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Barich Fendsor
Sprite(s) Image:FFT-Balk.gif
Japanese バルク・フェンゾル
Romaji Baruku Fenzoru
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Machinist
Affiliation Church of Glabados
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"I stand above all other men now. I have transcended death itself! No longer must I bow my head in coy attempts to curry favor with you highborn nobles! I've bought my freedom. I am a human at last --- no longer something less!"

Barich Fendsor, also known as Balk Fenzol, is a servant of the Church of Glabados in Final Fantasy Tactics. Like Mustadio Bunansa, he is a Machinist, specializing in wielding a gun.



Battles With Ramza

The battle against Ramza at Beddha Sandwaste.

Barich fights against Ramza Beoulve twice. The first battle takes place in the Beddha Sandwaste right after Barich spreads Mossfungus poison throughout the Order of the Northern Sky ranks during the Battle of Fort Besselat. During this battle, Barich is backed up by other humans loyal to the Church of Glabados. He is killed in this battle, but he sells his soul to the Lucavi, and reappears in the Lost Halidom, where he encounters Ramza again as the hero races after Folmarv Tengille. During the second battle, Barich is backed up by monsters including Hydras and Tiamats. This time, Barich dies for good.

The second battle, the one inside Murrond Death City, can prove very difficult, as Barich and the enemy monsters are on the far side of the map, and there is a huge crevasse-like area that hinders movement. Many times, Barich will attempt to perform a "Leg Shot" that will hinder a character from moving. This can be dangerous when you consider that some of the moves the Hydra's and Tiamat will perform can be potentially devastating. You should take preventative measures, like equipping your characters with items that prevent movement inhibiting status effects like Disable and Stop. Having a Red Chocobo at hand can be helpful, when mounted by a character.

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