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Skirmish at Carkoon

Battle of Bespin

Galactic Civil War


4 ABY-after the Battle of Endor




Alliance victory


Galactic Empire

  • Unknown
  • Heavy casualties
  • Light to medium

The Battle of Bespin, also known as the Liberation of Bespin, took place in the time around the Battle of Endor during the Galactic Civil War.[4][1]



The battle involved the population of Cloud City and other colonies, who, with extensive support of Alliance cells as well as Lando's Commandos,[5] rebelled against the Imperial garrison which had taken control over the planet´s mining colonies.[4][1]

Prior to the operation, information on the colony's defenses were handed over to the Rebel Alliance by Tian Chyler, a disgruntled Imperial Security Bureau agent working in Cloud City, with the aid of Alliance sympathizer Willrow Hood. This information proved vital to winning the battle.[6][7]

The battle


Early engagements

Prior to the main assault, Lando Calrissian led raids on Cloud City to gain tibanna gas for the war effort leading up to the Battle of Endor. Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron led an aerial assault, their primary objective being to secure as many tibanna gas platforms as possible.[2]

They faced steep opposition from the Imperial garrison stationed on the planet, including manned gun batteries affixed to small balloon-like platforms that were scattered throughout Bespin, close to important refineries and colonies. These proved a hassle to Rebel fighter but were downed enmasse. This initial victory secured shipment of vital Tibanna to the Rebel cause.[2]

Main battle

After Endor, Lando was promised all the fighters the Alliance could spare, but many resources were taken up by the defense of the temporary rebel capital at Endor, or were engaged in liberation struggles elsewhere. Nevertheless, Calrissian had some ideas of his own, and managed to get a task force together.[1]

The main battle was waged shortly after Endor and raged both in the air and on the floating settlements of the gas-giant. It started at the defacto capital of Cloud City, and moved outwards across the various gas-refineries as the Rebels continued to gain ground.[4] The Imperial faction ruled by the Force-sensitive clone trooper X1 also attacked the city, hoping to gain Tibanna resources in his bid for power. His brother, the Jedi Knight X2, helped Calrissian in battling the invaders.[3]

Capturing Cloud City

The battle rages in Cloud City.

After destroying a large majority of the Empire's control systems, the Rebel squadron provided aerial support for those fighting on the ground, by disabling the city's power generators, which in turn deactivated the Imperial Turbolasers, gun turrets, and communications. Down on the ground, Rebel soldiers captured the main carbon freezing chamber and secured their command posts in the vicinity.[4]

Cloud City's administrator aide Lobot was freed by the Rebels and helped them gain control over the city's main computer, locking out the Imperials.[3] In his last attempt to gain control over the city, X1 sent a detachment of Dark troopers, but even they were unsuccessful in reversing the situation.[3]

Capturing the main mining platform

After the combined effort of the SpecForce and Rogue Squadron, the SpecForce moved on to capture the main Imperial mining platform.[4]

The Rebel forces landed and secured the gas extractor, and pushed the Imperials back to the other side of the platform. The rebel forces moved in and captured the Imperial docks and landing platforms, trapping them in the main command center. Y-wings bombed the building, X-wings destroyed starfighters before they could lift off, and the enemy numbers dwindled. Teams of SpecForce soldiers moved in on the command building and secured the mining platform.[4]


Residents of Cloud City celebrate their freedom after the Battle of Endor.

The citizens of Bespin gained their freedom at the conclusion of the battle, with the Empire humbled on multiple fronts.[8] Lando Calrissian returned to the planet later on to assume leadership of the colony.[9]


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