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Basch fon Ronsenburg
Japanese Name Basch Fon Ronsenburg
Kana バッシュ・フォン・ローゼンバーグ
Romaji Basshu fon Rōzenbāgu
Voice actor(s)
Rikiya Koyama
Voice actor(s)
Keith Ferguson
Age 36 (Final Fantasy XII)
37 (Revenant Wings)
Height 180 cm (5' 11")
Race Hume
Home Landis
Quickenings Fulminating Darkness
Ruin Impendent
Flame Purge
Revenant Wings Job class Paladin
Revenant Wings
Apocalypse Shield
Final Fantasy XII Character
"If I could protect but one person from war's horror... then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."
—Basch fon Ronsenburg

Basch fon Ronsenburg is a playable character in Final Fantasy XII. A disgraced knight, Basch had his name ruined throughout Ivalice by his twin brother Gabranth, a Judge in service to Archadia. Initially, Basch was intended by the developers to be the main character of the game; however, they shifted the focus to Vaan and Penelo late in development after reconsidering the players' demographics.


Character and Appearance

Basch is a mature man of 36, with a strong, muscular build and a tall frame. He has long, golden blond hair that is slicked back off his face. Though his current facial hair style differs from his initial concept, he still possesses a light colored beard and goatee. Whilst imprisoned, his facial hair is wildly overgrown, but after joining the party, it is trimmed down to a reasonably short length. Facially, Basch has a long, prominent scar across his left brow. As he does not appear to have this scar in the game's opening FMV and prologue, it can be presumed he acquired these whilst imprisoned. Basch is seen in a variety of different outfits during the game, the first being his Dalmascan Knight armor. When he escapes from prison, he initially wears a pair of teal trousers with no shirt, revealing large, prominent scars on his shoulders and upper back. The clothing Basch wears throughout most of the game is similar to a Bhujerban Sainikah. At the end of Final Fantasy XII and throughout Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, he appears in an Archadian Judge Magister suit of armor.

Basch has a fierce sense of loyalty and a very professional manner. He abides strictly a knight's code of sorts, dedicating himself entirely to restoring the country he serves. He is a selfless man, constantly putting others before the needs of himself, at the cost of his own reputation. Basch is also a very reliable, as he is seen constantly striving to fulfill promises and commands from his superiors, his friends and his family, regardless of the request or the circumstances. In that aspect, Basch has a strong similarity with Ramza Beoulve, the main character from Final Fantasy Tactics.


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Early Life

Born in 670 OId Valendia in the Republic of Landis, Basch grew up with his twin, Noah fon Ronsenburg. Together, they lived peacefully in their homeland. However, in 678, the Archadian Empire soon moved in and invaded Landis. Whilst Noah joined Archadia and moved there with their sickly mother, Basch fled to Dalmasca, in hopes of restoring his old homeland as a Dalmascan soldier. He joined the Order of Knights of Dalmasca and, over time, rose in its ranks to become Captain.

Protecting Dalmasca

Basch reveals himself from beneath Raminas' bed sheets.

Basch dedicated his life to protecting his adopted country and its royalty, King Raminas and his daughter, Princess Ashe. Before the royal engagement between Ashe and Lord Rasler of Nabradia, a Neo-Rozarria faction arose in Nabradia, believing the proposed political allegiance to Dalmasca to be better placed with Rozarria in order to avert war with the Archadian Empire. The faction's plan was to assassinate King Raminas to prevent the royal engagement from going ahead, and pinning the murder on Archadia to send both Dalmasca and Nabradia into the hands of Rozarria. However, the Order of Knights intercepted their plan - despite unexpected interference from Lord Rasler and Lady Ashe - by having Basch lie under Raminas' bed sheets to lure his assassin. When Marchioness Argas revealed herself to be a traitor to Dalmasca and the Neo-Rozarrian's elected assassin, Basch leapt out from under the bed sheets and cut off Argas' arm. The Order of Knights, with Vossler Azelas at their head, soon arrived on the scene and accosted the remaining rebels. The Neo-Rozarrian movement was defeated, but the Archadian threat was still growing on the horizon.

