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Batman Confidential Vol 1: (2007)

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Batman Confidential (Volume 1)



Batman: Rules of Engagement
Batman: Lovers and Madmen
Wrath Child
The Cat and the Bat

Batman Confidential, like Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, features stories by rotating creative teams and will continue to be set in the early years of Batman’s career. The similarities, however, stop there. Rather than feature early crime-fighting Batman tales, Batman Confidential will feature stories that illustrate key moments in the character’s past such as first meetings, critical decisions, alliances, confrontations and events that would shape him as the character he is today. The stories told may or may not be actual canon, as aspects (such as The Joker's origin story) differ greatly from previous versions. All issues are self-contained story arcs, told by rotating creative teams; the idea being to give top creators the chance to tell complete stories without the hassles of mainstream continuity. The first issue launched on December 6, 2006.


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