle, worried for Ors, arrived at the scene to find a large amount the forces dead. He went into the nearby village and found Jan in a prison cell guarded by the Warlord. Kyle gave Ors his lightsaber to slice her way out of the cell while he engaged the Vong. Katarn used an explosive to stab and impale the Vong in the chest, and kicked him out the window, where the Vong exploded.


The slave trade was stopped, the Warlord was dead, and the New Republic was victorious.



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