Final Fantasy XII

With the assassination attempt foiled, the pro-Rozarrian faction in Nabradia abandoned subtlety and instead rose up in open rebellion in the year 704. Archadia, under the pretense of restoring order in the country, responded by invading Nabradia, and after dispatching Rozarrian troops headed for the capital, Nabudis, where, after a great battle, the city and the surrounding area were destroyed in a massive explosion of Mist. Knowing that Dalmasca would be next, Basch led the Dalmascan army to fight the Empire at the siege of Nalbina Fortress, joined by his new Prince, Lord Rasler. The battle began well, with the defenders using a combination of unmanned kamikaze airships filled with oil, the use of flaming arrows, and a chocobo cavalry charge to wipe out the Archadian vanguard. However, the main body of the Archadian army soon arrived, bolstered by the presence of two Judge Magisters. While the Dalmascans fought the army, a small task force under Judge Zargabaath teleported into Nalbina Fortress intent on disabling the paling. Although Rasler was reluctant to disengage, he eventually listened to Basch's counsel and hurried back to Nalbina, but the damage had been done. The Archadian army, hot on their heels, were able to attack and enter the fortress before the defences were fully prepared, and, with their attention divided, the Dalmascans were unable to prevent the task force from disabling the paling. With the odds stacked against them, Basch again suggested a retreat, but Rasler believed they could hold out longer. However, this proved to be a fatal mistake; an arrow went straight through Rasler's chest, killing him, and severing the Royal House of Nabradia. Basch took his fallen lord and retreated to Rabanastre.

Basch's original concept art

Basch led the main forces at the counter-attack of Nalbina Fortress, along with long-time friend Vossler Azelas. Knowing that the peace treaty was a trap, he tried his best to reach the throne room, leaving some soldiers behind to keep guards off their tail. One of these soldiers was Vaan's older brother, Reks. However, once he reached the room, he realized he was too late, and even worse, there was a trap waiting for him. Knocked out by Archadian soldiers, the Empire had his brother Noah - now under the alias Gabranth, their mother's maiden name - impersonate him, thus tricking any survivors into thinking that Basch had killed King Raminas. The plan was successful, as Basch was blamed for Raminas' death and known as the "King Slayer". Using this as a pretext, Archadia took control of Dalmasca. Basch was found guilty of incitement of sedition, the assassination of King Raminas, and high treason. Archadia then publicly announced that they had executed him. In reality, he was being held prisoner in the Nalbina Dungeon to ensure Bhujerba's loyalty to the Empire.

Two years later, Vaan, Balthier and Fran discover the Oubliette in which Basch is being held prisoner, whilst attempting to escape from the dungeons. Though they catch Gabranth talking to an imprisoned Basch, they do not see the Judge Magister's face, and thus do not realize Basch's innoncence. Following Gabranth's leave, Basch pleads the party to set him free. While Balthier couldn't care less that he has just met the King-Slayer, Vaan can't help but start yelling at the disgraced Knight, blaming him for the death of Reks. Fran, realizing Vaan's yelling has attracted the guards, drops his cage as a means of escape, freeing him in the process. Basch then joins the team as a Guest while they escape through the Barheim Passage. In their passage, Basch explains how the Empire framed him two years prior. Though Balthier believes the Knight, Vaan remains unconvinced.

Basch imprisoned in Nalbina Dungeons.

After returning to Rabanastre, Basch leaves the party to speak to the Resistance. When Vaan delivers the Sword of the Old Order to Vossler, he finds Basch there, trying to convince his old friend he wasn't responsible for killing King Raminas. Reluctant to believe him, Vossler gives Basch the Sword of Order, implying he wishes him to deliver it to the Marquis, as a test of trust. Basch leaves with Vaan, and asks if he could join him, since they both have errands in Bhujerba. He apologizes to Vaan for all the problems he has had to go through, but Vaan tells Basch that he believes the story. He accompanies Vaan, Balthier and Fran to Bhujerba to rescue Penelo from Ba'Gamnan, a ruthless bounty hunter.

On their journey to the Lhusu Mines the party are joined by Lamont, a young boy whose intentions remain mysterious. Within the Mines the party learn Penelo is no longer under Ba'Gamnan's capture, and they were lured there in order for the bounty hunter to defeat Balthier. After escaping Ba'Gamnan and learning Lamont's true identity to be Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, the party focus on Basch's errand to deliver the Sword of the Old Order to Ondore. With Vaan's aid, they manage to secure an audience with the Marquis after gaining the Resistance's attention. In a move to reunite Basch with "Amalia", Ondore informs Ghis of the party's whereabouts and has them imprisoned aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan.

Upon the airship, Basch is reunited with Princess Ashe, who still believes him to be her father's killer. As they are taken away, Vossler appears and springs the party free. Working together, they rescue Ashe, whom Vossler has sworn to protect. They manage to escape the Leviathan and return to Bhujerba, where Ashe is returned to the Marquis. However, Ashe's wishes to locate the Dawn Shard force Basch to accompany her to the Tomb of Raithwall in order to protect her. Within the Tomb, Ashe acquires the Shard required to prove her lineage, but upon exit the party are quickly ambushed and imprisoned again by the Empire.

