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Barthello, Dona's loyal guardian.
"Even if we believe different things, I’ll always feel the same about her. The time of the summoners may have passed, but I will always be Dona’s guardian. I live only to protect her!"

Barthello is a character from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He may be big and dumb, but Barthello is very serious about his Guardian duties, protecting Dona all the time, even when Sin is gone.


Final Fantasy X

Barthello, strong-armed but weak-hearted

Barthello is the only Guardian to Summoner Dona. At first silent, he suddenly starts talking when he meets Auron, claiming the legendary guardian was the reason he decided to be one. Whenever he is around Auron, he becomes rather giddy, unable to contain his excitement.

When Dona is kidnapped by the Al Bhed, he starts doubting his abilities as a Guardian. Auron gives him some advice though, and he is able to continue his duties. He eventually finds Dona again, and the two continue their pilgrimage.


Final Fantasy X-2

Two years after the beginning of the Eternal Calm, Barthello is living with Dona in Kilika and is a member of New Yevon. Due to Dona's allegiance to the Youth League and the growing unrest between the two factions, they have split by the time Yuna encounters them.

Barthello is living at Kilika Temple, with the other believers. When Fiends start coming out of the temple, Barthello is one of the people responsible with keeping the Fiends inside.

By completing several optional missions in Kilika, the couple will be reunited in a scene at the steps of Kilika Temple.

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