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Battle of Betazed
Conflict: Dominion War
Date: 2374
Location: Betazed system
Result: Dominion victory
Federation Dominion
Admiral Koaddar Ma'adeen unknown
Tenth Fleet;
planetary defence systems
heavy unknown
heavy unknown
previous next
Raid on Coridan Battle of Betazed Second Battle of Vulcanis

The Battle of Betazed was a Dominion offensive against the Federation member world of Betazed during the Dominion War in 2374.

The Dominion attack was a stunning success with the planet and its outlying colonies capitulating within ten hours. By sending their fleet through the Kalandra sector the Dominion was able to catch the Tenth Fleet, which was stationed to defend the world, by surprise and out of position on a training exercise. The Tenth Fleet fought on despite this and was devastated trying to protect the planet. That coupled with Betazed's antiquated planetary defences led to one of the Federation's most humiliating defeats in the war. (DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight")

According to The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon the Tenth Fleet was completely destroyed defending the planet.

Later that year, the Second Fleet launched three unsuccessful attempts to liberate the world from Dominion occupation. (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice")

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