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Basis is the largest moon orbiting the planet Threshold in the Soell system.[1] The diameter of this moon is 23,848km (14,818 miles)[2], double that of Earth. The gravity meter is the same though. Installation 04 was positioned between Basis and Threshold.[1] After Installation 04's destruction, the Covenant Heretics built a makeshift camp on Basis, amid the wreckage from the Alpha Halo.[3]

The atmosphere of the moon beholds a sundown-modeled appearance, with hazy clouds and an orange skyline.


  • On Burial Mounds, you can see wreckage from Installation 04 falling into the atmosphere and burning up.
  • Originally, the level The Arbiter was supposed to take place on the moon Basis, instead of Threshold.
  • In the first cinematic of Halo: CE, as the Pillar of Autumn was hit by several Plasma Torpedoes and the camera pivots around the Pillar, you can catch a glimpse of the blue moon Basis.
  • When Basis is seen in Halo: Combat Evolved, it is just a picture of Mars, tinted blue.
  • Despite having a much larger mass the gravity on Basis is about the same as Earth's.
The surface of Basis.


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