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Raid on Gyndine


Battle of Bothawui

Battle of Gilatter VIII

Second Galactic Civil War


40 ABY


Gilatter VIII


Draw (Both sides claim victory)


1 Imperial-class Star Destroyer




"It's a trap."
Jacen Solo

The Battle of Gilatter VIII resulted from a trap laid by the Confederation Fleet under their new commander, Turr Phennir. Following the rout of the Blockade of Corellia by Bothan and Commenorian forces, and the subsequent decisions made by Adumar, Bespin, and Fondor to join the movement, it was clear that the military forces of the Confederation had to be brought under centralized control. The Confederation spread false intelligence suggesting that at a secret meeting in the Gilatter system, the Supreme Commander of the Confederation military would be chosen. Jacen Solo, leader of the Galactic Alliance Guard, headed the mission with Galactic Alliance forces under Admiral Cha Niathal.



The Galactic Voyager was to be Admiral Niathal's flagship during the brief engagement.

Jacen Solo, tricked by false intelligence, laid out a four step plan to ambush the supposed meeting. First, Jedi in StealthXs would move undetected into the system and relay information to the Alliance fleet. The fleet, cobbled together from different task forces arrayed throughout the Mid Rim, would assemble. Instead of moving a whole fleet group from its current assignment, which would alert Confederation intelligence, this allowed the Alliance the element of surprise. It is presumably for this reason that Admiral Niathal led the battle from the helm of the Galactic Voyager, Admiral Ackbar's famed command ship. Elements of the Ninth Fleet were also included in the taskforce. During the third step, the fleet would move into the upper reaches of the atmosphere of Gilatter VIII and remain hidden from enemy sensors until the StealthXs gave the signal. Solo himself decided to infiltrate the resort satellite in disguise, to maximize the damage to the Confederation command hierarchy.

The battle


The trap sprung

Disguised as Najack and Silfinia Ell, Jacen and Lumiya, who was accompanying him on the mission, infiltrated the election ceremony, posing as members of the Ession Freedom Front. Meanwhile the Confederation force, assumed to be preparing for a military strike against the Alliance, continued to gather in the system. When Solo reached the election room, he was surprised to see no one of note present. It was only a few minutes before Turr Phennir appeared on a hologram screen and gloated over the fact that Niathal's command had been led into a minefield. Unfortunately for Phennir, Jacen was able to visualize the mines and warn Luke Skywalker, who was part of the StealthX force. Skywalker in turn warned Admiral Niathal.

Niathal's decision

However, instead of issuing the order to pull about and retreat, Niathal ordered the fleet to continue forward into the grid, aware that abrupt changes in course would only attract more mines. The Anakin Solo and the other outlying ships microjumped into the battle. She ordered the second-tier capital ships and the starfighters to form up behind the leading capital ships and enter the minefield. The result was that the carefully planned Confederation assault was thrown off and the conflict degenerated into a slugging match. However, Jacen Solo, now en route to the Anakin as his family engaged Lumiya and Alema Rar on the resort satellite behind him, noticed angrily that the Alliance fleet was not coordinated, missing out on several opportunities. Forces were milling about aimlessly instead of pursuing targets, at least one frigate retreated unnecessarily, and a Bothan Assault Cruiser, although severely damaged, was not destroyed by its attackers as they missed their chance.


The Confederation proclaimed Gilatter VIII a stunning victory against the Alliance, praising Phennir for his strategy. The Alliance, on the other hand, put it that even with careful planning and superior odds the Confederation had not managed a victory.

The Solo-Skywalker clan was shocked by the actions of Jacen, who had left them behind on the doomed resort station in order to preserve his own life. Lumiya, who also escaped the station, traveled to the Anakin and promised Jacen that she would teach him advanced Battle meditation techniques to ensure military victories in the future.



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