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This article is about the planet originally known as Sartinaynian. You may be looking for other uses of the word.
Bastion (Sartinaynian)

Outer Rim Territories[1]


Braxant sector


Sartinaynian system



Rotation period

24 standard hours[1]

Orbital period

363 local days[1]









Primary terrain


Points of interest
Native species


Immigrated species


Primary language(s)


  • 94% Humans[1]
  • 6% Other species[1]
Major cities
Major imports
  • Foodstuff[1]
  • High technology[1]
  • Luxury goods[1]
Major exports

Military supplies[1]


Bastion, originally Sartinaynian, was the capital world of the Imperial Remnant and the Braxant sector in the Outer Rim Territories. Bastion was located in the Sartinaynian system at the terminus of the trade route known as the Braxant Run.

Originally, "Bastion" was just a term for the worlds on which the Remnant's Moff Council and administrative headquarters were temporarily located. By the time of the Caamas Document crisis, the Imperial government was located on Sartinaynian; it was the last of these worlds, where the rulers of the Empire relocated shortly before peace with the New Republic in 19 ABY.

Bastion's location remained a closely guarded secret until the events surrounding the discovery of the Caamas Document in 19 ABY forced Han Solo and Lando Calrissian to locate the planet in an attempt to find a complete copy in the Imperial archives.



A military emplacement on Bastion.

During the Old Republic era, the planet had originally been settled by Humans who opposed alien membership in the Galactic Republic. However, political realities eventually forced the colonists to join the Republic, and ironically, the colony relied heavily on the alien Muuns of the InterGalactic Banking Clan for financial support, based on nearby Muunilinst. Both planets would remain loyal to the New Order, and the continuing leverage enjoyed by Muunilinst could be seen by that world's refusal to surrender one of its defensive Golan battlestations to guard Bastion. Instead, the capital was orbited merely by the Bastion customs station.

Like its predecessors, it served as the meeting place for the Moff Council and the site of the state archives, the civil administration, and Bastion Military Control; but the Imperial leadership strove to keep the precise location of this new Bastion as secret as possible to prevent the New Republic mounting a direct assault on their command facilities, so the fact that Sartinaynian was Bastion was not initially widely-known. Following the Bastion Accords that ended the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Remnant no longer required a mobile, secret capital; thus, Sartinaynian remained the Imperial capital and became increasingly well-known in this role, so that the name of Bastion became permanently associated with the planet, eclipsing its old name.

In addition to serving as capital of the Imperial Remnant as a whole, Bastion also served as throneworld for the Imperial Moff of the Braxant Sector, namely Moff Vilim Disra during the Galactic Civil War, and his successor, Ephin Saretti, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. While Disra had been appointed a Moff by Emperor Palpatine, Saretti was a young man whom had never even met Palpatine, and was not as enmeshed in Palpatine's prejudices, making him a more popular leader in the progressive, "reformed" Imperial Remnant.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Bastion was attacked by forces under the command of B'shith Vorrik. Vorrik destroyed the planetary defenses and the bulk of the Imperial fleet there, as well as much of the surface of the planet. Fortunately, the fleet was able to buy enough time for most of the planet's population to evacuate before it was defeated.

Roan Fel and his Imperial Knights reclaim Bastion.

Bastion was rebuilt, continuing to serve as the Imperial capital until their recapture of Coruscant. 2 years after the Second Galactic Civil War had ended, Bastion was the world that had represented the Imperial Remnant during the Unification Summit on Coruscant, along with the Confederation of Corellia and the Galactic Alliance of Coruscant itself. By 130 ABY, it was said to be the most fortified planet in the galaxy.

In 137 ABY, Emperor Roan Fel reclaimed the planet as a base of operations against the usurper to the Imperial throne, Darth Krayt. He drew loyalist forces to the planet, in order to further ensure its protection against Sith attack. The planet nigh inpenetrable defense systems made Bastion as well defended as Coruscant, which prevented any direct assault on the planet.[1]

Despite Bastion being a fortress world, Darth Kruhl was still able to get on-planet when Governor Vikar Dorn of Munto Codru pretended to defect to Fel's faction of the Empire. Kruhl made it all the way to the Pellaeon Gardens, where Fel had been meditating. It was there that Fel killed him. After the incident non-Imperials were no longer allowed to visit Bastion, as the threat to the Emperor was too great. The Sith, however, still tried to find a way to infiltrate Bastion and so they offered a million credits to anyone who could penetrate the planet's defenses.[1]


An AT-AHT patrols Bastion.
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Bastion was a planet in the Imperial Remnant and the Outer Rim.

