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Battle of Ariel

Human-Covenant War


2552 (?)




United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire


MSgt Frost


Space forces

(2) UNSC Frigates

Ground forces

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
105th ODST Division

Space forces


Ground forces

Unggoy soldiers
Sangheili soldiers
Kig-Yar soldiers
  • Some civilians
  • 2 ODSTs
  • Heavy ground losses

The Battle of Ariel was an engagement on the Human colony of Ariel during the Human-Covenant War. It was fought between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire[1][2].

The UNSC mission on Ariel was codenamed Operation FIRESIDE.



At some point in 2552, the archaeological colony of Ariel came under attack by the Covenant, who were apparently searching for something on the planet. One of the civilians managed to send a distress signal, to which the UNSC responded with sending ODST forces to investigate.



Opening Actions

After deploying to the planet, the ODSTs found a body in the transmissions bay, a man who had apperently died of fright. The civilians were nowhere to be found. The ODST squad under the command of MSgt Frost split into two-man teams, with each team investigating a different area of the colony. Frost and Michaels investigated the areas closer to the surface, with Frost contacting the other teams regularly.[1]

Dutch and Romeo went to the generator complex of the colony, where some kind of interference made communications difficult. They observed several Elites and Grunts digging for something in the generator room, and reported their findings to Frost, who ordered them to get back topside.

Higgins and Campbell investigated the motor pool, where they were caught by surprise and killed by several Jackals.

Meanwhile, Dutch and Romeo were suddenly engaged by massive amounts of Grunts and some Elites, who cut off their exit route. Romeo managed to collapse a platform, killing two Elites. However, they were soon engaged by another Elite, who overpowered them in close combat. Meanwhile, one of the generators went critical, starting a chain reaction that would destroy the whole complex. Frost ordered everyone to evacuate, with the cost of leaving Dutch and Romeo behind.[2]

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