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Basic Training is a Matchmaking Playlist that is only available to new players with the rank of Recruit on Xbox Live in Halo 3. The gametype is similar to that of Lone Wolves or Rumble Pit and is not team based. Its possible to have guests on this playlist, but there are still no teams. This gametype serves as an introduction to Xbox Live play and the basics of multiplayer. The Basic Training playlist is inaccessible once the player has reached 5 experience points or has completed ten games.

The playlist is all Slayer gametypes and is not ranked (you do not need skill points to rank up, experience points will do).

Upon completion of Basic Training, the Spartan Graduate achievement will unlock and you will no longer be able to play Basic Training.

Maps Played in Basic Training

To balance the maps out, powerful weapons originally on the maps, like the Shotgun, are replaced by Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles so as to prevent new players from getting killed off so easily.

Gametypes Played in Basic Training

  • Slayer (100%) - 25 Kills to win. Assault Rifle starts, no secondary weapon. Map traits: No power weapons, no vehicles. 15 minute match time limit.


  • Since most players in this playlist are newbies, Battle Rifles, Maulers and Carbines are the most useful weapons against them if you're an expert or just skilled with these weapons.
  • On Snowbound, where the Maulers spawn, a cruel, but effective thing to do to win the match is get a Mauler and hide in one of the bases, near the shield doors, move about a little, and once you see an enemy on your motion sensor approaching you, and once they pass through the shield doors, finish them off with the instant Mauler-Melee Combo.
  • On Guardian, if you can get a Plasma rifle and a SMG, you can easily take down their shields for an easy kill.
  • On Snowbound, the brute shot is a useful weapon as it is the strongest weapon on the map. The brute shot seems to be down-graded and made so that it takes almost all shots head-on to kill a person.[verification needed]


  • Some players create new accounts, allowing access to this playlist. This allows an easy way to get difficult medals like Perfections and Untouchables.
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