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"Manikins... Shadow entities employed by Chaos's forces as troops."
Warrior of Light
A normal Battle Piece being defeated

Battle Pieces, referred to as Manikins (イミテーション Imitations in the Japanese version) by the in-game characters, are the main enemy types in Dissidia Final Fantasy. They appear as crystalline palette-swaps of the twenty-two playable characters.



Manikins were created by Cid as attempts to draw warriors into his world. His failures became Manikins, which were sealed in the Rift until Exdeath released them as footsoldiers for Chaos.

Manikins are colored a single color reflective of their original counterpart - Terra's Manikin is red, Kuja's is purple, and so forth. Their voices are garbled, distorted versions of their counterparts, and their icon is that of the Battle Piece icon that represents them on the board.

In battle, the power of a Battle Piece changes according to its type. When fought, Battle Pieces are able to perform any attack that their original counterpart knows, but they can execute these attacks even if they are not a high-enough level to legally know them. For example, Cloud learns Blade Beam at Level 30, but Cloud's Manikin counterpart can potentially have the move equipped regardless of level. The same goes for equipment: Battle Pieces may potentially equip any equipment piece they like regardless of its level requirement.

Battle Pieces can also utilize EX Mode, and as such can pick up EX Cores and absorb EX Force. Their EX Mode is not the same as their counterpart, rather all Battle Pieces share a single EX Mode titled "Powered Up!", in which they gain the Regen effect and glow brightly. However, they do not gain any special abilities or attacks usable by their counterparts, including the ability to use EX Bursts, and keep the same appearance as their normal mode. The sole exception is Gabranth's Manikin, since his fighting style is centered on him being in EX Mode. Gabranth's Manikin changes its appearance while in EX Mode like Gabranth does, but its EX Mode is still called "Powered Up!" and it still cannot use Gabranth's EX Burst.

Types of Battle Piece

A Strange Battle Piece, represented with a gold icon.

There are various kinds of Battle Pieces that can be encountered during the different story modes:

  • Normal Battle Pieces are represented on the board by a single gray icon. These enemies are very low leveled with little if any equipment, and are easy to defeat.
  • Hard Battle Pieces are represented by a gray icon with a pair of swords crossed behind it. These pieces are higher-leveled and use stronger equipment, as well as Accessories.
  • Strange Battle Pieces are represented by a single gold distorted icon. They have low HP but enter battle either with a high amount of Bravery, or a Summonstone capable of lowering the player's Bravery.
  • Expert Battle Pieces are large brown icons with gold markings. They are at a much higher level than other Battle Pieces and could be considered minibosses.
  • Ultimate Battle Pieces are large gray icons with gold markings and spikes on their shoulders. They are the strongest type of Battle Piece, and are often at ahigher level than even the bosses encountered in the story mode. However, they may only be encountered if the player earns enough SP in the story mode, and thus these Battle Pieces only appear after the initial playthrough.
  • Berserk Battle Pieces are a sub-type of Battle Piece, and may be either Normal, Hard, Strange, or Expert. They have their normal icon tinted pink, and will instantly attack the player when their icon steps beside them if they do not use the Blink or Invisible skill beforehand. On the board, using an Item on the board or killing a Battle Piece will turn all Battle Pieces adjacent the player Berserk.
An Ultimate Battle Piece

Some Normal and Hard Battle Pieces give the player a chance to win a Destiny Point by fulfilling a requirement, such as scoring a critical hit within ten seconds or preventing the opponent from picking up an EX Core. Strange and Expert Battle Pieces always give the player a Destiny Point for winning in the Destiny Odyssey story modes, but in the other story modes they may not. In all story modes, defeating an Ultimate Battle Piece always awards two Destiny Points. Depending on the stage, defeating a Battle Piece may unlock certain restricted areas, or cause other items including Battle Pieces to appear on the stage.

Naming System

Manikins are not referred to by the name of the character they represent, but are instead given titles that loosely reference their appearance, origins, or are some how related to their role in their original game.

List of Battle Pieces:


Manikin, also known as mannequin, is an articulated doll or dummy used mainly by artists, tailors, and dressmakers. This name is befitting to the role of these characters as Crystal embodiments.


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