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Barons Hed
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around the hill of Barons Knoll

"The Empire sure knows how to ruin a perfectly good city."
Kyle Katarn

Barons Hed, also spelled Baron's Hed and sometimes called the "Fallen City", was once a great spaceport full of life, with busy market streets, entertainment and cantinas that was located on Sulon.

The city was built around the hill of Barons Knoll, which gave the city its name. The city was layered like a cake, roughly divided into High Town and Low Town. Rimmer's Alley was a street of the city, and prior to the Imperial occupation, Barons Hed was filled with pyro flower gardens.

When the Galactic Empire took control of the city, many businesses quickly went under. Locals remarked that "everything but the river dried up." Only a handful of die-hard businesses remained open, for the sole purpose of catering to the Imperial officers and mercenaries that hung around. Outside the city limits, was a once bustling space refueling port, which saw very little business since the Imperials took over, depending on the ships of the Empire as customers, whenever one was close by.

Having captured and killed Rebel leader Morgan Katarn on Sulon, the Imperials, who were under the command of the mysterious Jerec and a certain captain Thrawn, placed Morgan's head on a stake outside the city walls, which were also "decorated" with the heads of other "traitors" to the Empire.

A huge administration tower, Government House, was located in the center of the city where the governors and law enforcers once resided. For a time it was home to the Emperor's Hand and Dark Jedi Jerec, who had built it during his governorship.

One year after the Battle of Endor, Rebel agent and Jedi novice Kyle Katarn - Morgan Katarn's son - managed to fight his way through Barons Hed, which was garrisoned with bounty hunters, mercenaries and other thugs hired by the splinter of the Imperial Remnant that was under Jerec's control, and infiltrate the Imperial administration tower.

Behind the scenes

In Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, level 5 is played in the town and levels 6 through 8 are played inside the administration tower.


  • Dark Forces: Rebel Agent / audio drama
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (First appearance)



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