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Skirmish on Tatooine


Reytha campaign

Battle of Boz Pity (Galactic Civil War)

Galactic Civil War




Boz Pity

  • Imperial victory

Galactic Empire

Alliance to Restore the Republic

  • Unknown
  • Medium casualties
  • A few Stormtroopers
  • At least three AT-ST's
  • One AT-AT
  • A few members of Renegade Squadron
  • Ackbar injured

The Battle of Boz Pity took place in 0 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The battle occured when the Empire discovered the Alliance's new main base on the planet of Boz Pity, through a tracking device a bounty hunter had planted in an R5 droid captured by the Alliance. With this information, the Empire launched a full scale assualt on the Rebel's base, sending a large fleet to destroy the Alliance forces stationed on Boz Pity. Once the Imperial fleet fell out of hyperspace over Boz Pity, they landed several ground troops and tank walkers to assualt the Rebel base. The Alliance's new elite fighting force, Renegade Squadron—led by the smugglers-turned-rebels General Han Solo and Commander Col Serra—defended the base's main gate from the invading Imperial stormtroopers while the rest of the Rebels stationed on Boz Pity were able to evacuate.

Although the Renegades were able to destroy an AT-AT and several AT-ST walkers using laser turrets and explosives, the advancing Imperial forces eventually overpowered Renegade Squadron, forcing Commander Serra to order the squadron to fall back to the rear of the base. There, the Rebels were able to hold out against the Empire's superior numbers until they were able to evacuate Boz Pity via LAAT/i gunships.



In 0 ABY—during the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic—the Alliance secretly set up a new main base on the planet of Boz Pity in the Outer Rim, shortly after being forced to evacuate their previous base on Yavin 4. Later that year, Renegade Squadron—the Alliance's new elite fighting force composed of spacers, formed and led by former smugglers General Han Solo and Commander Col Serra— was able to free a number of Rebel prisoners being held by Hutt Cartel on Tatooine. While the Renegades escaped Tatooine with their liberated comrades, the squadron also brought back an R5-series droid as they returned to the Alliance base on Boz Pity. However, unbeknownst to Renegade Squadron, a homing beacon had been installed into the droid by the bounty hunter Boba Fett, out to collect the Empire's bounty for information on the Rebel Alliance. With this information, the Empire launched a full scale invasion of the Rebels' base, and a few hours after Renegade Squadron arrived at Boz Pity, a giant Imperial fleet dropped out of hyperspace over the planet.

The battle


Holding back the Empire

With there base compromised, the Alliance quickly began to evacuate Boz Pity, but the Imperials soon landed ground forces on Boz Pity, hoping to halt the Rebels' escape. As the Imperial ground troops and tank walkers approached the Alliance's main base, General Solo and Renegade Squadron were tasked with holding off the Empire while the rest of the Alliance's personel made it off the planet. Commander Serra, realizing that the Renegades would not likely survive the battle, planned to slow the Empire's advance by any means necessary. Serra ordered his squadron to capture and hold the base's main gate, which was the only entrance into the base. With the gate secure, the Renegades were able to defeat the first wave of Imperials, destroying an AT-ST walker and several Imperial stormtroopers.

However, as the second wave of Imperials approached—which included many more stormtroops and an All Terrain Armored Transport—Serra realized that the Rebels were not strong to defend the main gate, and ordered Renegade Squadron to fall back deeper into the base. Serra placed a container of thermal explosives at the side of the gate house and told one of his men to place a detpack next to the container. As the Empire's AT-AT arrived at the main gate, the Rebels blew the detpack, causing the thermal explosives to detonate. The resulting explosion blew out the AT-AT's two legs forward, causing the walker to crash down, forcing the Imperials to fall back and regroup.

This bought the Renegades some time, and General Solo ordered his squadron to set up a pair of laser turrets as the Imperials launched their third attack wave, with two AT-STs in front of their column. However, as the Imperials moved deeper into the Rebel base, they experienced heavy fire from Renegade Squadron's laser turrets, taking several casualties, including the AT-STs.


The Imperials attack the sacrificial chamber

During the fire fight, Admiral Ackbar, who had been monitoring the evacuation, was shot by an Imperial sniper and injured. A member of Renegade Squadron was ordered by Han Solo to bring a bacta container to the injured leader. After being somewhat healed, Ackbar was able to make it to the evac zone.

It became obvious that the Boz Pity base was lost. The Imperials were now landing more heavy support tanks, and were still dropping off ground troops at alarming rate, and the Alliance were running out of men. As soon as the graves were captured by the Empire, General Solo ordered what remained of Renegade Squadron to the sacrificial circle at rear of the base, to defend the evac zone as he prepped the LAATs for launch. Using T4-B heavy tanks for tank support, Renegade Squadron was able to hold off the enemy advance for a few minutes. Finally, Solo was able to get the ships ready for take off, and Renegade Squadron was able to finally get off Boz Pity for good.


Although the Alliance lost Boz Pity to the Empire, most of the Alliance personel had been able to make it off the planet, and Rebel commander Luke Skywalker soon discovered the ice planet Hoth. This would later become the Rebel's new base for the next two years. Although Ackbar was shot during the battle, he would heal from his wounds, and go back into service. Though Renegade Squadron lost many of their personnel during the battle, Col Serra was able to build their ranks back up. They would latter go on to serve at the Battle of Hoth.


  • Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

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