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Barbarian Training is a set of adventures (or Miniquest) that offer expansions to Firemaking, Herblore, Fishing and Smithing. This activity also provides access to the Ancient Cavern and the numerous monsters within, such as the Mithril dragon, which drops the fabled dragon full helmet.





Though Otto will teach anyone skills, only those with the certain skill level will be able to use the techniques with success. The lowest levels to participate in the different activities are: 5 Smithing, 4 Herblore, 35 Firemaking, 48 Fishing and 15 Agility. After completing a number of the Barbarian skills training, players gain access to the Ancient Cavern with its abundance of 115+ combat level monsters.


Certain activities will require the following items:

  • Woodcutting Hatchet
  • Hammer
  • 2 metal bars (low grade ones are better such as bronze to steel)
  • Some fishing bait
  • A normal attack potion (2 doses)
  • Bow
  • Knife
  • Some teleport runes or jewellery is advised.
  • The games necklace's teleport to barbarian outpost is fairly useful. The Miniquest is south-west of the teleport location.


The Activities

Barbarian Firemaking

This part of the Barbarian training starts by talking to Otto Godblessed. A player must have a Firemaking level of at least 35 in order to burn the oak log that is required for the Barbarian training. Barbarian firemaking works by using any type of bow in the inventory on a log. There is an oak tree down the slope north of Otto.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Firemaking: Lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow Fires

A player lighting logs with a bow.

As mentioned above, the player must have finished learning the path from Otto, have at least 35 Firemaking, and must have a bow and logs. However, you can not use a Crystal, Ogre, Ogre Comp or Dark Bow. Once these criteria are met, all the player has to do is use the bow with the logs they want to burn. The greater the log, the higher the player's Firemaking level must be to light it with the bow.

There are no inherent advantages to using a bow instead of a tinderbox, other than perhaps convenience (fires are started at the same speed.). If you're in a bank and you use a log on an unstrung bow it'll say "You can't light a fire here", but if you leave the bank and try it again then it'll say "nothing interesting happens".

Logs Firemaking level needed Experience gained
Normal File:Normal Logs.PNG 21 40
Achey File:Achey Log.gif 21 40
Oak File:Oak Logs.PNG 35 60
Willow File:Willow Logs.PNG 50 90
Teak File:Teak Logs.PNG 55 105
Arctic pine File:Arctic pine logs.PNG 62 125
Maple File:Maple Logs.PNG 65 135
Mahogany File:Mahogany Logs.PNG 70 157.5
Eucalyptus File:Eucalyptus logs.png 76 193.5
Yew File:Yew Logs.PNG 80 202.5
Magic File:MagicLogs.png 95 303.8

Pyre ships

WARNING: This section has been rated as Dangerous; you can die and lose items.

Items needed:

Talk to Otto after using a bow to burn an oak log. Otto will explain Pyre ship burning. Many Barbarian heroes, adventuring in the Ancient Cavern, fell while fighting the monsters within and, due to the evil nature of the Cavern, their spirits have not been able to obtain rest. This activity requires Firemaking and Crafting levels of at least 11 to begin. When fighting the monsters or rummaging through barbarian skeletons found on the ground within the cavern, you will find either chewed or mangled bones which, in conjunction with any type of log, can be used on the burnt space (pyre site) just north of Otto's house (2 other spots are located on the north side of the lake) to make a pyre ship. Burning a pyre ship will grant the player an experience bonus of up to 300%, depending on the logs used, the next time they bury bones.

The spirits released from chewed bones will reward the player, possibly with the dragon full helmet! Those released from the mangled bones, due to their imprisonment-induced madness, will be Barbarian Spirits, which can hit up to 18 and can easily kill a player if they are on low health from obtaining the bones.

See Ancient Cavern for more details about obtaining drops.
Note that it is NOT possible to use the Req-Assist feature to burn pyre ships you don't have the levels for.
Logs Firemaking/Crafting Level Required Crafting experience gained Firemaking experience gained Number of bones with enhanced XP rewards
Normal Image:Normal Logs.PNG 11 10 40 1
Achey Image:Achey Log.gif 11 10 40 1
Oak Image:Oak Logs.PNG 25 15 60 2
Willow Image:Willow Logs.PNG 40 22.5 90 2
Teak Image:Teak Logs.PNG 45 26.2 105 3
Arctic pine Image:Arctic pine logs.PNG 52 31.2 125 3
Maple Image:Maple Logs.PNG 55 33.7 135 3
Mahogany Image:Mahogany Logs.PNG 60 39.3 157.5 4
Yew Image:Yew Logs.PNG 70 50.6 202.5 4
Magic Image:MagicLogs.png 85 75.9 303.8 5

Regular trees, a willow, and a yew tree are close by Otto's house; an oak tree is North-west of the lake.

Barbarian Fishing

Once the player has finished learning this path from Otto Godblessed, the player must have a Fishing level of at least 48, Agility and Strength levels of at least 15 and any form of bait.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Fishing: Heavy rod fishing and bare hand fishing.

Heavy Rod Fishing

Barbarian fishing rod
One of the first tasks Otto Godblessed will set the player is to use a heavy rod to catch one of the fish in the lake to the east of his hut. The heavy rod can be obtained from underneath the bed in Otto's cabin. These fish are more difficult to catch than normal fish as they leap around in the water, and fight against the pull of the fishing rod. Catching a single fish is sufficient for the Training, but continue fishing to obtain roe, which is needed for the herblore part of the training.

Once caught, players can gut the fish with a knife, receiving 10 or 15 Cooking experience. Players may also receive fish offcuts, roe and caviar; the latter two are used in the Barbarian version of Herblore.

Leaping trout and Leaping salmon will provide roe when gutted; Leaping sturgeons provide caviar.

