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This is a safe minigame. If you die here, you will not lose your items.
Wave 1 of Barbarian Assault‎.

Barbarian Assault is a team-based safe combat Minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. It was released on January 4 2007. A team of five players must work together in order to defeat 10 waves of Penance creatures and, finally, their leader, the Penance Queen. Teamwork and coordination are vital in order to achieve success at this minigame.

A cape is not needed, and it is unequipped automatically when entering the Recruitment area to make room for the players' chosen role's icon.



There are three game worlds dedicated to Barbarian Assault. While it is recommended that players attempt to find their teammates here, Barbarian Assault may be played upon any world.

The three dedicated worlds are:

  • United StatesWorld 6 - United States
  • DenmarkWorld 67 - Denmark
  • United KingdomWorld 71 - United Kingdom

World 6 is generally the most heavily populated and players may be found during any time of the day. The European world 67 is mostly empty except for EU evening time. World 71 is known for it's unending emptiness, so if you don't already have a Barbarian Assault team, you shouldn't even check it.


While the Barbarian Assault arena is isolated within the RuneScape world, there are several methods by which it can be reached.

A Games necklace, which can teleport to Barbarian Outpost.


Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame and, as such, players will not lose any items upon death. That being said, the only way of losing a round is for one or several of the team's members to die. As such, high Defence and Hitpoints levels provide an advantage. In addition, a high Agility level is beneficial as it will allow players to run for longer periods of time, possibly affording them the opportunity to evade threats. There is a safespot behind the horn of glory which will render all enemies unable to attack you. However, it is not available during wave 10, particularly when the Penance Queen spawns.


Starting off

Details information regarding player roles, recruiting and the Penance creatures that will be faced.

The Granite body - a possible reward from the Barbarian Assault minigame.


Overview of basic gameplay technique. Includes information on the gameplay interface, battlefield layout and player roles.


Contains information pertaining to more advanced and efficient gameplay techniques.


Note: You must choose Honour points or Experience before each wave starts, or you will continue to receive the same reward type as the previous wave.

Honour Points

You can trade in Honour Points in return for role level upgrades and equipment, and Gambling. You may also spend Honour points on changing the colour of an abyssal whip to blue, green, white, or yellow for 50 points in any role.

Experience Reward

You can get experience from completing waves, which are stored onto your Penance horn or Penance master horn. When wielding it, you will get double the normal amount of exp in Agility, Firemaking, or Mining, much like the Sacred Clay tools.

Barbarian Assault is and should be a teamwork minigame.


  • Teams do NOT lose honour points by using the egg launcher. Many players believed that in contrast to experiments and Jagex's statements.[1] Players gain points based on TOTAL number of penance killed; as long as a penance is killed, the player will gain points, and whoever is assigned to that particular penance (Defender=Penance Runner; Healer=Penance Healer; etc. etc.) will still get the double points, even if it's not the usual way of killing them (Runners killed with traps; Healers killed with poison food). Jagex have even put the statement: "The cannon does not make you lose points" on Quick Chat!
  • Every team member will lose points when a runner makes it to the end, so a good technique is to use the egg launcher to help the defender kill runners south of the north egg launcher rock; everyone on the team will get full points for all runners killed regardless of how they are killed.
  • Players are allowed to use normal potions; however, potions mixed using Barbarian training may not be brought into the arena.
  • Barricaded entrances will only slow down, not stop, Penance from entering the battlefield.
  • Penance gloves reduce weight by 7.0 kg when worn, making them useful for activities involving running (i.e. runecrafting, agility training.)
  • It is also helpful if team-mates wear a full set of Guthan's, so that they do not need to be healed as often. Enhanced Excalibur's special attack also helps the healers out.
  • On wave 10 once all Penance creatures are dead, team members should gather near the Healing Pool. This is better for the Healers as they do not have to run far. An alternative for Waves 1 through 9 is for players to hide in one of the corners of the Egg Launcher "hills", where they can't be poisoned, ranged or meleed. This strategy doesn't work at Wave 10 due to the Penance Queen's magic attack.
  • The only combat experience you will get here is the base experience for a magic spell using the runes given to you by the attacker machine.
  • It is helpful to other players if a person takes a role that is already being used, most preferably collector, and use the Horn of Glory at the south-east section of the cave, as this can be used to tell everyone what they need to do. This way players can focus on their jobs.
  • If all the team members call to say which item the other should use then you will get it done quicker and players will know what to use and therefore avoid as many point deduction as possible.
  • The Horn of Glory is very useful until you get to the Queen, however you cannot use it once the queen arrives in wave 10. This means you should not be depending on the horn of glory to call and would be easier to call yourselves on wave 10.
  • Sometimes it's easier to communicate with each other via clan chat.
  • Using the Dragon mace when being an attacker is an advantage as it has controlled, accurate, aggressive and defensive attacks, as with most weapons. Other good weapons to use include the Dragon longsword, the Dragon scimitar, and others. The Abyssal whip is not recommended for its lack of an aggressive attack style, however if used in conjunction with earth spells (preferably wave or surge spells).
  • You can stand in front of the lure cave to block runners from passing by. (Note that a runner can get through if you are walked on by another player)
  • If you are playing as healer, it can be very useful (especially on the later waves) to un-split or turn off private chat. This is because it will appear in front of the bar showing how many Hitpoints your team-mates have.
  • Players in the Barbarian Assault, trying to get recruited by others.
    If you set your horn to collect experience when you complete a wave, there is a spelling mistake when the winning screen comes up. Firemaking is spelled as 'firemaknng'




  1. ^ Postbag from the Hedge 39; Captain Cain's answer

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