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Bat-Mite was an imp similar to Mr. Mxyzptlk. He appeared as a small childlike man in an ill-fitting Batman costume, with a black lightning bolt instead of the Bat-insignia. Bat-Mite possessed near-infinite magical powers and came from another dimension, much like Mr. Mxyzptlk. In Bat-Mite's dimension, the resident imps idolize the heroes of the Batman's dimension and impersonated them, re-enacting their heroic feats and adventures. Bat-Mite's favorite hero was Batman, and thus the imp visited Batman on various occasions, often setting up strange events so that he could see his hero in action. Despite this, Bat-Mite was more of a nuisance than a supervillain, and often left his hero alone when he realized he had angered his idol again.

Some evidence indicated that he may have merely been the hallucination of a drug-addled criminal named Bob Overdog. [1]

Mr. Mxyzptlk encountered Bat-Mite, shortly after being mistaken for him by Overdog. Superman and Batman subsequently concluded that Mxyzptlk had created him, inspired by Overdog's ravings.

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Wide variety of magical powers, including the ability to turn invisible, levitate, animate inamite objects, and grant superpowers to others.Bat mite can shoot lightning from his hands.

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  1. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #38
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