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Old Republic era


Sith Empire

"Restrain yourself, Jedi. We came here to discuss peace."
―Baras, to Satele Shan

Baras was a Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War waged between the Empire and the Galactic Republic. He served the Empire as ambassador to Alderaan during the peace talks at the close of the war. He was instrumental in the Treaty of Coruscant and later returned to Korriban to report his success on Alderaan to the Sith Emperor's Dark Council.




Sacking of Coruscant

Baras defends himself from sudden attack by Satele Shan

Baras was one of the individuals who represented the Sith Empire in peace talks with the Galactic Republic on Alderaan. After the beginning of the Sacking of Coruscant, he was greeted by the Jedi Knight Satele Shan who engaged him him in combat. During the duel, Baras explained that the Jedi would be forced to accept peace quickly on the Sith's terms. Satele would stand down from the duel upon the request of her master Dar'nala.

After the treaty was signed, Baras returned to Korriban and met with the rest of the Dark Council in the academy. The Council congratulated him on the success of the negotiations, saying they were thinking of giving him more power. Baras said he had everything he wanted, and would have to decline any offer for more power.

Later, he was attacked by Lord Angral, who had led the attack on Coruscant. Angral said if Baras had held the negotiations out longer, he could have killed all the Jedi on the planet. Baras countered by saying he was attacked because of Angral's murder of the Supreme Chancellor, and that he had simply followed the Emperor's orders. Angral said that next time he had the chance to destroy the Jedi and Republic he would not hesitate. In response, Baras simply stated that such hesitation would never again be necessary.

After the Treaty

Baras later learned that Master Dar'nala was behind a Sith attack on the Envoy, and Baras decided to use this to his own advantage.

While Baras was still on Korriban, a Wookiee bounty hunter named Dalborra had arrived for payment after assisting Captain Sivill. During this time, a Sith shuttle blew up. Baras came to investigate, and a soldier reported that Angral said Republic spies were responsible and that the Republic was already going back on the treaty. Baras was suspicious of Angral's behavior.

An unknown assaliant attempted to assassinate Baras, but he beat the attack off and suspected Angral was behind it and informed the Dark Council that Angral was behind the disruption of the treaty. Angral, meanwhile, had learned that Baras, not the Republic, was the one who was disrupting the treaty and intended to confront him about it. When Baras was confronted by Angral, he tried to persuade Angral over to his side.

Baras and Angral later went to Crystal Cave of Dantooine, where they were attacked by Dar'nala and a number of her supporters, Fortris Gall and Harron Tavus. When Satele showed up, Baras put his plan into action: he revealed to Satele that it had been her Master the true mastermind behind the attacks aimed to disrupt the treaty. Calling the Jedi hateful, hypocrites and traitors to their own beliefs, he called on Satele to join the Sith in order to protect peace.

Personality and traits

"With all due respect, my ambitions go no further than my current role."

Baras was very sure of himself, as well as very confident in his knowledge of how the Jedi and the Galactic Republic would respond to the Sith Empire's demands after the sacking of Coruscant. He knew the Jedi and the Republic would have to accept the demands laid out by the Sith once they held Coruscant captive and at their mercy.

Unlike other Sith, Baras was particularly unambitious, as well as more rational than his fellow Sith Lord Angral. In fact, when Satele apologized to him following their duel, she sensed even more peace in him than in Dar'nala.

Powers and abilities

Baras was skilled in lightsaber combat, being able to hold his own against opponents such as Jedi Satele Shan and Sith Lord Angral. He also demonstrated skill in Force lightning which he used to force Lord Angral into standing down.


The unique lightsaber of Lord Baras

Lord Baras used a uniquely designed lightsaber. There were three pointed spikes protruding from the top of the hilt surrounding the emitter matrix. This design could be seen on other lightsaber's however, such as those of Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, and both Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma. More unique was the lower half of the hilt which appeared to be made from either bone, or possible the fang or claw of some large creature. It had a slightly curved hilt, though this was likely due to shape of the fang or bone comprising half the handle.


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