Tyrani Pellaeon was from Bastion. Aurelius Tempest once helped fortify the planet during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Tempest would later attempt suicide there.

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Bastion Misawa

Bastion Misawa




Misawa Daichi


Bastion Misawa

Alternate names

Daichi Misawa (Japanese translated)

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Chapter 003

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 001

Appears in





  • Anime: six different decks
  • Manga: Yōkai
Seiyū (Japanese)
Voice actor(s) (English)

Bastion Misawa, known in Japan as Daichi Misawa, is a highly analytic duelist who resides in the Ra Yellow dorms at Duel Academy. Bastion is a mathematic genius who covers his cards and the walls of his room with endless numeric formulae, believing that everything in life can be calculated arithmetically. The neglect of his character is a running gag throughout the series in both incarnations.


Character design

Bastion' design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the duelist in full Ra Yellow regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

Bastion's usual outfit consists of the standard Ra Yellow. His black hair is neatly arranged, with a large portion flushed back and slightly to his left, featuring different layers where the sloping changes direction. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left hand.

Character biography

Bastion came as #1 in the entry examinations, and is generally regarded as the best newcomer student. He and Jaden first met during the examinations, Jaden referring to him as "#2," and himself as "#1." After seeing Jaden defeat Dr. Crowler, Bastion himself agrees with these titles.

After defeating Chazz in a public duel, Bastion is offered entrance into Obelisk Blue, but declines, saying he promised himself he would not advance to Obelisk Blue until he was the #1 duelist of the freshman class, and in order to do so, would have to defeat Jaden, who he viewed as #1. He builds a seventh deck, seemingly based off his Water deck, devoted to sealing certain cards so that an opponent will not be able to summon most of his or her monsters. Bastion uses the seventh deck against Jaden, preventing the use of Polymerization with Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell, therefore keeping Jaden from calling forth his stronger monsters, but is still defeated when Jaden uses a combination of Elemental Hero Wildheart and Cyclone Boomerang to destroy his Spell and Trap cards.

Due to his skill, Bastion is one of the seven duelists that receive a key to the Spirit Gate that can unleash the Sacred Beast Cards. Bastion only duels one of the Shadow Riders, Tania. Although Bastion uses his Magnet monsters, which use opposing plus and minus charges to stop his opponent's attacks and fuse to become stronger, he eventually loses. Afterwards, he is stripped of his free will to a degree and becomes infatuated with Tania. He returns to normal after Jaden defeats her and she runs off leaving her Shadow Charm behind. At one point during the second year, angered by the fact that he was not considered for entry into the Society of Light, Bastion challenges Sartorius to a duel in order prove his strength and disband the Society. Chazz, however, takes Sartorius' place, and although Bastion has the means of being victorious, Sartorius takes advantage of his self-doubt and desire to be accepted, convincing him to intentionally lose to Chazz and finally join the organization.

Bastion in the Society of Light.

Following his conversion, Bastion is regulated to the sidelines, watching helplessly as other Society members are given the opportunity to duel Jaden and convert other school members into their group, while he himself is assigned no such tasks. He tries to show loyalty to the society by bleaching his hair white, but nobody notices him. When the Genex Tournament started, he tried to challenge Prince Ojin to a battle, but Sartorius battles the latter instead. After weeks of such torture, as well as a conversation with Dr. Eisenstein, he grows "enlightened" about his worth as a duelist and as a person, and leaves the Society of his own accord to pursue his goals.

After leaving the Society of Light, Bastion follows Eisenstein back to his laboratory and becomes his impromptu apprentice, helping him with an experiment in quantum mechanics. However, the experiment goes wrong, and Bastion is flung into the same alternate world that Jaden and his friends, as well as the entire Duel Academy main building, is pulled into after Jaden's duel with Professor Viper (seen in episode 120). There, he wandered the world for an indeterminate amount of time, until he is finally reunited with his friends. When Blair is found injured, Bastion offers to help her get the medical attention she needs by locating a submarine he had spotted earlier in his travels, and attempting to use it to get her out of the campus building and to a hospital. After volunteering himself to Jaden and co.'s mission to rescue Jesse Anderson who was still trapped in an alternate dimension, Bastion quickly partners himself with Tania, wandering around to protect the dimension's inhabitants. He later comes to inform Jaden about Yubel's plan to unite all 12 dimensions together and then urges Jaden to accept The Supreme King because The Supreme King is a part of his soul, and without him, he won't have the power to stop Yubel.

Bastion decides to stay in the alternate dimension with Tania, which is where he is presumed to still be. However, among the silhouetted images of duelists that Nightshroud shows to Jaden is one that strongly resembles Bastion.


