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Bastard Sword in Final Fantasy XII.

Bastard Sword (バスタード ソード Busutādo Sōdo) is a recurring weapon in the series. It is often a Greatsword with no special abilities, but is often a mid-ranked weapon with considerable power.



Final Fantasy VI

Bastard Sword, originally translated as Epee, is a low-ranked sword that can be bought only in the World of Balance. It provides 98 Attack, and can only be used by Edgar, Celes, and Terra.

Final Fantasy XI

Bastard Sword is a high-level knight's sword that can be crafted by smiths.

Final Fantasy XII

Bastard Sword is a high-ranked sword that requires 50 LP to use, costs 11,000 gil to buy, and has an Attack of 75.

Vagrant Story

Bastard Sword is a powerful edged Great Sword that can be found in Iron Maiden. It has 1 Risk, 27 Strength, 0 Intelligence, -4 Agility, and 4 Range.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Bastard Sword is a high-ranked sword for Clavat, with an Attack of 32 and "Piercing Sweeps" as its Focus Attack. It can be forged with a Mighty Weapon Scroll, 2 chunks of iron, a jagged scythe, and 500 gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Bastard Sword is a low-ranked weapon for Clavat. It provides 40 Attack and costs 350 gil to buy.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Bastard Sword is a low-ranked sword that provides 23 Attack, 1 slot, and costs 450 gil. It can be used by any race.

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