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Barrelchest is a giant robot created by evil surgeon Mi-Gor made from barrels, other nautical objects, and at least one brain. It is the final opponent in the The Great Brain Robbery quest. It is controlled by a brain with eyes floating in an unknown liquid in a glass dome. Attached to it are various nautical objects like a ship's wheel and a life-ring, and it uses an anchor as a weapon. Barrelchest will attempt to hit players directly with its anchor, but if it can't reach the player, it will slam its anchor into the ground, causing an earthquake (long range attack) which may deal up to 25 damage. It drains some of your prayer with every hit, and can also disrupt prayer entirely. Barrelchest will also drain your defence so defence potions or restore potions are strongly recommended. When the player defeats Barrelchest, it will drop its weapon, the Barrelchest anchor, which will be broken and can be repaired for 230,000gp by talking to the pirate Smith on the south docks of Mos Le'Harmless. Once repaired it can be used as a slow but powerful melee weapon. It is believed that either it uses crush attacks-or is weak against them. To counteract the former, wear armour with good crush defence. As for the latter, it is suggested to use crushing weapons.

Warning: This monster appears to have high defence against slash attacks. Using an abyssal whip or other attack-centered weapons is not recommended.


  • Although this monster drops bones, it is unlikely that a robot has bones, and a brain neither has bones. Thus, it is possible that a human body powers it.

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