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Blockade of Corellia


Raid on Gyndine

Battle of Corellia

Second Galactic Civil War


40 ABY


Corellia (Corellian Exclusion Zone)

  • Galactic Alliance forces retreat
  • Galactic Alliance declares war on Bothawui and Commenor
  • Five Worlds becomes Corellian Confederation

Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

Five Worlds

  • Dodonna heavily damaged
  • Many starfighters
  • Centerpoint Station damaged
  • Nebulon-B escort frigate damaged
  • Many starfighters
    • 1 Howlrunner
"Fleet action sir. There's a fleet, incoming, they're already hitting the taskforce around Corellia proper."
Anakin Solo comm. officer to Jacen Solo

The Battle of Corellia took place in 40 ABY during the Second Galactic Civil War. It resulted in the withdrawal of Galactic Alliance forces from the Blockade of Corellia and the formation of the Corellian Confederation, which was soon renamed the Confederation at the insistence of Bothawui and Commenor.



The Blockade of Corellia was taking its toll on the system and supplies were very low. But the recent assassinations of Bothans on Coruscant turned Bothawui into a potential ally of the Five Worlds. The Galactic Alliance frigate Shamunaar coordinated all reconnaissance in the Both system to ensure that they wouldn't come to Corellia's aid. But the Sith Lady Lumiya manipulated former Galactic Alliance Admiral Matric Klauskin into taking control of the Shamunaar and killing the crew by opening the ship to vacuum. He then turned over the frigate to Tathak K'roylan, who would lead Bothan forces to help break the blockade.

The battle


Surprise attack

"We're borked."
Blue Diver junior officer to Admiral Tarla Limpan

When the Bothan and Commenorian fleets arrived at the Corellian Exclusion Zone, Corellian forces throughout the system immediately launched from the surface and attacked the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet in an all-out effort to break the blockade. Aboard the Dodonna Admiral Limpan immediately recognized the poor odds of defeating the combined enemy fleets and ordered the majority of Galactic Alliance forces to attack Centerpoint Station. Soon the Dodonna, Blue Diver, and the Anakin Solo were en route to deal as much damage as possible before retreating.

Escorting the Errant Venture

"By the way, you're now Ganner Three and Mara's Ganner Four."
"For Ganner Rhysode?"
"Can you think of a better name for someone fighting a delaying action?"
Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker

As the battle continued Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn launched from the Errant Venture to protect it from attacking Corellian forces before it entered Hyperspace. They were soon joined by Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker in their StealthXs and formed Ganner Squadron which was named after Ganner Rhysode. The Dodonna ordered the Errant Venture to launch all spaceworthy fighters before leaving, which meant more time that the under armed Star Destroyer was vulnerable. They managed to fight off a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate and six I-7 Howlrunners before the Errant Venture safely entered hyperspace.

Attack on Centerpoint Station

At this point there was no hope to defeat the rebel forces so the best option was for the Galactic Alliance task force to focus the majority of their firepower on Centerpoint Station. The Blue Diver engaged two Carrack-class gunships while the Dodonna and Anakin Solo assaulted the station. The Bothans used this to their advantage by inflicting a devastating amount of damage to the Dodonna while all it's turbolasers were occupied. The Alliance forces managed to leave two large gashes in Centerpoint Station before retreating.


Overall the battle was a disaster for the Galactic Alliance. Now there was no chance for a negotiated peace with the Corellians. Along with Commenor and Bothawui, Fondor, Bespin and Adumar also joined the newly formed Confederation. The loss of planets with major shipyards such as Corellia and Fondor were a critical loss to Alliance ship production.

The Galactic-class battle carrier Dodonna was heavily damaged during the battle and spent the rest of the war out of commission being repaired. The Galactic Alliance and Confederation spent the next few weeks of the war launching a series of minor attacks on each other's shipyards such as the Raid on Gyndine.



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