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The Battle Square is a location in the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII. In the Battle Square, the player selects a single character and fights in a gauntlet-style match, fighting eight enemies in a row for prizes.



The player pays 10 GP to participate. They must first select which party member to fight with, and is then sent into the arena. They fight a battle, after which they see how many Battle Points they have currently won, and are allowed to choose to continue: either "Off [sic] course!!" or "No, way!". If they continue on, a slot reel appears and spins, giving the player a certain handicap based on the result. The player continues fighting until they either quit, win all eight matches or are defeated.

If the player loses, they receive a worthless consolation prize. If they quit or win, they receive Battle Points, or BP. BPs can be exchanged for rare items (see below) at the Battle Square, including Cloud Strife's ultimate Limit Break, Omnislash.

Enemy Formations

The monsters which appear in the Battle Square are largely random and change depending on which point in the game the player is. Some of the enemies that appear are highly rare and dangerous, including Stilva, Malboro, Blue Dragons, Tonberries, Ghost Ships, Serpents, and Ho-chu. In particular, the Tonberry and Ho-chu are enemies exclusive to the Battle Square.


As mentioned, the player wins Battle Points every time they win all 8 matches. These Battle Points can be redeemed for items at the terminals at the front of the Battle Square. However, if at any time the player leaves the Battle Square, their Battle Points reset to zero. Also, even if they can afford it, the player can only buy 1 each of Omnislash and W-Summon.


Disc 1 Before Acquiring Tiny Bronco

Name Cost
Potion 80 BP
Phoenix Down 160 BP
Shrapnel 320 BP
Ether 640 BP
Mimett Greens 1280 BP
Fury Ring 2560 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 5120 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 10240 BP
Speed Plus Materia 20480 BP
Championship Belt 40960 BP

Disc 1 After Acquiring Tiny Bronco

Name Cost
Phoenix Down 100 BP
Remedy 200 BP
Mimmet Greens 400 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 800 BP
Bird Wing 1600 BP
S-Wing 3200 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 6400 BP
Speed Plus Materia 12800 BP
Championship Belt 25600 BP
Omnislash 51200 BP

Disc 2/3 After Acquiring Highwind

Name Cost
Remedy 100 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 250 BP
Right Arm 500 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 1000 BP
Reagan Greens 2000 BP
Speed Plus Materia 4000 BP
Stardust 8000 BP
Championship Belt 16000 BP
Omnislash 32000 BP
W-Summon 64000 BP


After each battle, the player will be forced to spin a slot reel. Depending on what they stop the reel on, they receive a certain handicap. However, some handicaps can be avoided or their effects otherwise minimized (see Strategy). It is important to note that the player receives more BP the worse handicaps they have - if they receive the "All Broken" handicap for example, they will surely win over 10000 BP. So while taking larger handicaps on purpose is risky, it can be highly rewarding. The player can also slow the reels slightly by tapping Image:Square-button.png.

Handicap Symbol Effect
Inflicts Poison on the player.
Inflicts Frog on the player.
Inflicts Size on the player.
Halves the player's speed.
Item Seal
The player can no longer use items.
Accessory Broken
The player's Accessory breaks, negating whatever effects it had on them.
Weapon Broken
The player's attack power sharply decreases. The player is still able to use any Materia that is equipped on their weapon.
Armor Broken
The player's defenses sharply decrease. The player is still able to use any Materia that is equipped on their armor.
Summon Broken
The player is no longer able to use Summon Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Summon Materia are negated.
Command Broken
The player is no longer able to use Command Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Command Materia are negated.
Magic Broken
The player is no longer able to use Magic Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Magic Materia are negated.
Independent Broken
The player's Independent Materia breaks. Any stat changes caused by equipped Independent Materia are negated.
Support Broken
The player's Support Materia breaks. Any stat changes caused by equipped Support Materia are negated.
All Broken
The worst handicap to receive, all of the player's Materia breaks and cannot be used. Any stat changes caused by equipped Materia are negated.
The player receives damage equivalent to how long they have been fighting - the longer they have been fighting, the more damage they take.
HP 1/2
The player's max HP is halved. This does not affect their current HP, unless their current HP is higher than half of their max HP, in which case it is lowered.
MP 1/2
The player's max MP is halved. This does not affect their current MP, unless their current MP is higher than half of their max MP, in which case it is lowered.
HP/MP 1/2
The player's max HP and max MP are both halved, as told above.
MP Zero
The player's MP is reduced to zero. They may still recover it with items, however.
Down 5 Levels
The player's level decreases by 5, reducing their stats slightly.
Down 10 Levels
The player's level decreases by 10, reducing their stats more.
The player's HP is restored, but not to full.
Lucky 7
The player receives no handicap.


It is highly recommended the player come equipped with their character's strongest weapon, a powerful armor piece, and a Ribbon. The Ribbon prevents status ailments, giving the player a handful of "safe" handicaps, as Mini, Frog, and Poison will not affect them if they come up on the reel. The player should also have an Enemy Skill Materia, as Big Guard and Magic Hammer help greatly. HP and MP Plus Materia are also useful, and the player should have several powerful Summons. A Mastered Restore Materia is practically required to win. If the player's Materia breaks, they should have several useful items to compensate.

It should be noted that however you enter the Battle Square, is how you leave the Battle Square. An example would be if you were to go in with a full Limit Break bar, you would leave the Battle Square with a Full Limit Break bar, regardless of whether you used a Limit in the battle. As well as all Status Effects that you went into the Battle Square with would still be intact such as Fury or Sadness.

Special Match

Once the player has bought Omnislash and W-Summon, they can enter a special match that only Cloud Strife can participate in. The special match is harder than the normal battles, and the prize is the Final Attack Materia. The enemy line-up is as follows.

Round Enemy
1 Sea Worm
2 Ho-chu
3 Unknown 3
4 Serpent
5 Wolfmeister
6 Behemoth
7 Maximum Kimaira
8 Proud Clod


  • In the arena of the Battle Square, a phrase is written on the circle surrounding the arena: "The brave do not fear the grave".
  • A very commonly referenced typo was used in the Battle Square. When the player is prompted whether or not they want to continue they are given the options "Off Course!" and "No Way". "Off Course" is a typographical error of "Of Course".
  • The consolation prize "Tissue" has no value in the game. The only conceivable reason the Tissue exists is to keep track of how many times you participated in the Battle Arena.

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