Bastion in the manga

In the manga, Bastion is attracted to Alexis Rhodes. Bastion is jealous of Jaden Yuki, when he finds out Jaden has Alexis' phone number. When he hears Alexis and Jaden talking about lending the other their Battle City DVD, he tells Jaden that he has the Battle City and Duelist Kingdom DVDs and decides to Duel him, if Bastion wins Jaden gives him Alexis phone number, if Jaden wins, Bastion will lend him the Duelist Kingdom DVD. Alexis shows up while their dueling, while looking to talk to Jaden about the DVD. Bastion loses the Duel, but Jaden tells Alexis she and Bastion should exchange numbers. After they do so, Bastion takes Alexis to watch the Duelist Kingdom DVD, leaving Jaden to whimper about how he was supposed to get to see it first since he won.

It is revealed that before attending the academy, Bastion had dueled against Chazz many times in tournaments and lost each time. As a result of his losses, Bastion respects Chazz's skill and believes that he deserves to be in Obelisk Blue. He joins the tournament in order to defeat Chazz and Jaden, losing to Chazz in the preliminaries, but winning enough duels to advance. He wins against Reggie MacKenzie in the first round of the finals, albeit because she held back in the last turn, and duels Jaden. Despite how much he prepared, Jaden manages to defeat him.


Despite his protests that such feelings are illogical and irrational, it is implied that Bastion has feelings for several female monster cards seen throughout the series, his primary crush being White Magician Pikeru, but it is to believe that he is crushing on other cards and other girls, like during the beginning of the GX Tournament he couldn't attack Familiar-Possessed - Hiita, because he liked her and when a doll named Alice showed up, he wished to be with her instead of Hassleberry. In the English dubs, Bastion speaks with a British accent. In the Japanese version, Bastion occasionally addresses Jaden as "‘‘Ichiban-kun’’".


Main Article: Bastion Misawa's Decks


  • In the 1st anime intro, Bastion is shown with his "Water Dragon" and a Fire-Attribute equivalent; however, this Fire Dragon has not yet been shown in the anime or the GX manga, where Bastion's Fire deck (where the dragon would logically be played in) was featured.
Bastion (Tiger) and Jaden (Chinese Dragon)
  • Occasionally during episodes that specifically pit Bastion against Jaden, a picture of a tiger and Chinese dragon, respectively, would appear. These two creatures are represented of the Tao philosophy of Yin and Yang, with the Tiger being Yin, and the Dragon being Yang; similarly, they represent the dichotomy between Bastion's calm, calculated, and orderly way of dueling, and Jaden's more hectic, impulsive, and erratic dueling style. Coincidentally, the Shadow Rider Tania, who Bastion falls in love with, has a tiger pet, and is revealed to be a tiger herself; indeed, during Duel Monsters Spirit Day, Bastion dresses up as "Amazoness Tiger" as a tribute to Tania. This further ties Bastion in with the Tiger of Yin symbolism.
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Gender Male  +

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City of Heroes

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Real Name None/Unknown
Gender Male
Archetype Tanker
Affiliation Freedom Phalanx
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Invulnerability
Secondary Powers Energy Melee
Zone Locations Talos Island



Citadel is an arch-hero, a Task Force organizer in Talos Island, one of the Surviving Eight and a member of the Freedom Phalanx.

Heroes find him as an ally at the end of the Mender Silos Task Force.

Villains face him in the following missions:



Originally named Bastion, Citadel was the very first android hero. In the initial Rikti onslaught, he took heavy damage, and was almost completely destroyed. With Positron's help, scientists at DATA created a second version of Citadel using the old model's original memory core and the remnants of a power suit, once worn by the hero Horatio. He now works on Talos Island issuing Task Force missions and consulting DATA on development of all AI-based robots. Citadel does not fully understand human ways, but he is a valiant defender of Paragon City.

Citadel was named Bastion before DATA gave him a substantial upgrade to his systems enhancing his capabilities. In honor of his new abilities, he renamed himself "Citadel".

Citadel's sidekick is Luminary although she has become a full-fledged hero in her own right as a member of the Vindicators. Luminary has more advanced systems but doesn't have the experience of Citadel so he keeps a watchful eye over her.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: None
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Primary Powers: Invulnerability
Secondary Powers: Energy Melee
Other Powers: Flight, Overload, Entropy Shield

Task Force

See Citadel Task Force


  • Previously, Citadel was named Bastion. The name was changed because of Marvel's complaint that the devs had gotten the name from their Bastion, who was introduced in 1996.
  • Citadel's Praetorian Earth counterpart is Siege.
  • Citadel first appeared in Top Cow's City of Heroes #4.

External Links

  • Citadel at Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes

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