Basch's appearance in Barheim Passage

Aboard the Leviathan, Vossler reveals he is working with the Empire to restore peace and order to Dalmasca. Basch is furious that Vossler would betray their homeland, as well as his trust. The party are transferred to the Shiva where Ghis attempts to test the Nethicite. Fran's mist-induced frenzy enables the team's escape, but Vossler refuses to let them leave, forcing Basch to fight his old ally. Vossler is fatally wounded in the melee and asks Basch one last request. He asks him to protect the Princess in his stead, and explains to him that everything he did, he did for Dalmasca. Basch says he never questioned Vossler's loyalty, and that he will protect the Princess. Basch then flees the Shiva before it explodes. It is assumed that Vossler died in the explosion.

Basch's improved appearance after his prison escape.

After escaping the explosion, the party return to Dalmasca. Basch is forced to keep a low profile, but stays true to his promise to Vossler to protect Ashe. He accompanies her learn of the Nethicite from the Garif, which crosses their path again with Lord Larsa's. They then head towards Mt. Bur-Omisace, with Larsa's company, in order to meet another political ally, Al-Cid Margrace of Rozarria. Before leaving, Basch questions the intentions of Balthier, fearing for Ashe's safety. On their journey, Basch and Ashe discuss the possibility of a truce between the Empire and Dalmasca. While Basch is supportive of the idea of peace, Ashe remains uncertain as to what path she should take. Upon arrival at Bur-Omisace they learn of Vayne Solidor's murderous actions and bloodthirsty intent. Armed with the Sword of Kings, the party decide to cut off the Empire's power by destroying all Nethicite in Ivalice.

Their new objective leads them to the Draklor Laboratories, where they fail in destroying the final shard in possession of Doctor Cid. They follow him to Giruvegan to learn of the Occuria's wishes for Ashe to use Nethicite to destroy the Empire. Basch accompanies his conflicted Princess to the Ridorana Cataract alongside wise sky pirate, Reddas, in search of the Sun-Cryst. Atop the Pharos, Gabranth ambushes the party. After lecturing Ashe about how she can do nothing considering she couldn't even defend her kingdom, Basch steps in, saying he will protect both Ashe and Dalmasca. This confounds Gabranth, saying that Basch is powerless, since he failed both Landis and Dalmasca, that everything he says is tainted and killing the King's Slayer will not bring him honor. Basch acknowledges this, saying he will bear this taint willingly as long as he does everything for hope. Gabranth is defeated, and is forced to leave by Doctor Cid, who confronts the party after Gabranth's defeat. Though they defeat Cid, his plan is realized: the power of the Sun-Cryst has awakened the Sky Fortress Bahamut, and is far too powerful to stop. As the party have no chance of escape, Reddas sacrifices his life to allow them to leave safely and bring down the Empire.

Basch in the ending

Basch and the party board the Bahamut to confront Vayne. On their way up, they are accosted by Gabranth yet again, who questions Basch about his ability to keep his honor. Basch says that all he has done is protect those he has sworn to protect. He then asks Gabranth what he has protected, suggesting he protects Lord Larsa. This suggestion enrages Gabranth, who then attacks the party. However, he is easily defeated, and in his defeat, asks if Basch is done. Basch responds by asking the same question, and calling Gabranth by his real name, Noah. It is these suggestions and conversations that cause Gabranth to turn on Vayne and support Basch and the others in their final fight to defeat Vayne Solidor and free Dalmasca.

In the final ending sequence, on his death bed, Gabranth asks his brother to protect Larsa and Archadia. Believing Ashe - who has proven her lineage and can now take her throne - to no longer require his protection, Basch fulfils his brother's last wish and takes up Gabranth's old position of Judge Magister. A year later, it is shown that Basch is Larsa's personal guard, wearing Gabranth's suit of armor.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Basch as he appears in Revenant Wings.
"No! The dead will find no release in blood. Perhaps I am no true judge, but the future is built on more than what is passed. A man whose gaze bends ever back cannot hope to find his way forward. You would bind yourself to illusions, to the fallen. I will cut you free of those bonds!"

Basch appears in Revenant Wings with Ashe and Larsa on the Dalmasca flagship, the Dreadnought Leviathan. He is still within the Empire under his late brother's identity. Serving as Lord Larsa's bodyguard, Basch guides his Emperor across Ivalice to deal with the new threat to Ivalice, the Judge of Wings.

