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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese バジリスク
Romaji Bajirisuku
Location Burmecia
Class Beast
Steal Soft, Hi-Potion
Item Dropped Potion, Soft, Hi-Potion
Card Dropped Lizard Man
Abilities Tongue, Slow, Gradual Petrify
Eat Pumpkin Head
Status Immunity Vanish

The Basilisk is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can be found in Burmecia. Its attacks can induce the Petrify status. Despite this, its own strength is its own biggest weakness, and Quina has a weapon that can inflict Petrification on the Basilisk, the Needle Fork. Like most lizard enemies, it is also weak to Ice, so Vivi should cast Blizzara if Zidane managed to Steal an Ice Staff from Gizamaluke.

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