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Starting off

The waiting room (Wave 1)

Getting there: Players can get to Barbarian Outpost by using a Games necklace, running north of Ardougne past the Baxtorian Falls or by the Barbarian Teleport (on Lunar Magicks)

Go to the Barbarian outpost and talk to Captain Cain to begin the tutorial, necessary to have access to the minigame. After watching all of the lessons, players are then allowed to go down the trapdoor to the Barbarian Assault lobby.

There are a total of 10 waves of Barbarian Assault, and players must play them in order from wave 1 through to 10. The lobby contains a total of 11 rooms, one for each wave as well as a "Quickstart" room, which is marked with a large arrow. The quickstart room automatically starts players off at Wave 1.

The Outpost unfortunately only has a deposit box, so players are advised to take what they need. It is recommended that players empty their inventory, ridding themselves of everything, and only take can be worn.

Note: Players will need to deposit all of their runes and arrows, as they are provided by the minigame. A cape is also not needed, as they need the cape slot free for their roles' icon. Additionally, Prayer CANNOT be used.

The information scroll at the Quick Start Room

Player roles

Unlike Castle Wars, Pest Control, and Trouble Brewing, players are bound to a specific role when they play Barbarian Assault. Each team has five players on it, and must have at least one player to each role.

When a game begins, players are given an item called "Picture", which is worn in the cape slot and cannot be unequipped. This is their icon which provides a coloured ring on the ground of the player corresponding their roles for easy recognition.

Role Icon Job
  • Gather eggs dropped by Penance monsters
  • Load eggs into the Egg Hopper.
  • Lure Penance runners into Runner traps
  • Repair the traps
  • Build barricades near the entrances and exit

Note: Any player may fire the Egg Launcher. Firing the Egg Launcher will 'NOT cause the player (or the team) to lose Honour points. It is provided to assist teammates in need of help to kill Penance monsters that are out of their role.


The Recruitment Basement

The Numbered Rooms are, in the long run, more efficient point-earners than the Quickstart. Playing before the world is asleep will really affect how easy it is to get into a team.


Quickstart room

If players would like to begin playing immediately, they should enter the Quickstart room. (It is the large room marked with an arrow). This room is recommended for beginners, since players cannot be fired if they do not perform in their roles. Players have an option of 4 roles (Attacker, Collector, Defender, Healer, or "I'll do any role"). Once there is at least one person doing each role, and at least five people in the room, the game will start, using the lowest wave for the people playing.

Important: The player's progress will be reset to that lowest wave. (For example, if they were on Wave 10, and a teammate was on Wave 2, they would be reset to Wave 2. This is highly unrecommended, especially when players with a higher Wave progress.)

If a teammate is killed or leaves, all other players will start back on the wave that was played (even if they started with the Quickstart room). If the wave is completed, then the team will be able to advance to the next Wave after leaving the room. The team WILL stay together after finishing the first wave, unless a teammate exits, in which case the randomly selected leader can fill that spot or clear the team.

Numbered rooms: One to Ten

Each team may have 5 members, with one leader and four players. Since there are only four jobs, that means two players can be of the same job in one team at the same time.

To start a game in the numbered rooms, the player (as a Leader) must obtain a recruitment scroll from the table, and use it on 4 any other teammates. The teammate will then be able to choose their role, and the recruiting Leader will see their level in that role, and be able to accept (or decline) their offer. The recruiting Leader must also "write down" their own role. Not recruiting, and waiting for an open role, is only recommended if the player have a high combat level (60+), as recruiters tend to avoid players whom they think might die easily especially in later waves.

After each wave, the leader can decide whether or not to keep the team. If none of the teammates leave (or get fired), the next wave will automatically start after 30 seconds.

Recruiting examples

  • "[Role] here"
The player is willing to join a team as the said role.

Example: Attacker here.

  • "Lvl [#] [role] here"
The player is willing to join a team, and is experienced in the said role. The meaning of the numbers can be found here. The most experience you have on that role will be easier to get a team being that role.

Example: "Lvl 5 Healer here."

  • "[Role] here must be to go."
The player is solo, willing to join as the said role, only if they are in the last slot.

Example: "Attacker here must to go!"

Or if Free slot: Any to go!

  • "[Role] to go"/"Need [Role]"
The player is leader of a group and needs the said role to start the next game.

Example: Attacker to go!/Need Attacker

Penance Creatures

There are four different types of Penance in each wave: Runners, Healers, Fighters, Rangers. All of them will always drop 2 red,green and blue eggs when they are killed. Everyone can see them, but only collectors can collect them.

Penance Runner

It is unattackable by all kinds of combat except the eggs with the Egg machine. It aims at running to the other side (that is the cave the players appears near), and can be lured by a correct kind of bait. However, if it is lured by a wrong type of food, it will run backward and gives the chance for defenders for dropping the correct bait.

It can be killed by being lured to a runners trap, which is located at the east and the west side of the battlefield. Note that the trap can only kill a max of 2 runners before it needs to be repaired. Multiple penance can however be killed at the same time, even if the trap has already been used once since the last repair. This is useful for killing more than 2 runners for each repair.

Penance Healer

It is unattackable by all kinds of combat except the poisoned food given by the Healer or the eggs with the Egg machine. It aims at healing the Penance monsters and poisoning players who are allying with their army. If a wrong food is used, a penalty will be counted and no damage will be dealt.

Healers should take note on the poison, which will wear away after a period of time. Even though the 4-damage poison wears away slowly, it may hardly kill the Penance Healer sometimes. Healers can use the right kind of poisoned food on the poisoned Healer again, which also damages them.

Penance Fighter

It is attackable by the attacker with all kinds of combat, or the eggs with the Egg machine. It is not aggressive until Wave 5. Together with the Penance Ranger, it can deal a great amount of damage.

It may attack all the roles. So, all roles should be wearing a melee-resistant armour.

Penance Ranger

It is attackable by the attacker with all kinds of combat, or the eggs with the Egg machine. It is a threat in all Waves. Since it can range any roles for a quite long distance, it is suggested to kill those Ranger first.

A ranged-resistant armour would almost nullify the attack by the Rangers in the first few Waves.

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