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Baram's in-game sprite

Baram (ビリー Birī) is Shadow's former partner in Final Fantasy VI. He is only seen within flashbacks, seen during Shadow's dream when he is in the party while resting at an inn.


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Within Shadow's dreams, it is revealed that he (under his original name Clyde) and Baram were bandits who once robbed a million GP from a train. To celebrate their success, Baram dubbed the duo "the Shadow Bandits". Baram fell injured on the journey to flee the authorities afterwards, and urged Clyde to get to safety. However, Baram also asked Clyde to finish him off and kill him, afraid of what would happen should he be caught. Clyde refused and left Baram for dead.

Clyde then fled to a faraway village, and got married and fathered a girl. Since he could not bear his tragic past, he fled from his family and changed his identity, renaming himself "Shadow", after the name Baram dubbed the two of them.

During the ending of Final Fantasy VI, after Kefka Palazzo is defeated, Shadow stays behind the collapsing tower while everyone, including Interceptor, head back to the Falcon, and says "Baram... It looks like I can finally stop running... Come and find me all right?" It is unknown if Shadow survives, and it is left up to the player to interpret what happens, as he is not seen later on the Falcon with the rest of the cast.


  • It is interesting that Baram and Clyde found a treasure worth one million GP, as the maximum amount of cash the player can ever receive in the game is 999,999 GP. However, in the Game Boy Advance version, this was changed and you can now have more than 999,999 gil.
  • The name "Baram" bears a vague resemblance to "Bonnie", one half of the famous thief duo Bonnie and Clyde.

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Guild Wars

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Species: Human
Profession: Skill trainer
Level(s): 10



Baram is a skill trainer.


Skills Offered

  • Any skills that are available as quest rewards are listed in bold.
  • Skill Trainers offer all skills that are offered by the Skill Trainer(s) listed before them.
Trainer Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
Image:Warrior-icon.png Image:Ranger-icon.png Image:Monk-icon.png Image:Necromancer-icon.png Image:Mesmer-icon.png Image:Elementalist-icon.png Image:Assassin-icon.png Image:Ritualist-icon.png Image:Paragon-icon.png Image:Dervish-icon.png
Baram at
The Kodash Bazaar
Axe Rake, Bull's Strike, Burst of Aggression, Dismember, Frenzied Defense, Hamstring, Heavy Blow, Staggering Blow Barbed Arrows, Call of Haste, Called Shot, Choking Gas, Energizing Wind, Favorable Winds, Natural Stride, Scavenger Strike Divine Intervention, Judge's Insight, Judge's Intervention, Purge Signet, Scourge Enchantment, Signet of Mystic Wrath Barbs, Blood of the Aggressor, Envenom Enchantments, Well of the Profane Discharge Enchantment, Mantra of Earth, Mantra of Flame, Mantra of Frost, Mantra of Lightning, Mirror of Disenchantment Frigid Armor, Stoneflesh Aura - - "Brace Yourself!", "Lead the Way!", Angelic Protection, Bladeturn Refrain, Blazing Finale, Chorus of Restoration, Energizing Finale, Glowing Signet, Natural Temper, Lyric of Zeal, Song of Power, Wearying Spear Balthazar's Rage, Banishing Strike, Enchanted Haste, Harrier's Grasp, Irresistible Sweep,Lyssa's Haste, Mirage Cloak, Mystic Corruption, Mystic Healing, Natural Healing, Pious Concentration, Pious Restoration, Reap Impurities
note: Baram also has all the skills offered by trainers in Istan and Kourna. (See Tohn and Medando)

See also Trainer Locations.


  • 'Baram' is an Israeli Kibutz.
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This article uses material from the "Baram" article on the Guild Wars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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