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Battle of Champala


Battle of the Deep Core

Battle of Anx Minor

Galactic Civil War (Final Imperial Push)


18 ABY


Anx Minor


New Republic Victory


New Republic

Imperial Remnant


Admiral Ackbar

Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon


moderate to heavy

  • EX-F
  • At least 6 Star Destroyers, presumably high

One of the last major battles of the Galactic Civil War, the Battle of Anx Minor was an immediate follow-up to the Battle of Champala. Admiral Ackbar, leading both the New Republic Third and Fifth fleets, and commanding personally from the Guardian, decisively defeated the Imperial Remnant fleet under Fleet Admiral Pellaeon.


Following several skirmishes and battles, it was evident that a major engagement was going to happen. Until either Ackbar's fleets or Pellaeon's retreated, there would be no end. The final conflict of Pellaeon's last offensive against the New Republic happened over Champala. The battle was swinging in Pellaeon's favor until Ackbar ordered a focused barrage of concentrated fire on the EX-F. The ship exploded, igniting its antimatter reservoir that consumed six nearby Star Destroyers. That instant loss of seven powerful capital ships, coupled with whatever losses he had already sustained, proved to be too much for Pellaeon to bear. He ordered his vessels to retreat. The New Republic had scored a major victory, one that would prove to be the last large scale fleet engagement fought between the two powers.

With its defeat at Anx Minor, the Imperial Remnant was reduced to eight backwater sectors in the Outer Rim Territories. Following these losses, Pellaeon's forces were reduced to a mere two hundred assorted Star Destroyers and a few thousand lesser warships. His ability to seriously threaten the New Republic was forever lost, due to the financial hardships in the Remnant and his possession of only one major shipyard, Yaga Minor. This major defeat was a key element in Pellaeon's decision to sue for peace the following year.



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