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Mission to Lok


First Battle of Krant

Battle of Lamaredd

Dark Order War


14 ABY




New Republic Victory


New Republic

Dark Order of Korr/Imperial Remnant




  • Heavy infantry casualties
  • Medium vehicle losses
  • Light Starfighter/Bomber losses
  • All ground assets destroyed or captured

The Battle of Lamaredd was an assault by the New Republic on a Dark Order of Korr-controlled mining facility in the rain forests of Lamaredd. It took place approximately one month after the Kuat Disaster.


Events before the Battle

After Jaden Korr's Imperial forces lost control of the Kuat system, Imperial scouts sent by the Dark Order of Korr to Lamaredd discovered a mysteriously abandoned mine deep within one of the planet's huge rainforests. The mine contained high quantities of phrikite and tydirium, two resources which could be combined to produce an expensive metallic compound known as phrik. Phrik held an extremely high military value as a blaster-resistant alloy, and was sought after by both the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.

Realizing that the extraction of these resources could potentially prove very useful, Jaden Korr ordered a secret mining operation to be set up on the planet. A sizable military garrison was also built in order to protect from any possible attacks. Although this facility extracted large amounts of phrikite and tydirium over the weeks, it was estimated that only gotten half of the resources had been harvested by the time the Republic discovered it. Each week, a cargo hauler was sent by the Dark Order to pick up the metals and deliver them to well-guarded storehouses on Eriadu.

However, one of the freighters was discovered and tracked by Republic scouts, whose suspicion was aroused by the presence of a Victory-class Star Destroyer escorting it. This was relayed to Fleet Intelligence, which ordered the capture of any Imperial assets in the system.

Orbital Supremacy

When the New Republic task force of one Providence-class carrier escorted by two MC80B Star Cruisers arrived in the system, the only two Imperial vessels there were forced to retreat. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer Assailant sprayed a volley of turbolaser fire at the advancing Republic ships and promptly retreated. Y-wing starfighters were dispatched to disable the Container Transport W4-LL-T, but the vessel escaped before it was within range of their weapons. After the Assailant's withdraw, squadrons of X-wings launched and spread throughout the area, but found no other Imperial presence.

After the fighters had returned to their hangars, the Republic capital ships orbited the planet and began sensor sweeps. After several hours, the Imperial base's location was pinpointed. Inside an impenetrable valley on the planet's surface, the Imperial base had been built into the side of a mountain. Because the extremely dense forests, rainy climate, and theater shield prevented effective bombardment, the carrier ship Fiery Dawn was forced to deploy a ground force in the Lamaredd valley to capture the base. A narrow canyon through a small surrounding mountain range was the only way to or from the stronghold. After landing, the Republic forces constructed a prefabricated base for mobilization. The Imperial numbers, strength, and defenses were unknown.

Reconnaissance and First Engagement

After the base was completed, MPTL-2a spotter droids were dispatched to scout the valley. They eventually found a canyon going through a small mountain range which led to the mining facility. The Republic sent an initial assault force of 2,000 men and 100 Combat Speeders to assault the base's outer defenses, which consisted of a line of sentry posts, sensors, and turrets. These stations were manned by Imperial snipers and regular troopers.

The snipers initially inflicted medium casualties on the advancing Republic troops, but the outposts fell soon after armor support arrived. The sensors which were at the sentry posts were the primary means of tracking Republic activity for the Imperial base, so in order to reclaim the lost strategic position, a counter-attack force of 2,000 Stormtroopers escorted by Juggernauts and the base's entire complement of AT-ST walkers was sent. Due to their lack of camouflage, the stormtroopers took heavy losses. Juggernaut missile fire laid waste to the New Republic armor, but concentrated rocket fire from infantry and flanking maneuvers from the tanks brought most of the Juggernauts down. Many AT-STs were also mired in the mud, leaving them vulnerable. Eventually, the Imperials retreated further into the forest. By this time, the Republic advance force had taken about one-third casualties.

Second Advance

After the engagement and destruction of the outposts, the advance Republic force held its position and waited for reinforcements. They were then reinforced by additional troops and fifty AAC-1 Hovertanks. With their offensive capability reinforced, the Republic forces advanced toward the base, which was located at the opposite end of a surrounding mountain range. The stormtroopers at the canyon entrance quickly retreated, soon followed by the approaching Republic army. Once all of the Republic troops were in the canyon, they were ambushed and pounded from all sides by heavy weapon fire from additional Juggernauts and stormtroopers, which had been lined on the cliff walls beside them.

Despite heavy infantry and vehicle losses, the New Republic army managed to beat through the rear stormtrooper guard and retreat back to their base. In case the Imperials mounted a counteroffensive, they set up a perimeter of scouts in the forest around their garrison. In the meantime, they spent two days organizing a second attack force and planning their attack. The Imperials simultaneously sent scout parties throughout the valley to spot any advancing formations. Under orders from their commander, the Republic hacks into the Imperial communications channel and impersonates one of the scouting parties, falsely claiming that a short distance from the Republic base an airfield is being set up with K-wing bombers, which would give them a considerable strategic advantage. They also stated that the Republic moved most of its army east in an attempt to find a way around the mountains. In reality, the airfield was at the opposite side of their base.

The Final Strike

The ruse convinced the Imperials to send what was left of their infantry to destroy the airfield, but they were ambushed and surrounded by the Republic army. After taking severe casualties due to no armor support, the remaining stormtroopers surrendered and were taken prisoner. The New Republic army then moved toward the Imperial base and down the canyon again, encountering no resistance. After coming within visual range of the Imperial base, the entire force of TX-130T fighter tanks were sent in a last-ditch effort to beat back the attackers. Although most of the Republic vehicles were destroyed, the arrival of Republic air support gave them an edge in the battle, which resulted in the destruction of all of the fighter tanks, followed by exterior defensive turrets.


Despite the near loss of their army, the New Republic managed to capture the entire facility intact. Once the Imperial offensive capability was destroyed, the director of the base surrendered and the base's staff was taken prisoner. Afterward, the Republic set up its own mining operation on Lamaredd, and the resources that would be produced would prove useful in the war later on.


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