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The Bastok-San d'Orian War is a conflict in Final Fantasy XI. It was comprised of a series of conflicts from 110 A.P.(Age of Power) to 132 A.P. between the Elvaan of the Kingdom of San d'Oria and the Humes and Galka of the Republic of Bastok, although the war didn't officially end until 137 A.P. or 1 A.T.(Age of Technology. Both 137 A.P and 1 A.T. are the same year). Although it was 27 years long, only a handful of major battles took place.

Major Battles

During the war, as was mentioned before, only a few major battles took place. The first two battles ended in overwhelming victory for the San d'Orian army, and massive tracts of land, including the entire Zulkheim Region, came under their power. However, the San d'Orian Army was bogged down in 112 A.P when it came under attack by the full might of the Quadav beastmen. During the Quadav Campaign, as it is referred to in the history books, the San d'Orian army lost 25% of its strength, although it eventually defeated the Quadav. The first battle after that, the Gustaburg Incursion, ended in a tie between the Bastokan and the San d'Orians, due largely to the fact that the Bastokans were armed with muskets. The remaining Battles were all won by Bastok.


After 27 years of war, both sides were exhausted. San d'Oria had lost 40% of its armed forces, its economy was in shambles, and the Orc beastmen were attacking San d'Orians cities and towns almost every week in larger numbers than ever before. The Bastokans had lost over 70% of their army and over 700,000 citizens had been brutally murdered. The Bastokan Stock Exchange was at its lowest point in history, and the Galka Minority was becoming ever more restless. In 137 A.P., the two countries sent delegates to the Neutral city of Selbina. They then spent 17 days working out an agreement. Eventually, the Treaty of Selbina was signed by both sides, and the war was over. On that day, it was proclaimed that the Age of Power had ended, and the Age of Technology had begun.


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