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NOTE: See the category page for the standard tree view of Bard AAs.

The Bard Tree begins with the required starter skill

  • Bard's Luck: Heroic Opportunity starting abilities have their reuse timers sped up by 100%.

The Bard Tree's 1st branch is for "Strength"

  • Bladesinger's Strength: Increases the Bard's Strength by 4 each rank
  • Turnstrike: (Originally required equipped sword in primary) A melee attack that briefly renders you immune to most AOE effects; Turnstrike has a melee attack element, with damage scaling for each rank
  • Bladeturn: Group Bard songs that increase avoidance skills are more effective (scales each rank, starts at 2.5%). Affects the Troubador's Insatiable Ardor series and the Dirge's Jael's Elusion series.
  • Bladesing: Group Bard songs that increase attributes are more effective (scales each rank, starts at 5%). Affects the Troubador's Raxxyl's Fortitude Song series and the Dirge's Harl's Athletic Tune series.
  • Bladedance: Grants the title BLADESINGER; For a short duration, the Bladesinger's group is protected against area effect abilities that do not directly target them.

The Bard Tree's 2nd branch is for "Agility"

  • Wayfarer's Agility: Increases the Bard's Agility by 5 each rank
  • Bump: (Originally required equipped dagger in primary) Steals an item from a humanoid target with a % chance of success (scales each rank); Applies shroud on termination; Bump has a melee attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; Must be flanking or behind to Bump
  • Wayfarer's Watch: Increase parry of caster (scales each rank); Grants a chance at avoiding non-direct area effect spells by 1% per rank (spell level resistance scales each rank)
  • Poison Concoction: On a successful attack this spell has a (scaling per rank) % chance to cast Poison on target; Lasts 24.0 seconds; Inflicts one-time and 4-second tick poison damage on target (scales each rank)
  • Vanishing Act: Grants the title WAYFARER; Instantly places group into stealth for 2 minutes; Suspends group members' movement speed enhancements; Caster will dodge 100% of incoming attacks; Dispelled on taking damage

The Bard Tree's 3rd branch is for "Stamina"

  • Skald's Stamina: Increases the Bard's Stamina by 6 each rank
  • Round Bash: (Requires equipped round shield); Round Bash has a crushing damage attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; Applies Knockdown for a (scaling) amount of time
  • Skald's Defense: (Requires equipped round shield); Increases Skald's chance to block with a shield (scales each rank); Caster will Double Attack on 16% of melee attacks at rank 1 (scales 4% each rank)
  • Fortissimo: Group members will Double Attack on (scaling) % of both melee and ranged attacks; Begins at 1.3%
  • Lend Shielding: Grants the title of SKALD; (Requires equipped round shield); Allows you to block the next attack that would strike you or an ally

The Bard Tree's 4th branch is for "Wisdom"

  • Harbinger's Wisdom: Increases the Bard's Wisdom by 8 each rank
  • Messenger's Letter: (Requires equipped bow); Messenger's Letter has a ranged attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; The attack also increases threat
  • Harbinger's Sonnet: Increases group movement speed (scaling each rank, starting at 1%); Increases in-combat group movement speed (scaling each rank, starting at 1.5%)
  • Allegro: Increases Casting Speed of group members (scaling each rank, starting at 1%)
  • Don't Kill the Messenger: Grants the title of HARBINGER; Increase all chances to land a critical spell, heal, ranged or melee attack by 7.5% (permanent group buff, no concentration required)

The Bard Tree's 5th branch is for "Intelligence"

  • Minstrel's Intelligence: Increases the Bard's Intelligence by 7 each rank
  • Rhythm Blade: (Originally required equipped rapier in primary) Increases Focus, Disruption, Ministration, Ordination, Subjugation, Slashing, Piercing, and Crushing of caster (scales each rank); Rhythm's Blade has a melee damage attack element, scaling for each rank
  • Minstrel's Aria: Bard group songs that affect combat skills or casting techniques are more effective (scaling each rank, ends at 64%). Affects the Troubador's Magical Boon series and the Dirge's Offensive Boon series.
  • Minstrel's Melody: Bard group songs augmenting attack speed or damage per second have an increased effect (scaling each rank, ends at 56%). Affects the Troubador's Merciless Melody series and the Dirge's Relentless Tune series.
  • Heroic Storytelling: Grants the title of MINSTREL; Increases the effectiveness of all heroic opportunities by 50% (permanent group buff, no concentration required)

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