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Barab I

Outer Rim Territories[1]


Albanin Sector


Barab system[1]


1: Barab[1]



Rotation period

60 standard hours[1]

Orbital period

146 standard days[1]


Irradiated terrestrial[1]


10,448 km[1]







Primary terrain
  • Rocky badlands[1]
  • Caves[1]
  • Hills
  • Mountains
  • After the Yuuzhan Vong invasion:
    • Smoldering craters
    • Bubbling lava plains
    • Steaming seas
Points of interest
Native species
Primary language(s)

Barabel language[1]


Independent clans[1]


1.4 billion (100% Barabel)[1]

Major cities

Alater-ka (capital)

Major imports
  • Weapons[1]
  • Metal and plasteel goods[1]
Major exports

Barab I was a planet in the Barab system. Its star was a dim red dwarf that made the planet very dark. The planet orbited the star within less than 125 million kilometers. During its six daylight hours, the radiation (in the forms of gamma rays, ultraviolet, and infrared) and heat from the star forced all life underground, and when the planet turned away from it, it became safe for natives and creatures of the planet to hunt. However during this time frame, sudden torrential downpours from the day's evaporation could occur so the native Barabel had to move quickly.

It was located on the Triellus Trade Route.



A view of the planet.

Other creatures that had protective shielding in the form of cocoons or reflective skin and hair were able to cope with the intense heat during the day.

The top predator of Barab I was the fearsome durgolosk. The primary sentient species was the Barabels, a race of bipedal reptiles.

The planet was visited by the Jedi Noga-ta in 900 BBY. This legendary Jedi resolved a civil war that had been ongoing for thousands of years, earning the Jedi the respect from the Barabel people. The Galactic Republic, however, remained ignorant of the planet for a long time. By 44 BBY, however, the planet was already part of the Galactic community, exporting Barabel fruit, and by the Clone Wars, the Barabel people were already known galaxy-wide as violent barbarians with reverence for Jedi.

Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi went on a secret mission to Barab I during the early stages of the Clone Wars.[2]

The natives lived in subterranean caves and tunnels. After Alater, an Imperial officer, stopped the illegal hunting of the sentient Barabels by offworlders, an Imperial spaceport was built on the planet: Alater-ka

Barab I was under the rule of the Galactic Empire from 14 BBY until it was liberated by the New Republic. Years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the ecosystem of the planet was ravaged and much of the populace was captured on a slaveship, which Saba Sebatyne accidentally destroyed.

Saba mistakenly assumed she had killed most of her people. However, a remnant of the planet's populace had hidden from the Yuuzhan Vong in underground caverns. Nonetheless, the planet was left with a much reduced population.


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