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Battle of Selvaris


Battle of Mon Calamari

Battle of Caluula

Yuuzhan Vong War


29 ABY




Yuuzhan Vong victory


Yuuzhan Vong Empire

Galactic Alliance


Commander Malik Carr



  • Pash Cracken captured
  • Caluula Station destroyed
  • Heavy losses

The Battle of Caluula was a battle that took place near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War.





Caluula had been identified as an entry point to the Tion Hegemony by Warmaster Nas Choka, and Galactic Alliance Intelligence also speculated that Caluula and Toong'l were possible fallback points for an attack on Mon Calamari. The planet had a meager defense force, mostly on or around an orbital spacestation. With the HoloNet down, Caluula's survival depended on Caluula Station.

The battle

Han Solo and Princess Leia had had arrived from the Battle of Selvaris with rescued prisoners who had been intended for a sacrifice on Yuuzhan'tar. On learning of the decreased numbers, and of Caluula's future importance, Supreme Overlord Shimrra ordered a renewed attack on the besieged Caluula Station.

A ychna lead the attack on the station, carrying warriors who boarded it. However, the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance hadn't been the only who recognized Caluula's importance: Mandalore Boba Fett had sent a team to review it, and brought in a small force of Mandalorian Protectors. Upon seeing the Mandalorians' fighting abilities, the Yuuzhan Vong warriors were whipped into a frenzy as they attempted to capture the Mandalorians for the upcoming sacrifice, to the point that some fought among themselves for the opportunity to engage the Mandalorians in combat. However, Fett and his team were able to buy enough time for most of Caluula Station's forces—as well as the Solos—to head planet side or escape into hyperspace. Caluula Station exploded shortly after the last forces escaped.


With Caluula Orbital destroyed, the Governor of Caluula sent a message to the Yuuzhan Vong suing for peace. In it, the Governor requested that the inhabitants not be implanted with surge-coral, and be allowed to live in peace with the Yuuzhan Vong. She also made one additional request: To allow a scientific team to observe the Nocturne of the Winged-Stars, which was occurring that year. In the efforts of rapid yammosk implantation, Supreme Commander Malik Carr agreed to the request initially, though stating that the final decision on the petition lay with High Prefect Drathul. The Galactic Alliance however, covertly intended to use the team to eliminate the yammosk based on the planet—as well as to secretly monitor the effects of the recently released Alpha Red bioweapon.

It is not beyond possibility that this was the last great victory for the Yuuzhan Vong Empire before its final defeat in the Second Battle of Coruscant.



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