Basch and Ashe in a FMV

Soon after Basch and Ashe join up with the player party, they venture to the Paramina Rift in hopes of unearthing some clues about Mydia's past. After discovering the war memorial to the slain at Nalbina Fortress, Basch and Ashe conclude that Mydia had visited the Rift in order to pay homage to her fallen love, Velis. At this point, Mydia herself arrives, dressed in the armor of the Judge of Wings. She says that she left her anima in Lemurés, and summons several Zombies in the hope of tormenting Basch mentally with guilt over his dead comrades. Basch sees through the ploy, and throws off Mydia's spell with several sword slashes, determined to look to the the future, and not the past. Though Mydia escapes his attacks, her legion of undead warriors do not.

After the battle, Basch returns to the war memorial. Fran comforts him by saying that the zombies Mydia summoned to her side were not those of the soldiers at Nalbina, but figments of Yarhi illusion. Comforted, Basch departs the snowy mountain.


Final Fantasy XII

Basch has the highest HP growth of all playable characters, and he is tied with Vaan for having the highest Strength. However, his MP growth is the lowest of the party, and his Magic and Vitality are low as well. Like Fran, Basch's initial Licenses are also in close proximity to Quickening Licenses. Basch begins with the Licenses "Smallswords", "Swords 1", "Axes and Hammers 1", "Shields 1", "Shields 2", "Light Armor 1", "Heavy Armor 1", "Heavy Armor 2", "Accessories 3" and "Libra". He is initially equipped with a Mythril Blade, Bronze Helm, Bronze Armor, and Tourmaline Ring.

Level HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
3 138-145 19-22 26 21 20 23
10 306-340 28-37 30 23 22 24
20 673-772 46-68 35 27 25 25
30 1146-1330 64-99 40 31 28 26
40 1593-1858 86-139 46 35 31 28
50 2307-2706 105-172 51 39 34 29
60 2937-3453 122-203 56 43 36 30
70 3294-3873 132-225 62 47 39 31
80 3706-4359 149-247 67 51 42 33
90 4269-5025 157-260 72 55 45 34
99 4903-5778 161-264 77 58 47 35

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Basch's high physical stats give him a similar role in Revenant Wings as he had in Final Fantasy XII. His ability to equip Heavy Armor and wield blades and knight swords cast him again as the heavy hitter of the party. He has several defensive abilities such as Protectga and Shellga as well as powerful attacks, making him similar to a Paladin. His Quickening, Apocalypse Shield, makes his group temporarily invincible. It can be obtained by defeating the Esper, Zalera.

Basch's Weapons

See Basch's Weapons

Basch's Armor

See Basch's Armor


Level Ability Description
- Protectga Increase Stamina of all allies in range.
- Shellga Increase Magick Defense of all allies in range.
36 Flash of Steel Deal damage to foes in a line extening from the user.
38 Inner Peace Give user Regen and remove debuffs.
41 Iron Will Lower user's Strength to increase Stamina.
45 Cover Protect other group members, taking damage in their stead.
51 Shining Ray Deal ranged damage to multiple foes.


Keith Ferguson as Basch
"Let them watch. I know something of cages."
Trouble with the audio sample?

In the English release of Final Fantasy XII, Basch is voiced by Keith Ferguson. He is voiced by Rikiya Koyama in the Japanese release.

Musical Themes

In the Final Fantasy XII, Basch's theme is titled Basch's Reminiscence, a slow, melancholy piece reflecting the character's sorrow and past. It is most notably played during the party's escape through the Barheim Passage, when Basch tells the party of what really happened to King Raminas two years ago on the night Basch was charged for his murder.

Other Appearances

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable

Basch appears along with the other five main characters of Final Fantasy XII in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable. The game was released prior to Final Fantasy XII.



A Judge in Fortress
  • A Judge who seems to be wearing Gabranth's suit of armor appears in concept art for the Final Fantasy XII spinoff game Fortress, although he wields a lance rather than a sword. It is unknown whether this character is the real Gabranth, Basch posing as him, or an unidentified character altogether.
Gabranth using Ruin Unflinching in Dissidia
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Gabranth uses variations of Basch's Quickenings as his EX Burst attacks.
  • Also in Dissidia, Gabranth's alternate costume also features him in black armor, to match the color of Basch's armor in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.
  • Though Basch did not appear in Dissidia, his English voice actor, Keith Ferguson, took on the role of Basch's twin, Gabranth.

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