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Bartholomew Kerr
race: Human
affiliation: himself / Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel
role: merchant
location: Bunker Beta
Bunker Gamma
Bunker Delta
Scott City
appearances: Fallout Tactics
missions: Scott City
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Bartholomew Kerr is a merchant from the Illinois region. He is a thin, rugged, man in his thirties. Time spent in the wastelands has aged him to look ten years older. He wears loose fitting bandages as part of his attire, giving him the appearance of a leper. Kerr often travels between the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel bunkers in various regions of the wasteland. He is trusted by the Brotherhood and he hold some allegiance to them. He has a knack for acquiring difficult to obtain items.

Around 2198, the Calculator's robots captured Kerr. His trading with the Brotherhood gave him an extensive knowledge of the locations and populations of several Brotherhood bunkers. This knowledge made Kerr a threat that cannot be ignored. Because of that, a Brotherhood squad led by the warrior was sent to Scott City, where he was kept. Here it was revealed that Kerr was brutally tortured by the robots and even undergo some sort of operation, being implanted with a special machinery into his stomach, which should keep him alive long enough and prepare his brain to be extracted. However, a feeding tube that was applied to his anus instead of his mouth made him dying a horrible death of internal hemorrhaging.

The trader asked the warrior to kill him, and so his misery finally comes to an end. His last words were that he didn't reveal anything to the robots.

Appearances in games

Bartholomew Kerr appears only in Fallout Tactics.


  • Kerr's first name is Nicholas in some of the game's files.
  • Kerr's ultimate fate is similar to a character Milton Bishop from Bethesda's game The Terminator: Future Shock. However, Bishop intentionally betrayed humans and ended up on an operating table with Skynet looking for information inside his head. Just like in Tactics, the player's mission is to kill him, and just like Kerr, Bishop pleads to end his life.

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