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The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl is a miniquest that needs to be completed in order to gain access to the Barbarian Outpost. It is considered a 'rite of passage'. To complete it, you must take a 'tour' of all the finest bars and taste the strongest drinks in RuneScape. To begin, talk to one of the Barbarian Guards outside the Agility Training Area at the Barbarian Outpost to get the barcrawl card. (You may also try to enter the gate. One of the guards will come to you if you haven't proven yourself.) This miniquest must be completed in order to finish Scorpion Catcher, to start Horror from the Deep, and for some level 2 Clue Scroll clues.

While doing the Bar Crawl, you'll be given a barcrawl card with a list of all the bars you have to visit. Each one will be checked off when you've found it and drank the specific brew required. Just tell the barkeeper that you're doing the Bar Crawl and he/she will give you what you need. They're very strong, though, causing some HP damage as well as some steep temporary drops in stats. The entire trip will cost around 210 coins. After you get each line of the card signed, return it to one of the guards at the Barbarian Outpost.


  • If a player loses their barcrawl card, they will have to do it all over again.
  • You can get to the Barbarian Outpost quickly by using a Games Necklace.
  • When your card is complete you will find that, "You are too drunk to be able to read the Bar Crawl card." This can be disconcerting to those not keeping track of where they've been.
  • 208 Gold is what you'll need to purchase all of the required drinks.
  • The bars can be visited in any order.

Bar Location Drink Name Coins Effects
Blue Moon Inn Varrock Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot 50 Lowers Attack, Defence, Strength, and Smithing, does up to 2 damage. Makes you throw up.
Jolly Boar Inn Varrock (next to lumberyard) Olde Suspiciouse 10 Lowers Attack, Defence, Mining, Crafting, Magic, Strength and Smithing.
Rising Sun Falador Hand of Death Cocktail 70 Lowers Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Fishing. Does up to 2 damage. Makes the screen shake slightly for between 2–5 seconds.
Rusty Anchor Port Sarim Black Skull Ale 8 Hiccups (No stat or HP loss).
Karamja Spirits Bar Karamja Ape Bite Liqueur 7 Lowers Attack and Defence.
Dead Man's Chest Brimhaven (near the agility course) Supergrog 15 Lowers Attack, Defence, Herblore, Cooking and Prayer. Makes you see things in two(not visible).
Forester's Arms Seers' Village Liverbane 18 Lowers Attack, Defence, Fletching, Firemaking, and Woodcutting.
Flying Horse Inn Ardougne Heart Stopper 8 Does about 20-30% of your total hitpoints as well as makes your eyes water.
Blurberry's Bar Grand Tree Fire Toad Blast 10 Does up to 4 damage.
Dragon Inn Yanille Fire Brandy 12 Lowers Attack and Defence.


  • If you want to make the trip faster, invest in energy potions. You should probably buy about 6-10 potions so that you don't end up walking too far. You should also stock up your inventory with as many methods of teleportation to the destinations as you can, such as runes, teleport tablets, teleportation jewellery such as the amulet of glory, and use the fairy rings if you are able to. The 'Rest' option is also helpful.
  • If you are not confident in your hitpoints level then it is advised to bring a few pieces of food, like low level fish. You will lose up to about 27 hitpoints if your hitpoints level is 99.
  • If you take all of the right precautions and get all the items you need before handing in the Barcrawl, it should take you about 10–15 minutes at the most.
  • It is not necessary to track where you have been as viewing the Barcrawl Card will indicate what drinks remain. Once it says you are drunk, you have had all the required drinks and simply need to return to the guard outside of the Barbarian outpost to complete the miniquest.
  • Take some Stat Restore Potions since your Attack, Strength, Hitpoints and Defence levels will be drained, but if you don't have or can't get any Stat Restore Potions then you will have to wait as it will eventually recover by its self. 22 Herblore is required to make Stat Restore Potions, 63 for Super Restore Potions
  • A faster way to restore your stats is to go to the duel arena and die.
  • Do NOT drink the alcohol when low on health (5-10), as this could kill you in one hit, depending on the drink. To avoid doing so avoid engaging in combat or just eat food to restore health to maximum.

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