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Barney, Big Bird, and Gordon at the PBS Kids Sprout launch party

Barney & Friends is a children's television program about a large, purple dinosaur named Barney that was developed in 1987 and first aired in 1992.


Barney appeared in the "We Are Family" music video, alongside Big Bird and Bear, asserting their kinship as large puppets whose names begin with B.


  • Sesame Street Episode 3856 celebrates Wormy Gras, a holiday for worms to celebrate all things wormy. Slimey has trouble deciding on what costume to wear, so Gabi helps him try on a Tyrannosaurus Rex finger puppet. When another worm passes by wearing a Barney costume, it's frightened away by the more ferocious-looking dinosaur. The worm appears later in the episode as part of the Wormy Gras parade; Baby Bear asks who that is supposed to be while Oscar scratches his head and replies, "I have no idea."
  • Barney is parodied in the Dog City episode "Doggy See, Doggy Do," as "Bernie, the big pink Saint Bernard."


  • Sandy Duncan played Michael and Amy's mom in the Barney and the Backyard Gang episodes.
  • Selena Gomez appeared as cast member, Gianna, on the show.
  • Demi Lovato appeared as cast member, Angela, on the show.
  • Madison Pettis appeared as cast member, Bridget, on the show.
  • Kyla Pratt appeared as cast member, Mindy, on the show and played Marcella in Barney's Great Adventure.
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Biographical information


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Chronological and political information

Rebellion era, New Republic era


Alliance to Restore the Republic, Alliance of Free Planets

Barney was a native of Belderone.


Belderone was home to an AT-AT factory which drew the attention of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Barney and his best friend, Flint, decided to help fight the Imperial presence. Unfortunately, the Empire did not attack the Rebel base on the neighboring world of Kulthis, as the Rebels had predicted. Instead, Darth Vader ordered an AT-AT assault on Barney's home village on Belderone itself.

Barney recovering from his wounds

During the battle Barney was badly injured, while Flint was recruited by the Empire. Recovering, Barney continued working with the Alliance of Free Planets. Luke Skywalker trained a number of recruits, giving them standard Rebel training on the forest moon of Endor. Many of the trainees, including Barney, wanted to be trained as Jedi instead. Luke, however, refused to train them in the Force.

Barney accompanied Luke and Leia on a mission to Naldar, to free the people from a Dark Lord. It was revealed that the Dark Lord was in fact Barney's old friend Flint. With the help of Barney, Luke was able to turn Flint from the dark side.

Where Barney went from there is unknown. He possibly returned to Belderone with Flint, later helping to relocate the Firrerreo people.


  • Star Wars Annual 3: The Apprentice (First appearance)
  • Star Wars 92: The Dream


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File:Barney.gif NPC Barney
Location: Treasure Island
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Notes: He is searching for riches on Treasure Island.
Items traded: None.
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