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Battle of Garqi


Battle of Obroa-skai

Battle of Ithor

Yuuzhan Vong War


25.3 ABY



  • Tactical New Republic victory
  • Psychological Yuuzhan Vong victory
  • Ithor devastated

Yuuzhan Vong


The Battle of Ithor in 25 ABY was a battle between the New Republic/Imperial Remnant forces and the Yuuzhan Vong.


The battle

The population of Ithor had been evacuated to Mon Calamari. Admiral Gilad Pellaeon was in command of the battle, by request of Traest Kre'fey, and to Borsk Fey'lya's disapproval. The Yuuzhan Vong forces arrived in-system above Ithor, led by the Legacy of Torment. Rogue Squadron engaged Coralskippers and started to pick off Yorik-trema. In the battle, Anni Capstan, Jaina Solo's wingmate was killed, which emotionally hurt Jaina horribly.

The tactics fighter pilots used against coralskippers proved ineffective against larger capital ships. The strategy generally used then was to shoot weak lasers at a fighter, resulting in a weak void created by a dovin basal, then to overload the void with stronger shots, killing the ship. This method didn't work, as the dovin basals weren't propelling the capital ships as much, and they made stronger voids.

Meanwhile on Ithor, the Yorik-trema landed their troops inside an Ithorian herd ship, the Tafanda Bay. There, the Jedi engaged the Yuuzhan Vong warriors and Chazrach. Anakin Solo and Daeshara'cor fought the warriors, but Daeshara'cor was poisoned by an Amphistaff bite, and later died.

Corran Horn and Shedao Shai duel for the future of Ithor.

On the surface of the planet, Shedao Shai led his warriors against a building defended by turrets and housed by droids. Little did he know, the building was a trap, an explosion set to go off when a computer console was destroyed. Because of the Vong's hatred of technology, that computer terminal was destroyed, and most of the warriors were killed, besides Shai. The Jedi then ambushed the Vong command center, and defeated the forces there. Finding a Villip, Corran Horn managed to contact Shedao Shai and arranged a bargain: They would duel in one week on a plateau. If Shai won, he would receive the bones of his ancestor who died on Bimmiel. But if Corran won, Ithor would be safe. Though Corran Horn killed Shai and emerged as the victor, Deign Lian was ordered by Tsavong Lah to launch a bio-engineered bacteria, a biological Gray Goo, which destroyed all life on Ithor.

This weapon was carried by 12 seed-shaped yorik coral pods. Upon arriving in the atmosphere, these pods exploded, creating an enormous cloud that began spreading through the jungle, which was held sacred by the Ithorians. As they expanded, the bacteria destroyed the native life. This later became blamed on Corran Horn, who was known across news holos as the "Man who killed Ithor."

When the Yuuzhan Vong forces attempted to retreat, the Corusca Rainbow, an Interdictor Cruiser, came out of hyperspace beside the planet and activated its gravity well generators, which caused the gravity well of Ithor to increase, pulling the Legacy of Torment towards the planet. The dovin basal of the ship were then all focused towards moving the ship away from the planet, not allowing them to create the voids shielding the ship. The assembled New Republic and Imperial Remnant forces then used firing solutions provided by the Corusca Rainbow to fire hundreds of concussion missiles and proton torpedoes at the Legacy of Torment, breaking the ship into three parts. Deign Lian was killed before the ship hit the planet, and when it collided with Ithor, the atmosphere ignited, killing the planet. The other Vong forces retreated.


As a result of the negative publicity surrounding the Jedi, Corran Horn asked to be expelled from the Jedi, which was met with understanding, but disappointment. Corran went to Corellia to ponder about the dark side, which he skirted across when he avenged Elegos A'kla's death. Though of little strategic value, Ithor was a major psychological loss to the New Republic, and the publicity aided Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya in his attempts to gain some control over the Jedi Order. When Shimrra Jamaane, the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong, learned of the Jedi's disgrace, he was delighted, and ordered the Yuuzhan Vong to discredit the Jedi further. Admiral Pellaeon was forced to withdraw the Imperial Navy back to Imperial Space to prevent the populace (and the Moffs) from revolting. But most importantly, the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong could no longer be denied.



Imperial Remnant/Jedi Order/New Republic

Yuuzhan Vong


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