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Battle for the Frozen Esper
Final Fantasy VI
Valigarmanda, the Frozen Esper
Location: Narshe, Northern Continent
Result: Returners' victory
Gestahlian Empire Returners
Kefka Palazzo Narshe


Imperial Narshe
  • Footsoldiers


Heavy, entire invading force destroyed. Few, possibly some Narshe soldiers.

The Battle for the Frozen Esper was a conflict between the Gestahlian Empire and the Returners for the possession of the recently discovered Esper in the mining city of Narshe. The Empire sent an invasion force to capture and subjugate the city in order to secure the Esper for its purpose of obtaining another source of Magitek power. Banon, leader of the Returners, realized that it was critical for the survival of the rebellion to thwart this plan and led a relief force to Narshe's aid. Before they could depart, though, the Empire attacked the Returners' Hideout and the party was split. They reunited at Narshe and immediately made ready for the upcoming fight.

The battle is actually an in-game event, in which the player must defend Banon at all cost; if any imperial Troops reach his location the game is over and the player must restart from the last Save Point. After defeating most of the imperial troops, the Returners turn to face Kefka, who, after a brief skirmish, runs away.


With the imperial threat gone, the Returners hurried to the site of the Esper. There, Terra reacted to its presence and for the first time in the game morphed into her Esper form. She immediately took flight and headed north-west. The party, taken completely by surprise, departed for Figaro Castle to use its underground transporting capabilities to reach Kohlingen.


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