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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Enemy
File:Barbariccia-ffiv-gba.png File:Barbariccia2-ffiv-gba.png
HP Strength Defense
60,000 82 0
Magic Magic Defense
63 12
Japanese バルバリシア
Romaji Barubarishia
Location Crystals: Subterrane
Gil 5,500
EXP 61,855
Treasures None
Abilities Maelstrom
Weakness None
Resistance Earth, Wind, All conditions
Absorb None

Barbariccia is a boss from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


Barbariccia fights no different from how she did in Final Fantasy IV, even though her attacks may be significantly stronger. Like before, she will counter any attacks when she protected by her tornado. The only way to cancel it is with Kain's Jump ability. Fighting her without the assistance of it will be difficult. She still has Maelstrom, which reduces the party's HP to single digits. It is best to have either Porom or Rosa ready with Curaga when Barbariccia uses this. When Barbariccia is weakened, she will cast Maelstrom on herself and Kain will use Jump on her to end the fight.

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