Heavy rod fishing is notable for providing the fastest fishing experience in the game at higher levels, as well as giving small amounts of strength and agility experience as a bonus. In addition, once started, players will never need bait, as they can use the roe, caviar, and fish offcuts to continue fishing indefinitely. (Feathers can also be used for bait for all the leaping fish, so that players without roe, caviar, or offcuts can still fish.) Unlike other fishing methods, heavy rod fishing does not produce a profit, nor does it provide a good source of cooking experience through raw fish, although cutting the fish will provide some cooking experience.

Fish Fishing Level Required Strength/Agility Level Required Fishing experience gained Strength/Agility experience gained Cooking Experience from successful cutting/gutting
Leaping trout 48 15 50 5 10
Leaping salmon 58 30 70 6 10
Leaping sturgeon 70 45 80 7 15

Barbarian Hand Fishing

A player catches a tuna with his bare hands.
The "glide" glitch
A player gaining the ability to catch sharks bare-handed

Another Barbarian ability is the ability to fish using their bare hands, as opposed to using a harpoon. For this activity the player needs at least 55 Fishing and 35 Strength. After completing the heavy rod fishing, talk to Otto to learn about the bare hand fishing technique. Then go to a harpoon fishing spot - free spot (Karamja or Wilderness lvl 35-38) or member spot (Catherby, Rellekka, Fishing Guild, Burgh de Rott, or Elf Camp). Do not bring a harpoon unless you drop it. Catch a fish to complete the Barbarian fishing training.

Fishing barehanded is just as fast as fishing normally with a harpoon, but it provides small amounts of bonus strength experience. However, it takes a significantly higher level to fish this way. There are a few known glitches like the "Slide and Stretch" shown below.

Fish Fishing Level Required Strength Level Required Fishing experience gained Strength experience gained
Tuna 55 35 80 8
Swordfish 70 50 100 10
Shark 96 76 110 11

Barbarian Smithing

To begin to learn the Barbarian smithing path the player must have finished the Heavy Rod Fishing and Bare Hand Fishing skills above. They must also have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest and have a Smithing level of at least 5.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Smithing: Spear smithing and Hasta smithing.

Spear And Hasta Smithing

The first of the two is Spear Smithing. Once the player has finished training with Otto they need at least 5 Smithing, a hammer and the corresponding metal bar and logs. To make a spear the player just needs to use the bar on the special Barbarian anvil near Otto's house; another Barbarian anvil is in Barbarian Village.

Forging Hastas is exactly the same, however the player must first prove to Otto that they can smith a spear. Regular trees, a willow, and a yew tree are close by Otto's house; an oak tree is North-west of the lake.

Spear/Hasta Wood Required Smithing Level Required Smithing experience gained
Bronze Spear/Hasta Wood 5 25
Iron Spear/Hasta Oak 20 50
Steel Spear/Hasta Willow 35 75
Mithril Spear/Hasta Maple 55 100
Adamant Spear/Hasta Yew 75 125
Rune Spear/Hasta Magic 90 150

Barbarian Herblore

Attack mix
Before learning this path, the player has to have a Herblore of at least 5 to enhance a normal attack potion. Talk to Otto to learn about potion making and to receive the request for an enhanced normal attack potion with only 2 doses. Add a roe to the normal attack potion and hand it back to Otto. After finishing this training stage, all other potions can be enhanced by adding a roe or a caviar to a 2 dose potion. The Barbarian Herblore skill, through the creation of 'mixes', allows ordinary potions to not only heal 3-6 Hitpoints but also to provide the regular benefits. The only activity in this type of Herblore is potion enhancing.

Enhancing Potions

First the player must have a two dose vial of a particular potion. Note: To make 2 two dose potions from a four dose potion the player can just use the four dose potion on an empty vial. The player must then add either some roe or caviar to the two dose potion, which will create a mix. Note that roe cannot be used on mixes higher level than the Stat Restore mix--any higher level mix requires caviar. When the mix is consumed it will not only grant the regular benefits but it will also heal 3-6 hitpoints of the player, depending on whether roe or caviar was used.

Potion Image Herblore Level Required Experience gained Eggs used
Attack mix File:Attack_Mix.PNG 4 8 File:Roe.gif‎Roe
Anti-poison mix File:Anti mix.PNG 6 12 File:Roe.gif‎Roe
Relicym's mix File:Balm mix.PNG 9 14 File:Roe.gif‎Roe
Strength mix File:Str mix1.PNG 14 17 File:Roe.gif‎Roe
Stat restore mix File:Restore mix.PNG 24 21 File:Roe.gif‎Roe
Energy mix File:Energy mix.PNG 29 23 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Defence mix File:Defence mix.png 33 25 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Agility mix File:Agil mix.PNG 37 27 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Combat mix File:Combat mix.png 40 28 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Prayer mix File:Prayer mix.PNG 42 29 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super attack mix File:Sup. Att mix.PNG 47 33 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super anti-poison mix File:Sup. Anti mix.PNG 51 35 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Fishing mix File:Fish mix.PNG 53 38 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super energy mix File:Sup. energy mix.PNG 56 39 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Hunter mix File:Hunt. mix.PNG 58 40 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super strength mix File:Sup. Str mix.PNG 59 42 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Magic essence mix File:Magic ess mix.PNG 61 43 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super restore mix File:Sup. Restore mix.PNG 67 48 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Super defence mix File:Sup. def mix.PNG 71 50 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Extra strong anti-poison mix File:Extra anti mix.PNG 74 52 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Antifire mix File:Fire breath mix.PNG 75 53 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Ranging mix File:Range mix.PNG 80 54 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Magic mix File:Magic mix.PNG 83 57 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar
Zamorak mix File:Zammy mix.PNG 85 58 File:Caviar.gif‎Caviar


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