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The Battle of Cyrillia was a battle between the Galactic Droid Empire and the New confederacy that ultimately lead to the merging of their governments.



Two governments were searching for new planets to conquer: the New Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Droid Empire. They both came upon the same world: Cyrillia. As Troyb and Tyler, leader of their respective governments, tried to talk it out, they both engaged each other in combat, leading to the Battle of Cyrillia.

The Battle

The battle was so long it was divided into two parts: the space battle and the surface battle.


Space Battle

As the battle started turning to the New CIS's side with the skilled gunning of the gunners of the Federation swarm, Troyb ordered a full attack on the Medal's deflector shield generators so he could get a good beating on the hull. As twenty thousand vulture droid starfighters filled the sky, the GDE sent in its own supply of vulture droids. Many soldiers of both sides were confused and even destroyed some of their own ships. The Medal and the Federation swarm were both taking heavy damage on their shields, a result of the increased laserfire from the vulture droids.

Hull damage

The Federation swarm's shields deactivated first, followed by the Medal's. Tyler and Troyb both ordered an emergency shield on the bridge. As several vulture droids aimed for each bridge, several were shot down to the planet below. This was the beginning of the second part of the battle, the Surface Battle.

Surface Battle

Droids infiltrate the Medal.

Several GDE battle droids exited their crashed ships and began fighting the New CIS. As the two droid armies tore each other open, Troyb, from the Federation swarm, ordered a Base Delta Zero operation, not knowing several hundred droids were down there from his side, too. Tyler ordered the same thing from the Medal. Battle droids from the New CIS quickly built a fort from Vulture droid wings. The GDE, using a tactic called the tortoise technique, quickly got past the fort and into the New CIS's base. Meanwhile, the New CIS infiltrated the Medal.

Inside the Fort

The GDE killed many soldiers of the New CIS, but eventually surrendered to several Neimoidian guards. They were killed later. The Neimoidian guards used their blasters to help beat back the remaining reinforcments of the GDE on Cyrillia.

Inside the Medal

The New CIS tried to destroy the hangar bay, but failed when droidekas killed them. They later used the detonation packs to destroy the landing craft they came in.


Tyler signs the treaty.

After the killing of the droids on the planet and the killing of the droids that infiltrated the Medal, Tyler and Troyb recognized each other's skilled leadership. They also recognized each other's government was based on the same concept. Following the Treaty of Alliance signed by both leaders, the governments were merged into the New CIS/GDE.

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