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Battle at Mirror Earth
Conflict: Battle at Mirror Earth
Date: 17 October 2602
Location: Earth (mirror)
Result: Second Terran Empire victory
Second Terran Empire United Federation of Planets
The Emperor Frank Riker
548 starships 834 starships
312 starships 345 starships
Unknown Unknown
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Battle of Vulcan Battle at Mirror Earth
The Battle at Mirror Earth took place on October 17, 2602, in the Star Trek: Mirror Wars fan-fiction series.



Starfleet learned that they could cross over to the mirror universe in unstable regions of space. They chose the Thorn, a very unstable region of space, to cross over. After a few days in which ships arrived, including the USS Majestic and the USS Unlimited, the fleet crossed over. The plan was to head towards the mirror Earth and take control of it.

When the ships arrived, surprisingly, the Second Terran Empire knew that they were coming. A huge battle ensued, in which most of Starfleet's ships were destroyed. During the battle, Sarah Perlark was almost fatally injured due to a torpedo exploding inside the Majestic. Because of her, the Majestic wasn't destroyed by the torpedo. Eventually, Starfleet retreated from the battle, and warped away towards the Thorn.

Afterwards, The Emperor talked to The Man (mirror) during which it was hinted that The Man warned the Second Terran Empire of the attack, and also of an upcoming plan to destroy Starfleet.


Sarah Perlark almost died due to the torpedo. She was rushed to Starfleet Medical on the Majestic, while James sat by her side the entire time.

Note: The author has let hint that this event will have great reprocussions for James, sending him into depression.

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